Happy Birthday, Thomas!!

There were 8 candles on his cake

There were 8 candles on his cake

You can't tell from this picture but Lily was singing

You can’t tell from this picture but Lily was singing

Ben and Tommy try to climb the tower

Ben and Tommy try to climb the tower

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!

Lily enjoyed the amusement park too!

Lily enjoyed the amusement park too!

This is an open thread.

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Thursday Open Thread – Chris Rock Edition

Because we need to keep reminding people how not to get arrested.

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The Ugly Truth

"Fetus porn"

“Fetus porn”

These undercover Planned Parenthood videos may be a game-changer. Even Hillary admits to being disturbed by them. Planned Parenthood and their allies are trying desperately to lie, deny and change the subject. That’s because they don’t want people to see the ugly truth.

Ed Morrissey:

The vise is tightening, but the debate focuses too narrowly on the legality of tissue transfers for compensation. Planned Parenthood wants that debate, because they can then argue that this benefits humanity through research — even though that ignores the fact that they could just donate the organs, rather than maximize their revenue stream by charging on the “per-item thing,” as yesterday’s video showed a Planned Parenthood official explaining.

No, the real problem for Planned Parenthood is that this organ trade has exposed the core lie at the heart of the abortion industry. In my column today for The Week, I advise people to remain focused on that fundamental hypocrisy demonstrated in these videos:

Planned Parenthood wants to keep the debate on these points to deflect from the real debate — the nature of abortion itself, and the deliberate minimization in language that has allowed it. Abortion defenders claim that the procedure does not terminate life, and that it has no more moral meaning than excising a tumor or a cyst, a “clump of cells” in the most common construction. On Twitter, a young actor in Hollywood offered a more crude assessment this week. “A pile of goop should not have more rights than a human being,” Lucas Neff tweeted, “period.”

Now, though, we see that the same abortion clinics that argue for the “pile of goop” status see things very, very differently when it comes time to benefit from the results of their services. They adjust their techniques to extract and market human organs for buyers to meet demand, with the clear value attached on the basis of both their humanity and specificity. Clinic executives like Dr. Ginde want to negotiate those markets on a per-item basis because of the value that humanity and specificity provides to both parties, “just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

The true danger to Planned Parenthood and the entire industry is the exposure of their hypocrisy. The two positions of “clumps of cells” and negotiating over human organs from abortions are mutually exclusive. One cannot extract human organs from “a pile of goop,” or from tumors or undifferentiated “clumps of cells.” Human organs come from human beings, and the only way to harvest them from unborn human beings is to kill them first. The videos cut through all of the misdirection, all of the antiseptic generalities used in defense of abortion, to expose its true nature — and that’s what has Planned Parenthood panicked over the videos.

I have always considered myself pro-choice. I still am, I guess. But I am sickened by what I am seeing right now. It is quite literally an example of the banality of evil.

According to science there is no doubt – human life begins at conception. The sperm and egg are alive too, but they are not human until they unite and transform.

The old legal rule was that a baby was not alive until it drew breath outside the womb, but now some argue that “viability” is when life begins. That’s bullshit. Someday in the not too distant future medical science will reduce the time from conception to “viability” to zero. We already can remove eggs from a woman and fertilize them in a test tube and implant the result in a host mother’s womb.

A newborn child is not “viable” in the sense of self-sufficiency. Babies need years of love and care to become fully independent of their parents or substitute caregivers.

I have seen abortion defenders calling babies “parasites”. That’s even worse than the usual “fetus”, “zygote”, and “tissue” and “clump of cells” that are used to describe an unwanted child. I have never in my life seen a woman with a wanted pregnancy call the thing inside of her anything but a “baby”.

The term is “dehumanization”. Babies are human. Killing humans is generally considered to be a bad thing. So we call babies something else to make it easier to kill them without feeling guilty about it.

But we live in the real world. Despite the availability of contraception unwanted pregnancies happen. Sometimes they are the result of rape and/or incest. Abortions will take place whether they are legal or not. “Back alley” abortions were an ugly fact of life prior to 1973.

So legal abortion is a lesser evil. But the lesser of two evils is still evil. If women want to avail themselves of that alternative they should do so promptly. But let’s not pretend it’s not a big deal.

Abortion kills a human being.

Abortion needs to be treated with the same gravity as pulling the plug on someone in a permanent vegetative state. We don’t euthanize senior citizens just because they are unwanted.

Abortion defenders object to any measure that might cause a woman considering abortion to change her mind and keep the child, such as showing her an ultrasound picture of her baby. They call such a procedure “invasive” and akin to rape.

But guess what? When they want to harvest a baby’s organs they use the very same ultrasound.

First trimester abortion should be safe, legal, and RARE.


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I’m on vacation. This is an open thread.

Apparently he hasn’t heard about Planned Parenthood.

BTW – the guy who shot the lion didn’t use a gun, he used a bow.

(“Fetus porn” = pictures of actual aborted fetuses that make pro-aborts uncomfortable)



Seriously, WTF?

This is a spoof, but it was so close to the real thing that I was briefly fooled:

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Tinfoil Tuesday Open Thread

Shep Smith via The New Yorker, so it must be true !  Head’s up North Westies.

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UPDATED! Is the Planned Parenthood Hack a Hoax?


Update (9:35 pm EST): In comments I made a reference to a racist term being used as an admin login. That word is via the 3301 website, and the login is “ppuat_admin: niggers1.” Directly underneath that is “alan: password.” I don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of hacking, but it looked to me like that was a reference to Alan’s password/login. The first person listed on the emails list is Alan Necula, who I confirmed is Planned Parenthood’s Senior Web Developer. So this afternoon I just sent a quick message to the 3301 Twitter account asking where that came from. Here’s the response I just got:


So allegedly “niggers1″ was the login/password they used to hack into the website, which was also allegedly Planned Parenthood’s Senior Web Developer’s login/password. Mr. Necula has got some serious ‘splaining to do… Just wow.

Update (6:00 pm EST): Via Gizmodo, the apparent website in question is http://3301.in/. However, questions remain about the origin and veracity of the alleged hack. Will update as new information comes in. Gizmodo has since removed the hyperlink from its article.


The number 1 topic on Memeorandum right now is a story posted by The Daily Dot about an alleged hack of Planned Parenthood, including an allegation about the posting of their employee data online. The problem is, there is zero verifiable proof that the story is true. The Daily Dot does not link to the website, and Planned Parenthood is quoted as saying that they have not detected any hack. Nevertheless, the story is quickly going viral.

(Editor’s note: The Daily Dot is intentionally not linking to the hackers’ website.)

The story includes quotes from the group, and names the group as “3301” noting that 3301 is part of the name of a famous internet meme called Cicada 3301 that refers to an alleged puzzle used as a recruiting tool by…somebody with some kind of hack connections. Or so the story goes.

At this point, the story is spreading to all the usual suspects, including The Hill, Politico, The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, and even LifeNews. All of these articles reference the Daily Dot article and use the information contained within it. None of them contain links to the alleged website the hackers allegedly used to dump the data, and no verifiable information in included in any article. The Daily Dot does have a hyperlink over the word Twitter in a reference to the alleged group’s alleged Twitter account, but the link directs to the Daily Dot Twitter community page.

Here is the quote that the Daily Dot author, William Turton, allegedly pulled from the alleged website:

“We’ve noticed quite a lot of attention has been diverted to a supposedly malicious organization known as Planned Parenthood. The actions of this ‘federation’ are not seen as right in the eyes of the public. So here we are, the social justice warriors, seeking to reclaim some sort of lulz for the years and thousands of dollars that Planned Parenthood have wasted and made harvesting your babies.”

I spent a couple of hours today trying to suss out anything verifiable about the 3301 group, looking for a website or a Twitter account, anything that might offer some proof that what the Daily Dot is reporting is real. I’m not the world’s best internet researcher, but I am pretty good. I found nothing. Even using key parts of the quote above, all I came up with was the Daily Dot article spreading like wildfire across internet media sites, none of which have done any of their own research. If the statement was posted on the 3301 group’s website, as reported, it should have popped up, and yet it didn’t.

Now I’m left wondering if the story is a hoax, and who benefits if so. What I do know is that the #1 rule on TCH Blog Rules is:

It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

I’ll leave it to you. :) Let us know if you find any proof.

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Open Thread – Land of Confusion Edition

Not much has changed since the 80’s, just the players  :D  Happy Monday !

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