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Scariest Sight of Halloween Morning

Click on Miz Poverty Pimp to get the story. Hat tip Somebody (thanks!)

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Open Thread Thursday, Late Afternoon Beverages on My Lake

That came out pretty cool. ;)

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When Bacon (prices) Fly

I went grocery shopping yesterday, hoping to get some beef. Took one look at the prices and came home with bargain chicken instead. And bacon? Fuggedabout it. This is from Cattle Network, Oct 3: “Several beef, pork and dairy products … Continue reading

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Fads Fade

Washington Examiner: Obama’s youth votes mutinies, ‘disaster’ election predicted for Dems A prominent Democratic pollster is warning that the election looks to be “a disaster” for Democrats because younger, so-called millennial voters, are abandoning President Obama’s party. “Millennials could have … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine

Open thread.

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Sunday Night Open Thread: Football, World Series and Broadway Musicals!

Or,there’s Dr. Kaci, brave woman, but girlfriend, stop whining… So tonight I decided, I wanted to grow up to be Sutton Foster, not a whiny doctor :D Do your Open Thread guys, you know what to do, Uh, AnyThing Goes!

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Saturday Open Thread: Koffler, One America, MOTUS, Oh My !

Lovely Fall Weekend in Virginia and trying not to let the Friday News Dumps ruining it. My other fav blogs, good people, recovering Dems ! Enjoy! Love this Blog ….and this one

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