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News Media-Induced Tourette’s Syndrome

I was recently self-diagnosed with NMITS: News Media-Induced Tourette’s Syndrome. I can’t be the only one.

Tourette’s syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. The disorder is named for Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette, the pioneering French neurologist who in 1885 first described the condition in an 86-year-old French noblewoman.

You are sitting in a waiting room at Jiffy Lube, or at the hospital, or perhaps you are visiting a friend or relative. Wherever it is, there is a television playing. Then a bloviating gasbag on the screen utters a phrase like, “President-Elect Biden” or “baseless allegations of fraud” and suddenly you are standing there screaming profanities and making obscene gestures towards the television. Everybody in the waiting room is staring at you in terror except for the teenaged girl in the corner who is recording you on her smartphone so she can uplead you to YouTube. That’s what it is like to have NMITS.

You might even be triggered by printed words like these from Michael Dumbass Shear:

Trump using last days to lock in policies and make Biden’s task more difficult

Voters have decided that President-elect Joe Biden should guide the country through the next four years. But on issues of war, the environment, criminal justice, trade, the economy and more, President Donald Trump and top administration officials are doing what they can to make changing direction more difficult.

Trump has spent the last two weeks hunkered down in the White House, raging about a “stolen” election and refusing to accept the reality of his loss. But in other ways he is acting as if he knows he will be departing soon and showing none of the deference that presidents traditionally give their successors in their final days in office.

During the past four years Trump has not spent much time thinking about policy, but he has shown a penchant for striking back at his adversaries. And with his encouragement, top officials are racing against the clock to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, secure oil drilling leases in Alaska, punish China, carry out executions and thwart any plans Biden might have to reestablish the Iran nuclear deal.


The president has continued to deny Biden briefings and access to agency officials — delays that the president-elect has said threatened to undermine the country’s response to the pandemic. And far from seeking to help Biden’s team, Trump has spent more than two weeks actively seeking to undermine the legitimacy of his victory.


Some of Trump’s advisers make no attempt to hide the fact that their actions are aimed at deliberately hamstringing Biden’s policy options even before he begins.

One administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of not being authorized to talk publicly, said that in the coming days there would be more announcements made related in particular to China, with whom Trump advisers believe that Biden would try to improve relations.

Some of Trump’s actions are all but permanent, like the nomination of judges with lifetime appointments or the naming of his supporters to government panels with terms that stretch beyond Biden’s likely time in office. Once done, there is little that the new president can do to reverse them.


Other actions may be possible to reverse but are designed to exact a political price for doing so.

Since the election, Trump has ordered the withdrawal of thousands of troops from Afghanistan, where Trump aims to halve an already pared-down force of 4,500 by the time he leaves office, defying the advice of some top generals.

Biden’s vision for U.S. troop deployments is not radically different. He has said that he supports only small numbers of combat forces, mainly tasked with fighting terrorist groups like al-Qaida and the Islamic State group. But Trump’s last-minute withdrawals could force Biden into an unwanted confrontation with Democrats in Congress if he decides he needs to return to the modest preelection status quo.

Analysts say that Trump’s withdrawal of troops also deprives the United States of any leverage in the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Afghan government, potentially allowing the Taliban to make important military gains.

Trump officials are also working to impose new sanctions on Iran that may be difficult for Biden to reverse, out of a fear of opening himself up to charges that he is soft on one of the country’s most dangerous adversaries.

The sanctions could also undermine any move by Biden to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, a step that would require providing Iran with economic breathing room after years of Trump’s constrictions.

Similarly, Trump officials continue to take punitive actions against China that are likely to further strain the tense relationship with Beijing that Biden will inherit. Last week, Trump issued an executive order barring Americans from investing in Chinese companies with ties to China’s military. Administration officials say more steps are in the works.

(No links to fake news)

Okay, first and foremost, Joe Biden IS NOT the president-elect. As of this moment, we don’t have a president-elect. But no biggie, inauguration day is still almost two full months away. There will be plenty of time for briefings. OTOH, briefing Joe Biden is a waste of time. Biden can’t remember shit, and he would only be POTUS for a few weeks anyway. If he is allowed to take office he should be called “Interim President” Biden.

As for the rest of the stuff Shear is bitchin’ about, boo-fucking-hoo.

Four years ago there were still recounts going on. When the recounts failed Hillary started urging EC electors to be faithless electors and pick her instead. NeverTrumpers were urging them to agree to vote for a moderate Republican. When that failed they tried persuading Congress not to certify the EC vote.

The first free-standing anti-Trump riots took place on election night. There had been numerous cases of Democrats attacking Trump supporters who were leaving campaign rallies, but these riots were unconnected to any rallies. There were numerous Democrat protests in the time between Trump’s election and inauguration, most or all of them featuring people screaming and crying and the words “Not My President” on signs, tee-shirts, and in chants.

While Trump was focused on the transition, Obama and his henchpeople were unmasking Trump associates and organizing “The Resistance.” Obama issued executive orders making it easier to make anonymous leaks while illegally spying on Trump and his associates.

As soon as it was clear that Trump had won in 2016 there were Democrats and RINOs assuring our allies, enemies, and frenemies around the world that Trump would be gone in 6 months.

I could go on and on but it’s already been documented on the pages of this blog. Go up to the calendar and take it back to Election Night 2016 and start reading the posts and comments. Four fucking years and every single day the Democrats were pulling some new shit.

So fuck all those fucking fucks. Joe Biden will never be a legitimate President. Neither will Kamala Harris.

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#AmericaFirst Open Thread

Myiq has a post in drafts. I’m afraid to click on it to see if it’s scheduled given that I accidentally erased one of his posts last week doing that. This thread may be short-lived as a result.

Pic is from my morning walk.

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Needs More Cowbell Open Thread

It’s Saturday somewhere. Walkens and walk-ins welcome.

Today’s condensed news: GOPers help Groper.

There is literally no problem that cannot be fixed with more cowbell.

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Sidney Powell Documents The Atrocity (News Media Yawns)

If you can watch this without getting angry then you don’t love America.

After you watch this video, go on Google and look for a story about it in a major media outlet.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ivanka Trump Farted When She Was A Teenager!

Flatulent First Daughter at age 15

This is easily the most difficult post I have ever written. I have taken three showers since I first read this story and I still don’t feel clean. I may never get the taste of puke out of my mouth.

Daily Mail:

A woman who claims to be Ivanka Trump’s former ‘best friend’ says one of her earliest memories of her is her blaming a fart on someone else.

Lysandra Ohrstrom, a 38-year-old journalist who writes for The Observer and Huffington Post, attended Chapin, an all-girls private school in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, with Ivanka as a teenager. She also stood in her 2009 wedding to Jared Kushner as one of two ‘maids of honor’.

She says the pair were close until immediately after the wedding and that their friendship fractured because Ivanka did not take enough interest in her new job.

Since then, she says, the pair have had a distant but polite friendship. She says has watched for years while Ivanka defended her father.

Now Lysandra, who voted for Biden in the recent election, is speaking out, saying it is time to lift the veil on who her former friend really is.

On Tuesday, she wrote: ‘One of the earliest memories I have of Ivanka from before we were friends is when she blamed a fart on a classmate.’


Lysandra says that Ivanka also coaxed other girls into bad behavior, including flashing their breasts at ‘the hot dog man’ from the windows of their school, then talked her way out of trouble when they were caught.

‘One of the earliest memories I have of Ivanka from before we were friends is when she blamed a fart on a classmate.

‘Some time later, she goaded me and a few other girls into flashing our breasts out the window of our classroom in what has since been labelled the “flashing the hot dog man” incident in Chapin lore.

‘Ivanka had basically been the ringleader, but she pleaded her innocence to the headmistress and got off scot-free.

‘The rest of us were suspended,’ she said.

That hot dog vendor needs to be located and interviewed. How horrible that must have been for him. The poor guy was doing his part to end world hunger and they abuse him like that. Oh, the humanity!

These Trumps are monsters who make the Manson Family look like the Brady Bunch. I can picture Donald Trump and his kids and grandkids all sitting around a banquet table in Mar-a-Lago taking turns farting and laughing.

“Good one, Arabella! That was yuge. You’re the greatest, just like your mom.”

Hannah Arent’s “banality of evil” doesn’t begin to describe the Trumps. What I want to know is why we are only just now hearing about this??? If we had heard about this four years ago we could’ve been celebrating Hillary’s second term right now.

You can’t see Lie-Sandra’s left hand because it is plunging a dagger in Ivanka’s back.

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Will Antifa Kill Us All When They Win?

They hate us. They really, really hate us. They don’t want to share this planet with us, let alone this country. If they get the power of life and death over us, what will they do? This is a serious question.

The Left has shown again and again that they feel no compunction about using violence, and I am not talking “White silence is violence.” This past weekend I saw violent assaults by Antifa/BLM thugs and goons on men, women, old men, old women. children, mothers, mothers with, children, and inanimate objects. They sure didn’t seem to be celebrating, did they Were they all PMSing??

Am I being hyperbolic and melodramatic? Maybe.

But numerous (all but a few nutjobs) scholars who have studied Hitler and the Nazi era have concluded that it would have been easier to deal with him before he consolidated his power. The warning signs were there, just nobody wanted to believe them.

The part that scares me the most about Antifa is the Nazis is a trait both groups share – They are both 100% certain that THEY are the good guys and WE are evil.

Self-righteousness and a lack of compunction are a bad combination.

We’re looking for the GOP voter that lives here.”

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Things I won’t miss when Trump is gone.

I don’t know when Donald J. Trump will leave office, but sooner or later he will. And if he leaves sooner there is a pretty good chance he’ll be back later. But Father Time is still the undefeated champion, and we must all eventually shuffle off this mortal coil. I predict it will be many years before PDJT ascends that heavenly escalator to his penthouse in the sky.

But a day will come when Donald Trump is no longer President, and when that day comes there are some things I will not miss:

Unfunny and unattractive female comics vomiting out towards Trump all the bile and hate for men they have accumulated since puberty and calling it humor. I won’t miss any of those feckless c*nts.

Tweet Freakouts:

Donald Trump is a notorious Twitter troll with the rank of Jedi Master. People have been freaking out about his tweets since 2015. Social media technology is supposed to be for Democrats. Young, smart, hip Democrat candidates were supposed to wow the youth vote with their hipness by using Twitter and riding skateboards and stuff. Trump ruined all that.

Every day at Zero Dark Thirty hours Trump would get up and start tweeting like a madman. He tweeted mean things to people (who generally deserved it) while sending classified information to Vlad Putin-on-the-Ritz and racist dogwhistles to his secret white supremacist armies.

What will future generations think when they see “covfefe” right there on their smartphone implant screen?

Reporters who were used to going to bed at 2 am started getting up at 3 am so they could follow Trump’s tweets live. For the first two years of Trump’s first term, there was a freak-out at least once a day. Yeah, I said, “at least.” Some days there was more than one.

I won’t miss them.

Leaks, Lies, and Insider Books:

White House leaks are nothing new. Nixon’s “plumbers” were originally used to “fix leaks.” But under Trump the White House leaked like a new puppy. Leaks are true information that was supposed to be secret. What’s worse, leaking classified information or making up lies about the President?

Trick question – the leaks and lies are mixed together before distribution. Once upon a time, you had to put together a solid story to get it published. Anonymous sources and uncorroborated claims were not enough. News editors were grizzled old farts with no fucks to give who had seen lots of “big scoops” turn out to be piles of crap.

I’m not worried about lies from the outside, I’m worried about lies from the inside. Lies from the FBI, DOJ, State Dept., the IC, the CDC, Congress, etc. But the situation is already improving. In the past few weeks we have seen the news media start fact-checking stories before publishing them. And they are screening out the tabloid trash from newsworthy stories.

I am sick of insider tell-all books. There have already been 40-50 books by alleged insiders “spilling the beans” about Trump. But the bears were all spilled long ago.

I won’t miss “mostly peaceful” riots. As soon as Trump lifts-off from the White House aboard Marine 2, all protests will be deemed violent. Just like the Tea Party riots.

Here are some other things I won’t miss when Donald Trump is gone:

Media lies
Antifas/BLM violence
The Resistance – all forms of obstruction from inside or outside the administration
Censoring the President
Being called a racist
Lust for power
Rigged elections

I won’t miss any of those things because they aren’t going anywhere.

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’

So many things wrong with this tweet.

We’ll take our Biden victory; we’ll continue to organize and fight for a progressive America; and we’ll say goodbye to Bill Maher.

First and foremost, Biden didn’t win anything.  There is no “Biden victory,” yet, nor should there ever be.  It isn’t a win until the final whistle blows, the last out is recorded, or the bell rings.  As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

But even if Biden is officially declared the winner, it won’t be a victory.  Winners never cheat.

we’ll continue to organize and fight for a progressive America

In a democratic system like ours (a democratic republic) you don’t “fight” for change.  Fighting involves violence.  When you think of politics as a fight you are adding violence to the mix.  Winning in a democratic system means persuasion, not coercion.

Borrowing a quote from Lola in the last thread:

“If you want to remove a cloud from your life, remove it from your thinking.”

Remove violence from your thinking. And while you’re at it, remove racism.

we’ll say goodbye to Bill Maher.

I got a better idea. Let’s say goodbye to “cancel culture.”

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If You Voted For Biden, You Voted For This:

This is not some shithole like Mogadishu. This is our nation’s capital.

Did anyone actually think that winning would make the Democrats behave better?

Donald Trump did not cause this. The Democrats made this happen.

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#SelfcareSaturday Open Thread

Don’t forget to spend some time disconnecting today. Totally worth it. This is an open thread.

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Bill Whittle Esta En Fuego

How furious is Bill Whittle? He even drops the F-bomb!

As for myself, I find myself avoiding the news in all its forms. I think I have PTSD or something.

What the Democrats have done is comparable to September 11, 2001. The attacks on 9/11 and the attempted electoral theft on November 3rd were both so huge in magnitude that they were unprecedented.

What’s that? September 11th was violent but November 3rd was not? What about all those “mostly peaceful” riots since last Spring? The same people that orchestrated the riots are the ones who planned the theft of votes.

There used to be a saying that “You can’t rob Fort Knox.” The point being that Fort Knox is too big and too visible and too well-defended. In the weeks leading up to November 3rd I kept telling myself that there was no way the Democrats would try because they could not get away with such massive cheating. I was wrong.

This is a crossing the Rubicon moment. Civil war appears inevitable. How else can we respond?

When you lose an election fair and square you get up, dust yourself off, and say “We’ll get them next time.” But next time the Democrats will cheat again. And the time after that. They will never stop cheating on their own. Why should they? They are never held accountable for their crimes.

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This Guy Is My Spirit Animal

I miss the good old days of the blogosphere. Remember when print and television news had very little presence on the Intertubes? Remember when the internet was virtually ad-free, except for porn? Remember when comment threads were unmoderated? Remember when bloggers bragged, “We say ‘fuck’ a lot.”

Best of all: Everything was free!

My favorite thing about the Dodge City Days of the internet was the occasional opportunity to provide immediate and unfiltered feedback to celebrities, politicians, and members of the media priesthood. Turns out they were not used to being called out for their dumbassery and douchebaggyness.

If the social media giants were conservative Republicans the Democrats would have no problems recognizing the existential threat that Big Tech is to freedom.

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This electoral theft was all planned months ago

Unindicted co-conspirator #1 and Unindicted co-conspirator #2

Democrats are not making this up as they go along. They wargamed this and disseminated their talking points ahead of time.

This is from the September 1, 2020 NY Intelligencer:

An Election Night ‘Red Mirage’ Is a Nightmare for Democrats

For a good while now, a number of us political obsessives have been playing Paul Revere in warning of an Election Night phenomenon that could lead to a contested presidential election and perhaps a constitutional crisis. The issue is an unprecedented number of mail ballots (thanks to COVID-19 fears and the polling-place chaos we saw in many primaries this spring and summer) accompanied by a big partisan split in willingness to vote by mail, mostly created by the president’s interminable attacks on that method of voting. Since, for the most part, Election Day in-person ballots will be counted before mail ballots, Trump and other Republicans may assume an early lead on Election Night that will inevitably be reduced and in many cases erased as mail ballots drift in. Trump being Trump, it doesn’t take much imagination to envision him claiming victory on Election Night and then attacking subsequent Democratic-leaning mail ballots as fraudulent.

Two weeks ago there were stories about how Twitter and Facebook would deal with any premature declarations of victory by Trump. It was always Trump doing it, never Biden. They were just laying out the groundwork for how they rigged Election Night to go.

Remember all those stories claiming that Trump would not concede even after it was clear he lost? Now the media is claiming that Trump lost and they are demanding that he concede.   Four years ago they were denying that Trump won and Democrats were rioting in the streets and chanting “Not my president!”

Way back in April, the Democrats were pushing for Vote-By-Mail to be enacted in all 50 states because of the ‘Rona. We were being told that the lockdowns would be for just a couple weeks. So why did the Democrats start insisting in April that VBM was necessary because it would be unsafe to vote in person in November?

In the weeks before the election, there were lots of changes to the voting rules in blue states to make it easier to get away with fraudulent voting.

The Democrats made the mistake of getting high on their own supply of disinformation. They started believing their bogus polls. They thought that Biden was going to beat Trump in a landslide AND Democrats would kick ass and take names in the congressional races. The earliest call that Fox News made on Election Night was that the Democrats would gain at least 5 seats in the House. They actually lost about 7 seats. The GOP was supposed to lose the Senate. They didn’t.

Every Republican candidate in the country outperformed expectations and yet Trump lost.  And the media says that any claims of hanky-panky in blue states are totally unfounded.

Meanwhile, Trump is finally cleaning house at the Pentagong and the residents of Soggy Bottom are declaring their allegiance to Joe Biden.  And Joke Tapper has been really pissy since last Tuesday.

Win, lose, or draw, Trump needs to use his fortune to start  MAGA News Network.

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The Whole World Is Watching

Here ya go. Fresh open thread and comments by Secretary Pompeo.

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Unity Schmoonity

Fuck Joe Biden. Fuck Kamala Harris. And fuck all those bitch ass Democrats.

It doesn’t work like that, Joe.

Rapists don’t get goodbye kisses from the women they raped. Robbers don’t get hugs from the people they robbed.

You and the Democrats are trying to steal this election. You might even get away with it. But no amount of gaslighting by the media will convince us you won. We already knew you were a liar, a plagiarist, and a corrupt politician. You can now add thief and usurper to your resume.

Everybody knows what you did, including your own people. We will never forget and we will never forgive. And we will NEVER accept you as a rightful president.

The funny part is that what you have stolen will soon be stolen from you. Instead of Karma it will be Kamala. Karma-la Harris? But you won’t know because you are already a gibbering idiot.

This is a fitting meme, since you are just a puppet for China.

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Death of a Family

I really don’t want to have to write this story, but I do have to write it. I want you to know about another path Democrats chose to exploit during this election. I speak of Disinformation and Social Media Priming. It may not  seem like it’s that big to you, but I promise you it fueled the riots and it fueled many individuals to think that breaking electoral law was okay, because they had moral certainty on their side.

Do you remember the lynch mobs that were circulating on campuses a few years ago confronting professors, and the professors suddenly started caring about free speech? Yep—this shitshow was planned that far back. We now live in a country where a sizable portion of regular citizens are like these college students and can be prompted or primed to riot and break the law because of what they read on social media.

Our story begins a couple of months ago during the Breonna Taylor riots. My family is from Louisville, and I know it well. It surprised me 0% to find that LMPD narcotics detectives had bungled a search warrant so bad that someone died. They are notable in Louisville for corruption and depravity in their ranks. My sister and I had been talking for months, and I thought for a minute that we had made some progress in both agreeing on that and that the woke were racists. Then she started complaining that she could not put down her phone. She said she was on FB all the time following all these BLM pages.

She talked about this a lot in our conversations. She seemed to know her own behavior was bizarre and out of control, but she said couldn’t stop. At some point she got mad at me for telling her to manage her expectations, because the riots were having an impact. At this moment she chose to lash out in anger and tell me that my mother and my former-violent-felon brother-in-law were at the County Clerk’s office voting. She declared she didn’t care that it was illegal, and they had done it in 2008 too. Oh, and my BIL has been diagnosed with dementia and cognitive dysfunction. Almost forgot that salient point. I asked her if my mom knew it was illegal. She said she did, and she felt the same. My mom voted for Trump in 2016, ftr. Crawled over glass to do it, too. But she’s lived with my sister for two years and they are both very different than I knew them to be.

My sister’s disclosure put me at a serious familial disadvantage. My family has thrived on negativity and destruction precisely because they try to lock people down with secrets. They use secrets to choke off any health and wholesomeness that might grow in one of us. Those who know my history here know that I am on record as saying I would not be keeping any more family secrets after I learned that my “father” was not my father in 2019.

In that moment of disclosure, my sister put another secret on me and dared me to tell AGAIN. She tried to trap me in a choice of “Report us and blow up the family, or eat more poison and STFU like the dirt you are.” I chose a different path. I chose to see her disclosure as blowing the family up, and I cut her, my mom and BIL off entirely. I burned the bridge on the way out and the flammant was stone cold truth. And I chose not to tell the police because I’m not about revenge. I have no desire to see my frail sib, her partner, or my elderly mother go to jail.

Here’s the fucked up thing about my brother-in-law’s particular situation: My brother-in-law could have, for free, petitioned the governor to restore his voting rights, and Andy Beshear certainly would have. Though BIL’s felonies were violent because he used a weapon, no one was hurt, he served all his time, and hasn’t been in trouble with the law for 20 years. Instead of taking this legal route, they chose to think their moral authority compelled them to act illegally. They weren’t even interested in finding out if legal routes were available to them. This is normal to many, many Americans now.

That’s the direction we’re going in, and why this election still matters. Add the millions of little stories like my sister’s to at least six blue urban areas run by people fueled the same way, the national and much of the regional media fueled the same way, all justifying their cheating because they believe they are morally certain of their cause and equally convinced with no evidence whatsoever that the other side is evil. They will live their whole lives that way if nothing is done, just as my sister has spent all of hers leeching off the system through childbirth and welfare, and later, disability payments (ha! She never worked!).

Disinformation and Priming are the gateways to the new welfare plantation, and it’s turning our country into zombies in wide swaths.  

Stories like my family’s have happened all over and many thousands will not be able to hold their tongues, just as my sister could not. The family member(s) who hears them won’t have the family dysfunction destruction background my family has, so it won’t be so easy for them to walk away. Family is the central institution in every civilization, and few can survive without one. The desire for connections to one’s children, sibs, and parents in particular is strong. At least I don’t have to give up my child just yet. With this unchecked, unregulated marketplace, I might in future.

It was easy for me to say enough. My family has been violently batshit crazy for my entire life and I’ve always been their favorite punching bag. I’m officially an orphan now. My family died in the 2020 Elections. I know it’s going to be awkward in heaven, but I’m prepared to tell Jesus he can fuck off if he wants unity. Not gonna happen. But I doubt many others can do that. They won’t have near the justification that I have. They can know that when they engage social media, this is what they’re engaging. This the poison they invite into their homes.

#DeleteYourAccounts or continue to pay the price, y’all. That’s all I’m saying. This is an open thread.

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What To Expect From A Kamala Harris Administration

I firmly believe that Donald Trump won this election with a majority of the popular vote. I also believe that the Democrats are trying to steal it from him. And while I still hold out hope that justice and the rule of law will prevail, it is looking more and more like the fix is in and they will get away with it.

If Biden is officially declared to be the winner, Kamala Harris will be POTUS by Memorial Day. In fact, Biden may never get to take the oath of office. So it is a waste of time to discuss what Biden would or wouldn’t do. The question is what would a Kamala Harris administration look like?

It really doesn’t matter which one takes the oath of office because the economy will come to a Joy Behar-level screeching halt. If I had money in the stock market I would take it all out and buy gold. Try to stock up on necessities while you still can.

Kamala would love to keep the lockdowns in place but she’ll lift them hoping to restart the economy. It’s probably too little, too late to save the entertainment and sports industries, because they were all circling the drain before China sent us the ‘Rona.

Kamala won’t have a “To Do” list, she’ll have a “To Undo” list. Expect China, Russia, Iran, the Democrat party, and the rest of our nation’s enemies to be very aggressive politically and economically. They will want to accomplish as much as possible before the 2022 midterms in case cheating doesn’t work and the GOP takes back the House.

Democrats will try to ban Voter ID laws and make Vote By Mail mandatory. Dissent will be suppressed and resistance will be criminalized. Self-defense will be prohibited, and the use of a firearm in self-defense will be a capital offense. CRT training will be mandatory for everyone. Kamala Harris presidency will be happy times for the Swamp. The rest of America will be grabbing our ankles and hoping they use lube.

Here’s the most horrible part:

The media will gush about the beauty of Kamala Harris and rave about how historic her presidency is, and we will be required to agree. Failure to shout her praises loudly enough will be deemed an act of resistance. And racist.

My advice:

If you can’t go off the grid, keep a low profile. Antifa/BLM will be looking for us.

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Spicy Open Thread, Hold the Mao

Here’s a fresh one for ya! The baby gator picture is from my swamp hike yesterday. Hope you enjoy!

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Fresh Open Thread

Here’s a fresh one for ya, Taw. So good to see Denise posting this morning. We missed you so much, lady!

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