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Happy Easter!

Today is the day that Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus by hiding colored eggs. College students honor the Easter tradition of going to warm places and having drunken sex with strangers. Progressives sneer condescendingly at everyone else, just like … Continue reading

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How is your weekend going?

Mine could be better. This is an open thread. p.s. It’s Caturday!

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Fabulous Friday Open Thread

Today is the day that Christians commemorate the death of Jesus. So why do they call it “Good Friday?”

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BREAKING NEWS: Chelsea Clinton is Preggers!

The H8ers be H8in’ and the nutters be nuttin’: Chelsea Clinton Is Expecting First Child Chelsea Clinton said Thursday that she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child later this year, adding a new label to her … Continue reading

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The King is Dead!

Exciting news for all you GOT fans, King Joffrey is now Dead King Joffrey. He was poisoned at his own wedding banquet. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer sadistic scumbag. Who killed Joffrey is a mystery. Tyrion has been … Continue reading

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HBO Free Weekend/Binge-Watching Game of Thrones

HBO had a free weekend this past weekend and they also ran a Game of Thrones marathon. I DVR’ed the entire series (including the season 4 premiere) as well as about 20 full length movies. Needless to say, my weekend … Continue reading

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Random photos from the Park

Originally posted on Midlife Yellowstone Adventure:
 A wolf.  Mama Grizzly and cub  Sunrise over Hayden Valley Wolf 889F A bluebird Truly I have gone over the Rainbow.

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Caturday Open Thread

Here is a fresh thread to play with until I wake up.

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Friday Footwear Quiz

See if you can correctly guess the famous people these feet belong to.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge.) Answers after the jump.

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Thursday Open Thread – Putin and Palin Edition

Jimmy Fallon can write himself a Thank You Note for this :)

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Sunday Morning Open Thread

I’ll write a better post whenever I finally wake up.

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I Have Spring Fever

I’m gonna be 54 years old in a few days. If I knew I was gonna live this long I woulda took better care of myself. On the bright side, I seem to be sleeping much better lately. Maybe too … Continue reading

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This Cracks Me Up Whenever I see an Obama Motorcade…

Originally posted on Stealth Magnolia:
….I think of the King’s Motorcade theme from Coming to America, glad someone else did too. Very funny !

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I LOVE This Woman!

Breitbart: Senate Candidate: I’ll Use My Hog Castrating Experience To Help End Pork Barrel Spending Joni Ernst, a Republican candidate in the GOP Senate primary in Iowa, is touting her experience “castrating hogs on an Iowa farm” to underscore how … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

If you enjoy really long crappy movies, watch White House Down. It has the trifecta of bad plot, Hollywood propaganda, and an over-reliance on special effects. I would tell you how it ends but I quit watching about 1/3 of … Continue reading

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I Got Nut & Honey

Friday at Goodwill I scored the LOTR trilogy on DVD so yesterday I binge-watched the whole enchilada. I had a microwave burrito for breakfast, potato chips for lunch and a can of chili for dinner. I spent the past hour … Continue reading

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Caturday Open Thread

The Oakland Raiders acquired Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans yesterday in exchange for a sixth round draft pick. He will be the Raiders’ 16th different starting QB in 10 years.

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Sure Happy It’s Thursday, Amazing Video Edition

I don’t normally watch Wheel of Fortune but I caught the end of the show last night. This was incredible. I thought at first it was a spoof or a photoshop but no, Don Lemon of CNN actually hosted a … Continue reading

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I saw the most amazing thing last night

I saw a woman with no legs kicking ass on Dancing With The Stars. I will never complain that my feet hurt again. This is an open thread cuz I just woke up to take a pill and now I’m … Continue reading

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The Plot Thickens

Mirror: Flight MH370 pilot pictured wearing anti-government T-shirt amid fears he hijacked his own plane The pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is pictured in a T-shirt with a Democracy is Dead slogan as fears emerge he could have … Continue reading

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