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Two and a Half Men – Checking for Semen

One of my favorite sitcom scenes ever. WTH, it’s a TCH Saturday Day Night Open Thread ! Also TVLand is running a Two Men marathon right now. I was never politically correct.

Speaking of Charlie Sheen, hope myiq gets his ‘puter behaving đŸ˜‰

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Becoming? What?

Looks like a kick off for a 2020 run. Open Thread đŸ˜€

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Frightday Open Thread

Just because.

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Picture Of Ford Pulling A Train Has Been Found

Just imagine if a witness turned up with a very different story to tell.

WITNESS: “I didn’t know her name, everybody was calling her Amtrak.”
SENATOR: “Why did they call her that?”
WITNESS: “Because she kept saying ‘All aboard! Woo woo!'”

What if it turned out that the only guy at the party who didn’t hop aboard the train was the guy she has been obsessed with ever since?

This thread is officially open. All aboard!

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Wootsday Open Thread

Because I can’t take Monday 3 days in a row đŸ˜€

HE started it, amirite?

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What Day Is It?


Wednesday is called “Hump Day” because Wednesday is the day that people spend the most time looking at porn during working hours. You can take that to the bank. Just don’t try to cash it.

This is an open thread.

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