AYFKM? NYT’s Bruni Tries To Make Weiner About . . . Trump



Frank Bruni:

Donald Trump’s Irredeemable Twin

It’s rich, as the English would say, that Donald Trump is trying to profit from Anthony Weiner’s latest mortification, because Trump is to his persevering supporters what Weiner was to his long-suffering wife: a scoundrel undeserving of so many second chances; a head case incapable of the redemption that’s supposedly just a few extra measures of discipline away; someone selling himself as a servant of the public although he’s really a slave to his own raging ego and unquenchable needs.

When Trump looks in the mirror, there’s a whole lot of Weiner staring back at him.

The details are tawdrier in Weiner’s case, and the stakes far smaller. But both men are creatures of potent want and pure compulsion who lucked into forgiving audiences. Weiner’s finally stopped forgiving: Huma Abedin announced that she was formally separating from him after six years of marriage.

Trump still has legions by his side. But for how long?


Weiner sent strangers pictures of his bulge. Trump assured the viewers of a nationally televised debate that he was amply endowed.

These impulses — these boasts — aren’t unrelated.

A scene in the documentary “Weiner,” about his ill-fated run for New York City mayor, depicts him at a computer, raptly watching and reliving one of his appearances on MSNBC. Trump is famous for marinating in all of the television time devoted to him. He tallies it. He crows about it. He’s Weiner with extra traction, Weiner with added gilt.

Bruni deserves some kind of award for this shit. While the rest of the media was busy assuring us that Weiner had nothing to do with Hillary, Bruni was thinking outside the box.

I’m speechless.

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SJW’s Take Aim At The National Anthem

Shaun "Why-T" King

Shaun “Why-T” King


Shaun King:

KING: Why I’ll never stand again for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In a dream world the bread is super soft, like the Wonder Bread of my childhood, and the sandwich will have crunchy peanut butter, strawberry jam, and a cup of cold milk to go with it.

Maybe PB&J isn’t your favorite sandwich, but I want you to imagine your favorite comfort food for a moment. Maybe it’s a hamburger, a piece of pie, or a fruit smoothie. Whatever it is, just imagine yourself enjoying the very best version of your very favorite food.

It’s perfectly delicious. Then, imagine yourself glancing up on the wall and seeing that the restaurant had a score of C minuses on their health inspection. Then you go to the restroom and it’s filthy. A man emerges from the stall having followed by the foulest odor you’ve ever smelled in your life, and you notice he’s still wearing his apron from the kitchen. Then, the unthinkable happens — the man who made your comfort food walks right past the sink and doesn’t even wash his hands.

You leave the restaurant in disgust. As you stand outside without even finishing your meal, you see the world’s largest rat dart out from under a gaping hole by the restaurant door. You are now completely undone. You are “call the health department and post an angry one-star review on Yelp” level undone. You don’t even want your money back. You just want to get the hell away from there. Your new dream come true would be to have one of those “Men in Black” wands waved over your face so that you could forget the implications of the meal you just ate.

Would you ever go back to the restaurant? Of course you wouldn’t.

To me, right now, “The Star-Spangled Banner” is that peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I used to love it, but now I regret ever going anywhere near it. The man who made it — who uses the bathroom in his apron and doesn’t wash his hands, is the author of our national anthem, Francis Scott Key, who, as it turns out, was a terrible human being.

Now you see why Shaun makes the big bucks.

But wait! There’s more!

While it has always been known that the song was written during American slavery and that when those words about this nation being the “land of the free” didn’t apply to the millions who had been held in bondage, few of us had any idea that the song itself was rooted in the celebration of slavery and the murder of Africans in America, who were being hired by the British military to give them strength not only in the War of 1812, but in the Battle of Fort McHenry of 1814. These black men were called the Corps of Colonial Marines and they served valiantly for the British military. Key despised them. He was glad to see them experience terror and death in war — to the point that he wrote a poem about it. That poem is now our national anthem.

While I fundamentally reject the notion that anyone who owned other human beings was either good, moral, or decent, Francis Scott Key left absolutely no doubt that he was a stone cold bigot. He came from generations of plantation owning bigots. They got wealthy off of it. Key, as District Attorney of Washington, fought for slavery and against abolitionists every chance he got. Even when Africans in D.C. were injured or murdered, he stood strong against justice for them. He openly spoke racist words against Africans in America. Key said that they were “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.”

While San Francisco 49ers quarter back Colin Kaepernick has refused to stand for the national anthem because of the overflowing abundance of modern day injustice in America, he has helped bring to light the fact that this song and its author are deeply rooted in violent white supremacy.

I will never stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” another day in my damn life. I don’t care where I am or who’s watching. The statue of the racist Cecil Rhodes, which stood tall in South Africa as a painful relic from white supremacists until March of 2015, was finally removed once and for all. It should’ve never been erected. It should’ve been removed a very long time ago, student leaders made it clear that they had had enough.

Like Kaepernick, I’ve had enough of injustice in America and I’ve had enough of anthems written by bigots. Colin Kaepernick has provided a spark.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” should’ve never been made into our national anthem. That President Woodrow Wilson, widely thought to be one of the most bigoted presidents ever elected, chose it as our national anthem, is painfully telling as well. We must do away with it like South Africans did away with their monument to Cecil Rhodes. We must do away with it like South Carolina did with the Confederate Flag over their state house.

Of course, removing the culture of white supremacy does not necessarily remove its effects, but we must simultaneously and passionately address both. I’m joining Colin Kaepernick, who joined in with the spirit of Rosa Parks, by standing up for our rights by sitting down. I hope you join us.

Francis Scott Key was a Democrat.

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Tin Foil Hat Schadenfreude


Checking in with an old friend. No, not her. But close.

Crazy Joe Cannon:

ALERT: Trump gaining.
Time to panic.

After running a disastrous campaign…after infuriating many Republicans…after hitching his wagon to a white supremacist website…after revealing himself to be a true American grotesque…Trump is catching up to Hillary Clinton.

See here and here.

Trump didn’t do this: The anti-Clinton press did. The right-wing conspiracy theorists are winning the day. Never underestimate the power of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

It is hard to beleive that pseudo-scandals like “Emailgate” and the Clinton Foundation are going to hand this election to a bombastic, lying, low-IQ oaf who — as anyone with any brains can see — acts as Putin’s agent, witting or unwitting. (I think the former.) But within just a couple of weeks, Trump has more than halved the once-considerable distance between his number and Hillary’s.

I still think that Trump will win this one.

So far, nothing has been able to defeat Donald Trump except Donald Trump: He has hurt himself by blurting out a series of utterly unnecessary idiocies. He can commit political suicide, yes. But no outside force can touch him.

Nothing said by Hillary Clinton has had any impact. Nothing said by any Democrat has had any impact. Nothing said by the major newspapers has had any impact. Nothing said by Trump’s biographers has had any impact. Nothing said by our great authors, intellectuals and cultural leaders has had any impact. Nothing said by major economists and foreign policy experts has had any impact. Nothing said by our popular comics — Colbert, Maher, Bee, Oliver, Noah, Myers and all the others — has had or will have any impact. Nothing said by your favorite bloggers has had or will have any impact.

Anything said against Trump — by anyone — is considered part of the Great Illuminati Conspiracy.

Anything said in favor of Clinton — by anyone — is considered part of the Great Illuminati Conspiracy.

The October Surprise will seal the deal. I’ve been traipsing around the internet — and guess what? Turns out that others are starting to whistle a theme first sounded here: Wikileaks will release documents faked up by the Russians. Americans have been so thoroughly brainwashed by anti-Clinton propaganda that they will accept without question the bonafides of documents that have been laundered through Russia’s intelligence services.

It’s coming. Mark my words.

There’s more, but it doesn’t get any saner.

I went over to Cannonfire to see if he had anything to say about Anthony’s Weiner. Some of you may remember Joe’s impassioned defense of Weiner during the first sexting scandal. Joe Cannon did a series of post proving conclusively that Weiner was framed by Andrew Breitbart.

Then Weiner confessed. But “Loose” Cannon was undeterred. He argued that Weiner was coerced into confessing. Joe should get an endorsement contract from Reynold’s Wrap.

Happy Tin Foil Tuesday!

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Gene Wilder, A Celebrity That Will Be Missed


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NYT Hit Job and a Hillary Lie

That’s her tweet. Here’s a little of the story:

No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start, and Was First Accused of Bias

She seemed like the model tenant. A 33-year-old nurse who was living at the Y.W.C.A. in Harlem, she had come to rent a one-bedroom at the still-unfinished Wilshire Apartments in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens. She filled out what the rental agent remembers as a “beautiful application.” She did not even want to look at the unit.

There was just one hitch: Maxine Brown was black.

Stanley Leibowitz, the rental agent, talked to his boss, Fred C. Trump.

“I asked him what to do and he says, ‘Take the application and put it in a drawer and leave it there,’” Mr. Leibowitz, now 88, recalled in an interview.

It was late 1963 — just months before President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the landmark Civil Rights Act — and the tall, mustachioed Fred Trump was approaching the apex of his building career. He was about to complete the jewel in the crown of his middle-class housing empire: seven 23-story towers, called Trump Village, spread across nearly 40 acres in Coney Island.

He was also grooming his heir. His son Donald, 17, would soon enroll at Fordham University in the Bronx, living at his parents’ home in Queens and spending much of his free time touring construction sites in his father’s Cadillac, driven by a black chauffeur.

“His father was his idol,” Mr. Leibowitz recalled. “Anytime he would come into the building, Donald would be by his side.”

Over the next decade, as Donald J. Trump assumed an increasingly prominent role in the business, the company’s practice of turning away potential black tenants was painstakingly documented by activists and organizations that viewed equal housing as the next frontier in the civil rights struggle.

The Justice Department undertook its own investigation and, in 1973, sued Trump Management for discriminating against blacks. Both Fred Trump, the company’s chairman, and Donald Trump, its president, were named as defendants. It was front-page news, and for Donald, amounted to his debut in the public eye.

In 1963 Donald Trump was 17 years old.

When it was over, Mr. Trump declared victory, emphasizing that the consent decree he ultimately signed did not include an admission of guilt.

But an investigation by The New York Times — drawing on decades-old files from the New York City Commission on Human Rights, internal Justice Department records, court documents and interviews with tenants, civil rights activists and prosecutors — uncovered a long history of racial bias at his family’s properties, in New York and beyond.

That history has taken on fresh relevance with Mr. Trump arguing that black voters should support him over Hillary Clinton, whom he has called a bigot.

While there is no evidence that Mr. Trump personally set the rental policies at his father’s properties, he was on hand while they were in place, working out of a cubicle in Trump Management’s Brooklyn offices as early as the summer of 1968.

Then and now, Mr. Trump has steadfastly denied any awareness of any discrimination at Trump properties. While Mr. Trump declined to be interviewed for this article, his general counsel, Alan Garten, said in a statement that there was “no merit to the allegations.” And there has been no suggestion of racial bias toward prospective residents in the luxury housing that Mr. Trump focused on as his career took off in Manhattan in the 1980s.

You should go read the whole article. I am not disputing any of the factual allegations in it. But the article in a hit job, and Hillary’s tweet is a lie.

Studies show that most people just skim headlines and maybe the first paragraph or two. Hillary knows this. So does the New York Times. So they cleverly set out to give the impression that Donald Trump has a record of discriminating against blacks and other minorities. If called on it they would claim they didn’t lie.

But they did.

You can read more about Fred Trump here. He died in 1999 at the age of 93. Was he a racist and a crook? I honestly don’t know nor do I care. Donald split off from his father’s business in the mid-70’s. Lot’s of us had parents with racial views we don’t agree with.

BTW – In 1964 Hillary was a “Goldwater Girl.” Goldwater was one of six Senate Republicans to vote against the Civil Rights Act.

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Zombie Lies – Al Haig

This is one of my pet peeves.

Fat Tommy Christopher:

In a moment reminiscent of Reagan Secretary of State Alexander Haig‘s “I’m in charge here” moment, new Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appeared to diminish the role of Breitbart News chairman and Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon Sunday morning in an interview with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace.

And what was “Alexander Haig‘s “I’m in charge here” moment?”

The conventional wisdom/zombie lie version is that Al Haig thought he was running the country after Reagan was shot. That’s bullshit.

Here’s the full quote:

Constitutionally, gentlemen, you have the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State in that order, and should the President decide he wants to transfer the helm to the Vice President, he will do so. He has not done that. As of now, I am in control here, in the White House, pending return of the Vice President and in close touch with him. If something came up, I would check with him, of course.

Does that sound like a guy who thinks he is the acting POTUS? Haig was a retired general, and he understood the chain of command. He was simply stating that he was the senior administration official present at the White House.

I remember that day. I remember that press conference. My BIL and I were sitting in his living room getting high when the news came on. There was never any doubt in my mind what Haig meant.

I wasn’t talking about transition. I was talking about the executive branch, who is running the government. That was the question asked. It was not, “Who is in line should the President die?”
— Alexander Haig, Alexander Haig interview with 60 Minutes II April 23, 2001

Full discosure: When I was stationed in Germany General Haig was my boss (he was NATO Commander) but I never saw him.

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Its a long way to Richmond… (and Sunday Open Thread)


We’re all really excited to get back on the air today!  Our last show was a lot of fun, thanks to TCH commenters calling in and sharing their wit, sarcasm and points of view.  It was great to hear all of your voices, and I hope you’ll make it in time to call us again today.

Showtime is 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific – follow this link

Call-in Number: (929) 477-1796

Last time around, a listener called me after the show and said that Angie and I were like the Bonnie and Clyde of internet radio because we “tell the truth and take no prisoners”.  Well, if truth-telling is now a crime, then Angie, Lola, Dandy Tiger and I are ready to spit it in the eye of the PC police with our last breath.

In keeping with that theme, our broadcast today is coming from an undisclosed location that we’re using as a secret hideout.  You’re all on the guest list, so show up. Or else.🙂


The cool thing about doing this show is that we never have to worry about material.  The MSM does all of that for us, and all we have to do is take it and run with it. Today’s (anticipated) topics are:

  • That long-awaited Conversation on Race
  • Shit the MSM makes up
  • the PC police return with a vengeance
  • Election 2016 – “Everybody is a Bigot!”

Of course, we’re also depending on you guys to call in and shoot your mouth off and share your point of view.  We’re not looking for an echo chamber, so opposing points of view are more than welcome and add to the discussion. The only thing we ask is that you be polite and not insult or demean any of the hosts or other callers.  Do that, and your ass is mine.

You can call in and share your voice, leave suggestions for topics in this thread, or post them in the chat room during the broadcast. Do it any way you want to, but DO IT!  It was a lot of fun to get together last time, and I hope to hear from you all again today!

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