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Oh Shit, It’s Monday Already!

Monday morning seems to have snuck up on me so instead of a new post I only have the usual lame excuses. I promise I’ll write a real post later this morning. For now, here’s an open thread.

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Here We Go Again

I have literally been watching this Israel vs. the Palestinians and Arabs drama play out the same basic script over and over and over my entire life. This current burst of activity is just the latest installment. What kind of … Continue reading

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Thank Ghu It’s FRIDAY!!!

Why do blondes travel in group with odd numbers? Because they can’t even. LET’S PAR-TAY!

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Happy Hungover Caturday Open Thread

I got wild and crazy watching Grease and Sixteen Candles last night. That was after the SF Giants got beat again. I’m waiting for the sun to come up so I can mow the lawn before it gets too hot … Continue reading

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Freedom is Messy

I know a lot of people like to celebrate today. It’s the Fourth of July, also known as “Independence Day” because this is the anniversary of the initial signing of the Declaration of Independence. Woot! But freedom is messy. Some … Continue reading

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33 Years Ago an Unknown Killer Stalked the Land

From the New York Times on July 3, 1981: RARE CANCER SEEN IN 41 HOMOSEXUALS Doctors in New York and California have diagnosed among homosexual men 41 cases of a rare and often rapidly fatal form of cancer. Eight of … Continue reading

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Pre-Holiday Open Thread

I got nothin’ Check back later. I’m going back to bed for a couple hours.

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Triumph, Conan’s Insult Dog, Watches the World Cup……

Originally posted on Stealth Magnolia:
….in NYC Borough’s Bars ! Triumph ! In all his cigar chomping snarkilicious form ……

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Happy Father’s Day!

I had a rough night so all you get is this open thread. If I feel better later I’ll post something. I was supposed to go see the new X-Men movie this afternoon but I don’t think I’m gonna make … Continue reading

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Just Another Caturday Open Thread

Apparently there is some kind of sporting event taking place in Brazil. I won’t be watching it but thanks to Twitter I will get to follow every unexciting moment as people I follow post tweet after tweet that only make … Continue reading

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Oh crap, it’s Monday

I just woke up to go pee and saw what time it is. It’ll be a while before I can put a post together. I can’t even get my eyes to focus yet. Seriously, I didn’t even drink last night … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

It’s been a hot, busy week and I’m pretty much blogged out. What do you want to talk about?

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Good Thing Obama Didn’t Go the “Full Michael” Hug on Jay

Originally posted on Stealth Magnolia:
Image courtesy of ABC News. Now for The “Full Michael” … Whew, huh? h/t to MOTUS and her commenters for the inspiration <3

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Caturday Open Thread

For the past few months my front porch has been the hottest local all-night bistro for the hipster feline/procyon set. So I went out front to refill the kibble bowl and I discovered that a few Periplaneta americana or some … Continue reading

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Let’s Party Open Thread

Congratulations to our good friend HelenK. She sold her house and got the asking price. Now she’s gonna do the smart thing and get the hell out of California. Drinks are her cuz she can afford it now. So drink … Continue reading

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Hump Day Open Thread

We need a new thread and that gives me an excuse to post this video. Watch and weep for our future. Or cheer. Whatever floats yer boat.

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Thanks, Mom!

My mother is 80 years old. She has two kids (including me), five grandkids, two foster grandkids, and seven and one-half great-grandkids. She was a feminist and a single mom before it was cool. She’s always there with an encouraging … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread

Wow, I just woke up. I watched the 1st round of the NFL Draft (the Raiders took OLB Khalil Mack) and then I watched the #SFGiants #BeatLA in extra innings. I was in bed by midnight. I got up twice … Continue reading

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Caturday Morning Open Thread

I was gonna write a really great post but it was super hot yesterday and my mom wanted me to take her to Walmart and then she bought me beer and made me watch Timmy and the Giants beat the … Continue reading

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Getting Lost in the Weeds

I thought about writing a post on Donald Sterling, but that topic has been beat to death. Then I thought about doing a post on the rapist/murderer whose execution in Oklahoma didn’t quite go like it was supposed to. But … Continue reading

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