This shiznet is way-way cray-cray.

Eldon Hawkins is 58 years old and has cerebral palsy, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

On the evening of May 31, he drove to get dinner and flowers and ended up in the middle of a protest in downtown Columbus, Ohio, WBNS-TV said.

“I was at the intersection, and I got the green light. I was trying to toot my horn, thinking, ‘Hey guys, look at the light,’” Hawkins told the station.

Eldon Hawkins

He was blocked — and video of the incident shows he tried backing up his car and hit a person on a bicycle with the rear bumper.

“He tried to get away from the situation and in doing so he accidentally struck — and I emphasize accidentally struck — an individual on a bike,” witness Phillip Hurst told WBNS.

Video shows the bicyclist, who didn’t fall to the ground, quickly began beating on Hawkins’ car — and a bunch of other left-wing George Floyd protesters followed suit and swarmed the vehicle.

“They threw a bicycle on my windshield and started kicking my doors and windows,” Hawkins said during last week’s city council meeting, the Dispatch reported. “It scared the life out of me.”

If I was driving and suddenly found myself surrounded by Antifas and/or BLM rioters who were yelling and pounding on my car and trying to get my door open so they could give me a mostly peaceful beating, the only question on my mind would be whether I should just hit the accelerator or drop it into reverse and hit the accelerator. Either way, I would see nothing but speedbumps in my way.

And I would not stop until I was sure I was safe. And if I was in Portland I wouldn’t be certain I was safe until I reached Utah or Idaho. If you drove away from an Antifa mob in Portland they would chase you. And if you drove up to a bunch of riot cops standing down at a local donut shop and said, ‘Officers, I need help! There is an Antifa mob chasing me and they want to beat me and kill me and then fuck me and eat me!’ the odds would be against you bigly.

The only thing that would maybe save you from the mob would be if the cops arrested you.

BTW – You do not have to accept bail, but they could always just drop the charges and you don’t have a legal right to stay in jail.


Asked about her thoughts during an appearance on MSNBC about Lindsey Graham wanting to call Mueller to testify, Senator Mazie Hirono called Trump’s base “very anti-immigrant and white supremacists”

Mazie Hirono:

We should be dealing with the racism that is in our country, to which the president speaks to because he has a base of supporters who are very anti-immigrant and white supremacists.

That’s a lot of his base, and he speaks to, so the divisiveness continues.

A real journalist would have asked follow-up questions, like:

1. How big is Trump’s base?

2. What percentage of Trump’s base are white supremacists?

3. What evidence do you have to back up your claim that tens of millions of Americans are white supremacists?

4. Are you stupid, or are you the stupidest person on the whole planet?

Seriously – that is the kind of crap you expect to come from a CNN or MSNBC anchor or one of the shrieking harridans on the View. That’s not the kind of bigoted and moronic statement you expect from a sitting US Senator. At least it didn’t use to be.

Last but not least:

George Zimmerman was attacked and beaten before he pulled his lawfully owned and carried firearm and fired a single shot, killing his attacker. He was charged with murder.

A pregnant white woman named Jillian Wuestenberg gets in a verbal altercation with a 15-year-old black girl and her mother outside a Chipotle in Michigan. The girl claims Wuestenberg “bumped” her.
The mother-daughter team harasses Wuestenberg back to her van, temporarily blocking her path. When her husband comes over to help they harang him too. Finally, the Wuestenbergs are both in the van and try to back out so they can leave, The mother walks behind the van as it is backing and then hits the back window of the van. Jillian Wuestenberg exits the van and pulls her lawfully owned and carried pistol and tells the two black women to “Stay back!” After a few tense moments, the Wuestenbergs are able to leave. No one is injured.

The Wuestenbergs are charged with felony assault.

Up in Portland in July 2016, a journalist named Michael Strickland was getting threatened by Antifa and BLM thugs. When he tried to leave, they followed. Eventually, Strickland pulls his lawfully owned and carried pistol and tells the thugs to stay back. Strickland was arrested and charged with multiple felonies. In 2017 a Portland judge found him guilty on all counts.

Last month in Albuquerque a guy named Stephen Ray Baca was part of a group trying to protect a statue from a Leftist mob. Baca was attacked and beaten by three Antifa goons before drawing his lawfully owned and carried pistol and shooting one of the goons. Baca was arrested and charged with multiple felonies.

Anybody else notice a pattern here?

My prediction: When the McCloskeys are arrested a mob will gather outside their home. Either then or in the near future when the McCloskeys are tied up in court over these charges, their house will get torched.

The McCloskeys have been disarmed. If they are granted bail the terms and conditions will include “Possess no firearms.” They will start losing clients and will have trouble finding new ones.

They stood up to the mob. They must be punished.

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Open Thread: Washington Swamp Rats ?

It’s happening, after 87 years, the Redskins have submitted to the mob. I suggested Swamp Rats to Ben’s “contest” because it was the least offensive name I could think of and the logo could be a cool looking snarling metro rat.

Happy Monday !

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The Scary Part Is People Actually Believe This Horsesh*t

“I was just standing there when a bunch of ideas fell out of it.”

This ain’t no pair o’ dee.

Last month, the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights sent an email inviting “white City employees” to attend a training session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness,” a program designed to help white workers examine their “complicity in the system of white supremacy” and “interrupt racism in ways that are accountable to Black, Indigenous and People of Color.” Hoping to learn more, I submitted a public records request for all documentation related to the training. The results are disturbing.

At the beginning of the session, the trainers explain that white people have internalized a sense of racial superiority, which has made them unable to access their “humanity” and caused “harm and violence” to people of color. The trainers claim that “individualism,” “perfectionism,” “intellectualization,” and “objectivity” are all vestiges of this internalized racial oppression and must be abandoned in favor of social-justice principles. In conceptual terms, the city frames the discussion around the idea that black Americans are reducible to the essential quality of “blackness” and white Americans are reducible to the essential quality of “whiteness”—that is, the new metaphysics of good and evil.

Once the diversity trainers have established this basic conceptual framework, they encourage white employees to “practice self-talk that affirms [their] complicity in racism” and work on “undoing [their] own whiteness.” As part of this process, white employees must abandon their “white normative behavior” and learn to let go of their “comfort,” “physical safety,” “social status,” and “relationships with some other white people.” As writer James Lindsay has pointed out, this is not the language of human resources; it is the language of cult programming—persuading members they are defective in some predefined manner, exploiting their emotional vulnerabilities, and isolating them from previous relationships.

It’s important to point out that this “interrupting whiteness” training is not an anomaly. In recent years, nearly every department of Seattle city government has been recruited into the ideological fight against “white supremacy.” As I have documented, the city’s homelessness agency hosted a conference on how to “decolonize [their] collective work”; the school system released a curriculum explaining that “math is a tool for oppression”; and the city-owned power company hired a team of bureaucrats to fight “structural racism” within their organization. Dozens of private companies now offer diversity training to public agencies. The idea that all whites have unconscious, “implicit bias” that they must vigilantly program themselves to overcome has become an article of faith across corporate boardrooms, academia, and law-enforcement agencies, even though the premise is unscientific and impossible to verify.

When they come to your place of business (and eventually they will) you best nod your head in agreement with every stupid fucking idea that comes out their mouths. And whatever you do, DO NOT ARGUE, DO NOT DISAGREE, AND DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS THAT HIGHLIGHT THE ABSURDITY OF THE CRAP THEY ARE SPREADING.

If they want you to clap, you clap. If they say “jump” you start leaping in the air and don’t even ask how high. If they say “shit,” do it in your pants. If you start to feel nervous point to a co-worker you don’t like and scream “HE WASN’T CLAPPING!” Your goal is to stay alive and uncanceled as long as you can. With a little luck, someone will come for them before they come for you.

The horse may produce it, but the sheeple eat it up.

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Waycist, Waycist, Waycist

One characteristic of anorexia is that its victims think they are fat no matter how much weight they lose.

The SJ Murky News:

The US Army is investigating how a handout distributed on a base in Alabama initially included a description that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was a form of “covert white supremacy” and therefore racist — which it says was “sent out in error and immediately recalled.”

Earlier this week, a graphic was included in a handout disseminated at the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal that suggested that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was a form of “covert white supremacy.”

On July 6 at Redstone, officials distributed a handout to personnel that “included two unapproved pages that were sent out in error and immediately recalled,” Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said in a statement.

The slides were to promote the Army’s so-called listening tour under a program it calls Project Inclusion, a new initiative to improve diversity and racial inclusion across the military.

The graphic shown on one of the slides includes a pyramid graphic sourced from Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence that states blackface, swastikas and racist jokes are forms of “overt white supremacy.” The graphic includes “MAGA,” the “celebration of Columbus Day” and “All Lives Matter” as types of socially acceptable or “covert white supremacy.”

There are so many things wrong with that pyramid chart that I don’t know where to begin.

You may recall that a few years back the Left switched from labeling everything they don’t like as “racist” to calling everything “white supremacy.” At the time I thought it was just because they realized they had overused the terms “racist” and “racism” to the point that they were becoming a joke and they were having difficulty persuading people that obvious racism by blacks wasn’t racism.

But “white supremacy” is a far more useful term because it allows the Left to attack anything and everything associated with Western Civilization.

Is the scientific method racist? Of course not – the scientific method is completely race-neutral.

Is the scientific method white supremacist? Yes – the scientific method allowed white Europeans to develop new technologies that helped them conquer and oppress POCs.

See how easy that is?

But the best part is that “white supremacy” can be used to exploit white guilt and attack non-racist white people who try to help POCs. Try to help black people and you are a “self-appointed white ally” with a “white savior complex.” Liberals eat that shit up with a spoon.

Oprah Winfrey – became a billionaire being non-racial, now complains about racism.

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When You Strike At A King . . .

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman appears on Capitol Hill to testify before Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Posse


Lt. Col. Vindman Retiring From Army, Alleges ‘Bullying’ by Trump

Former White House aide Alexander Vindman, a key figure in the impeachment of President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday he was retiring from the Army after suffering what his attorney described as campaign of “bullying, intimidation, and retaliation” by Trump.

Vindman, an Army lieutenant colonel who had been due for a promotion, provided some of the most damaging testimony during an investigation by the U.S. House of Representatives into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

Vindman confirmed to Reuters his decision to retire instead of becoming a colonel and wrote on Twitter that he and his family “look forward to the next chapter of our lives.”

“After more than 21 years of military service, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman is retiring today after it has been made clear that his future within the institution he has dutifully served will forever be limited,” according to a statement from his attorney.

Vindman, then the White House National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert, testified that Trump’s request for an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter during a July phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was improper.

Vindman and his twin brother were escorted from the White House in February.

Trump has repeatedly complained about Vindman’s testimony and called him insubordinate.

“Through a campaign of bullying, intimidation, and retaliation, the President of the United States attempted to force LTC Vindman to choose: Between adhering to the law or pleasing a President,” the statement from Vindman’s attorney said.

That arrogant piece of shit should have been tried for treason. He colluded with Adam Schiff and the Democrats to try to overturn the results of the last election. He was the source of the information in the so-called “whistleblower” report.

He was mad because Trump didn’t defer to the “experts” like himself.

BTW – Nobody is ever “due” for promotion to Colonel. He probably figured that once Trump was gone he was going to be rewarded. He should be grateful he didn’t get what he really deserves: A short drop and a sudden stop.

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Some of the best music ever written came out of the 1970’s.  And some of the worst.



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Will Trump’s Reelection Trigger A Democrat “Jonestown?”



Adrienne Skolnik lost a friend to Commie-19, the Socialvirus:

On June 9, 2020, American Thinker published an article I wrote called, “Whiteness,” The New Evil. It has brought many incredible people into my life. Since my Liberal friend and I shared many life events, I sent the article to her.

I didn’t speak with my Liberal friend for two weeks and when I called to “check in” and see how she and her family were doing, the last part of our conversation was about my article. Prior to this, we never talked politics. I said, “I guess you now know I am a Conservative and I think you are Liberal.” She acknowledged, “A little Liberal and some of my family are a little Conservative.” (That is like being a little bit pregnant.) She said she liked the part I wrote about antisemitism and the Ethiopian Jews, but she didn’t agree with other points I made. One being that I believe that antisemitism is more prevalent in the United States than racism. She disagreed and saw it the other way around even though I provided statistics of hate crimes against Jews. I told her, “No problem.” And we said our warm and friendly goodbye.

Skolnik begins to worry when she can’t get ahold of her friend:

Around 8:00 pm, I receive an email from my Liberal friend and as I start reading it, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I just stared at the screen not believing the angry message my friend sent me. Given the nature of our relationship, I was in shock! I had to call another friend for solace. Here is the angry email I received:

“I felt very sad after our last phone call. The US was founded by racists, the Constitution was a racist document, and I think your statement that anti-Semitism in this country is more prevalent than racism is a very inherently problematic belief. I cannot maintain a relationship with you Adrienne any longer and will not be responding to your voice mail. Please do not email me or call me again. I can no longer enjoy our friendship. I do wish you the best. Please honor my request.”

It still hurts to read it. And I was so troubled by the loss of my cherished friend, I didn’t sleep all night. I decided to write to Rabbi Aryeh Spero, President of the Conference of Jewish Affairs, my friend and “America’s Rabbi.” I explained what happened and that I felt my Liberal friend was irrational. Here is Rabbi’s response:

“If someone no longer wants to be your friend, then that is the end of the relationship. Liberalism has become the “Avodah Zara”, the idol of most Jews. They value their deity above everything else. It is happening to all Conservatives from now ex- Liberal friends. Welcome to the Club. She truly wants to believe America was founded in evil. For some emotional reason, she needs to hold on to that belief… without challenge.”

“The US was founded by racists, the Constitution was a racist document.”

“She truly wants to believe America was founded in evil.”

Those two sentences are not the oddball ideas of the moonbat fringe. Those two sentences are mainstream beliefs among Progressives.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that those sentences are true and correct. What difference does it make now? What do we do about it?

The Left seems to be asserting that America is invalid ab initio and must be retroactively canceled. Then a new nation can be formed, based upon woke principles. I have some questions:

If we retroactively cancel the United States, how much will dollars be worth?

Will we have to give back the Lousiana Purchase, Alaska, and the Mexican Cession?

Will we still have state governments or must they be canceled too?

How do we get along long enough to go about forming a new government?

Will white people be allowed to participate in drafting and ratifying a new constitution? If so, how do we prevent them from putting the stain of white supremacy in the new constitution?

When Trump is reelected in November will the Democrats engage in mass suicide like many other cults have done?

Joe Biden will pilot the spaceship that is taking us to another planet.

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” Jackass Chasing a Dumb Pachyderm”

From the Tea Party movie in 2012, but Jeremy Hoop released this in 2010. A fitting theme for the Tea Party movement, but Obama destroyed them via bankrupting them via his militarized IRS. I was at this march ❤

Of course, Open Thread ! Nobody’s heard from Jeremy Hoop since. Do you have a Tea Party memory, if you’re still alive that is ❤

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Happy Birthday, America!

In Congress, July 4, 1776.
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.

I have to wonder – How many more birthdays will America be able to celebrate?

According to the Democrats and the authors of the 1619 Project, the United States was founded upon slavery and white supremacy and is therefore invalid ab initio. Have they ever taken their argument to its logical conclusion?

Meanwhile, Kimberly Guilfoyle has tested positive for the ‘Rona. Is it just me or has there been an unusually high number of people within 1 or 2 degrees of separation from Trump that tested positive for the ‘Rona? My inner paranoid TFH conspiracy theorist wonders if someone is trying to infect members of Trump’s inner and outer circles in hopes of infecting Trump.

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Reciprocity Is A Two-Way Street

The flag in this video is the “Thin Blue Line Flag” representing Blue Lives Matter, an organization made up of current and former cops. The three individuals trying to burn the flag appear to be members of Antifa, which is a domestic terrorist organization who call themselves “anti-fascist” but are in fact fascists.

The video has triggered both positive and negative reactions. The theme of most or all the negative reactions is that those brutal cops were suppressing the free speech rights of those poor Antifa boys. Boo-fucking-hoo.

Yes, I know that SCOTUS said that burning a flag is protected speech. And the police cannot claim that it was a fire hazard because there is no such thing in Seattle, the land of perpetual precipitation. I just don’t give a fuck. I am totally without fucks to give. If I had some fucks, I still wouldn’t give any.

I don’t give a fuck about Antifa because Antifa doesn’t give a fuck about me. And it’s not just Antifa – the same thing goes for ALL Leftists, including (but not limited to) BAMN, OWS, Democrats, Socialists, Communists, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PETA, Greenpeace, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Code Pink.

The Left respects no one except themselves. There is more than one meaning to “respect” but the one I am referring to is “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.” The Left does not respect my feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions. Or yours. Nor do they respect the rule of law, history, religion, or social mores. If you don’t believe me, try exercising your free speech rights in front of an Antifa mob and see what happens.

We don’t have to like each other to respect each other’s rights, privileges, and such. The word for that kind of mutual respect is “reciprocity.” Unfortunately, reciprocity is an endangered species here in 21st Century America. The Right has always shown due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of the Left. The Left used to do the same towards the Right, but lately the Left has been outrightly hostile to the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of the Right.

They hate our very existence and I really don’t have an answer for that.

Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.

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Dysfunction Junction

I wrote a post a week or so back about White Temerity. I’ve been thinking and there is more I want to talk about.

Here’s the passage I’m referring to:

But while processing my own grief and anger, I became aware of a parallel thread of expression: I was deluged by the white people all around me, loved ones and strangers alike, awakening to their individual roles in creating and maintaining a society that they suddenly realized was corrupt and rotting at the root. There were calls and emails and texts and letters — of concern, yes, but also of raw need and a desire for validation.

And there were promises: to be better, to be more aware, to be more present. So many promises.

It wasn’t just me. My black friends here and around the world, were similarly besieged. Rose in Berlin. Tunde in New Orleans. Kenesha in Los Angeles. Chuva in Sweden. Amanda in Copenhagen. We’d all been collectively assaulted with an urgent and aggressive desire by our white contemporaries to begin a conversation that should have been in place long before George Floyd was murdered in front of us.

It was a mile-high tidal wave of need, shame and guilt. Like Moses, we held the waters back with our hands, willing it away from us before it drowned us. It enraged me. It enraged us. Osayi in New York received an unprompted Venmo donation for things a former associate “… said in the past that came off the wrong way or upset you,” once upon a time. Oriana in Los Angeles also received an insulting and unsolicited donation for suggested “self care” that sent them reeling with rage. We were each hearing personal and similar stories of the wild manifestations of this planetary response. I felt like Wonder Woman deflecting white guilt with reinforced metal bracelets, and yet the bullets kept flying.

I didn’t call it White Guilt. I called it White Temerity.

It’s a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it in real life. A white woman said that to me last week, unironically. Yes, I responded. It’s Emotional Colonialism. This discovery of something that was already there is known to us black people. We’ve watched it for 400 years, shifting its shape and changing its tenor while never losing its essence. We watched as Europeans discovered places and people and cultures that predated their arrival by millennia. We watch it, currently, as white culture hungrily consumes our culture, co-opts our mannerisms, manages our perspectives and then discards whatever it appropriated when it no longer serves their rapacious needs. That is true privilege.

Have you ever got into a bad relationship? No, you have not. Nobody gets into a bad relationship. That would be crazy. People get into good relationships and those relationships go bad. But a lot of relationships that go bad didn’t have to end that way.

Every relationship has rough patches. An ideal relationship is one in which there is no light visible between the two halves of a couple. A healthy relationship is one in which there is very little light. Couples have bad days where things are pulling them apart. But there are also good days – opportunities for a couple to bond and grow closer, and to repair any damage between them.

When one side of a relationship refuses to kiss and make up when they get the chance, the relationship is pretty much fucked. If they both refuse, it is definitely fucked. I’ve seen relationships where things got so fucked up that even if they are both trying to kiss and make up they still end up fighting because that is the only way they know how to relate to each other.

The author of the piece I quoted above is George McCalman. George is pissed at his white liberal friends because they are stupid and clueless. I understand what he’s talking about because Lord knows liberals are stupid and clueless. But George needs to lighten up, Francis, and I ain’t talking about his skin color.

All his white liberal friends may be stupid and clueless, but they were trying to do the right thing. And while I will agree that liberals are stupid and clueless, I’m not going to bash any of them for reaching out like that. I wish the worst problem in my life was a bunch of friends who were so overly helpful and supportive that they were annoying.

The death of George Floyd could have and should have been a national moment of unity. Millions of Americans watched that horrific video and every single one of them said basically the same thing:

“That is so wrong! Those cops oughta be in jail!”

Now that little moment of unity wasn’t going to fix all our problems, but maybe it could have pushed the edges of the wound closer together so we could throw in a stitch or two. But unity shmunity. Like it says in the Democrat Identity Politics handbook, “Divide and conquer.” Nancy Pelosi got her beak involved and unity disappeared faster than Miley Cyrus’ virginity in Harvey Weinstein’s hot tub.

It took us years to get in this mess, and we are not getting out overnight. But right now we are heading in the wrong direction.

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Riots? What Riots? All The Violence Was By The Cops (And White Supremacists Disguised As BLM And Antifa)

If you think that there were violent protests and riots this past month, you must be one of those ignorant Fox News-watching MAGATS.

What REALLY happened was there were spontaneous peaceful protests over the death of St. George of Floyd while in police custody. When Donald Trump heard about the protests he was enraged so he told his White Supremacist base (via encrypted dogwhistles) to shut the protests down. About half of Trump’s White Supremacist base are cops, and the rest are just typical cross-burning rednecks.

The typical cross-burning rednecks were told to dress up as Antifas and BLM and mingle with the crowds and then start trouble by setting fires, shooting cops, and looting stores. That was not black people committing crimes, it was racist white people wearing blackface.

Trump ordered the Code Red on America because he knows he’s losing to Joe Biden so Trump plans to declare martial law and cancel the election.

If you believe that you must watch CNN.

Andy Ngo took a break from getting beat-up by Antifa to testify yesterday before Jerry “Nads” Nadler’s subcommittee hearing on “Government Violence Against Peaceful Civil Rights Protesters.” This was a Zoom hearing so nobody saw it.

Jerry Nadler skipped out on the meeting. This is the same Jerry Nadler who last week said that Antifa was imaginary.

The video at the top of this post supposedly shows unprovoked police violence against peaceful protestors. But the reality is a little more nuanced.

Each clip is a small slice of a much larger event. That larger even was a riot or violent protest. None of these clips was taken at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. Martin Luther King Jr. was not one of the protestors.

Any journalist that is allowed to hang out with Antifas has the approval of Antifa. That means that they give Antifa positive coverage and don’t take pictures or videos of the wrong things.

I’m not claiming that BLM and Antifa activists fake injuries and stage incidents, but BLM and Antifa fake injuries and stage incidents. The protestors ignore all police commands until the cops start using force. They put their women in front and use them as shields.

If you think these riots are bad, wait until Trump wins in November.

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Maybe They Didn’t Want To Watch Their Home Go Up In Flames During A Mostly Peaceful Protest

It’s a crazy world and it keeps getting crazier.

ABC News:

A white couple who stood outside their St. Louis mansion and pointed guns at protesters who were marching toward the mayor’s home to demand her resignation support the Black Lives Matter movement and don’t want to become heroes to those who oppose the cause, their attorney said Monday.

Video posted online showed Mark McCloskey, 63, and his 61-year-old wife, Patricia, standing outside their Renaissance palazzo-style home Sunday night in the city’s well-to-do Central West End neighborhood. He could be heard yelling while holding a long-barreled gun. His wife stood next to him with a handgun.

Mark McCloskey told KMOV-TV that he and wife, who are personal injury lawyers, were facing an “angry mob” on their private street and feared for their lives Sunday night.

No charges were brought against McCloskeys. Police said they were still investigating but labeled it a case of trespassing and assault by intimidation against the couple by protesters in the racially diverse crowd.

However, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner issued a statement later Monday characterizing what happened differently and saying her office was working with police to investigate the confrontation.

“I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protesters were met by guns and a violent assault,” she said. “We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.”

Their attorney, Albert Watkins, told The Associated Press on Monday that the couple are long-time civil rights advocates and support the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. He said they grabbed their guns when two or three protesters — who were white — violently threatened the couple and their property and that of their neighbors.

“The most important thing for them is that their images (holding the guns) don’t become the basis for a rallying cry for people who oppose the Black Lives Matter message,” Watkins said. “They want to make it really clear that they believe the Black Lives Matter message is important.”

The marchers were angry at Mayor Lyda Krewson for reading aloud the names and addresses of several residents who wrote letters calling for defunding the police department. The group of at least 500 people chanted, “Resign, Lyda! Take the cops with you!” news outlets reported.

Police said the couple had heard a loud commotion in the street and saw a large group of people break an iron gate marked with “No Trespassing” and “Private Street” signs. The video showed the protesters walking through the gate and it was unclear when it was damaged.

The original stories didn’t mention that the McCloskeys were BLM supporters. I don’t believe it. If they were really BLM supporters they would have been on their knees chanting “Black lives matter” as the mob strolled by. I think they are more like they were originally portrayed: a wealthy white couple who were terrified by an angry mob of mostly black people trespassing on private property.

OTOH, I don’t think they were racists. But they are officially racists now, and no amount of kneeling, groveling, or self-abasement will ever change that. It’s the Zimmerman Rule – George Zimmerman was a liberal Obama supporter until he met St. Trayvon of Skittles. Only a racist would defend himself against black violence.

The Left seems to be attempting to establish a two-tier system of justice in this country. It appears that they want one system of justice for the identity groups that the Left favors, and one for the identity groups that the Left disfavors. I say “seems to” and “appears” because I don’t believe that it is their ultimate goal.

The ultimate goal of the Left is to get the United States divided against ourselves in a Civil War. They want us to be the Untied States. They claim “diversity is our strength” but that is a lie. Unity is our strength, and unity is under attack. All of our institutions are under attack and they are trying to erase our history. And they try to destroy anyone who dares to resist. I suspect that the McCloskeys are finding that out.

Here is a video of a racist in Detroit attacking peaceful BLM protestors with his SUV:

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I Thought “White Fragility” Meant That White People Are Easy To Beat Up

We live in a crazy world and it keeps getting crazier. I thought I had heard every cockamamie liberal idea when I was a liberal. So I was surprised when I started hearing this new phrase “White Fragility.” I thought it might be the theory explaining why there has only been one white heavyweight boxing champion in my lifetime.

Nope. This is white fragility:

white fragility[ hwahyt fruh-jil-i-tee, wahyt ]
the tendency among members of the dominant white cultural group to have a defensive, wounded, angry, or dismissive response to evidence of racism.

If someone accuses you of being a racist and you vehemently object, that is proof that you are a racist. This concept comes from the book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Beverly Robin DiAngelo. Miz DiAngelo pulled “white fragility” out of her skinny ass and struck gold. In almost any other profession she would have been a laughingstock but she is in academia.

Ever since the Ku Klux Kops assassinated St. George of Floyd in White-a-sota we have been seeing lots of mostly-peaceful riots around the country. People have been canceled for saying “All Lives Matter” or for wearing an OAN t-shirt. What is weird about all this is that the underlying premise of the BLM movement is that America is a racist country that oppresses blacks.

There is 100% agreement in academia that white people are racist. They only dispute in that regard is whether white people are evil or irredeemably evil. Oddly enough, academia is overwhelmingly white.

We are told that white people are racist. We are constantly told of white supremacist boogeymen being a scourge and an existential threat to our nation. They tell us that racism is systemic and white supremacy is codified into our laws. It is as if the Civil Rights Movement never happened.

If white people are the majority in this country and white people are all racists and white supremacists and our entire system (economic, political, and legal) are systemically racist and prejudiced against blacks, then why are we even having this conversation?

If this nation were anywhere near as bad as BLM claims we are, BLM would not be allowed to exist.

Fake Noose

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There is no f**king way that Gropey Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump

If you are dumb enough to believe the news media then you probably think that 2020 has been a very bad year for Donald Trump. First there was the impeachment where Trump’s guilt was overwhelming but the GOP Senate (with the exception of Mitt Romney) refused to allow any witnesses and then voted to acquit despite the mountain of evidence presented by the prosecutorial dream team of Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler.

Then came the Italian Spaghetti Virus that Trump tried to brazenly blame on the Chinese. Trump even went so far as to ban travel to and from China, as if that would make a difference. Because of Trump’s failure to take action, millions of Americans died. Their blood is on his hands.

Under the wise leadership of Barack Obama our economy was a finely tuned job-producing machine. After three years of unprecedented economic growth that Trump deceitfully tried to claim as his own, Trump grabbed the wheel and jerked it hard to the right, turning our economy into a ditch. This “Trump recession” will be his legacy, unless the economy comes roaring back to life, in which case it will be Obama’s again.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval ratings have been dropping like a rock. This is from “The Left Craps Out” at American Thinker:

From the Left’s point of view, the murder of George Floyd (and it was a murder, the video allows no doubt about that.) came as a godsend. The Left immediately framed it as a racial crime, in the process obliterating the actual question, which has been staring us in the face for decades: why are psychopaths and demented narcissists allowed – not to say encouraged – to join police forces? (In particular, police forces in ultra-blue municipalities such as NYC, Baltimore, and yes, Minneapolis.)

That’s all that needs to be said about George Floyd. Because Floyd, God rest him, is a pretext. It could have been anything or nothing that set the Left off. Antifa has been frothing at the mouth and raging for violence for years. (How is it that everyone has forgotten how Antifa and its related groups called for the “uprising” to begin each November 4th year after year?)

Murder went down, the pretext went live, and the hard Left’s plans went into effect. And there’s no question that this planned — the preplaced brick supplies, weapons caches, and communications on social media allow no other conclusion.

We can’t overlook the obvious desperation here either. Early this year the Orange Godzilla stood in pure triumph. Every last single effort to take down Donald Trump – the emoluments clause, the 25th amendment, Russia collusion, Crossfire Hurricane in its various iterations, and finally that forgotten… “impeachment,” I think the term is – ended in complete ignominy. Not just failure, not even catastrophe, but pure irrelevance. Not even COVID dented his popularity. With the pandemic tapering off, it became apparent that the accompanying economic slowdown was in fact a natural disaster recession, with a vee-shaped recovery coming rather the u-shape of a standard recession, or, God forbid, the lengthy rectangular shape of a true depression. Add in the fact that his Democrat opponent a half-senile ancient dogged with numerous ethical, sexual, and criminal scandals, and we can see why the Left was running scared.

The BLM uprising was designed to take out the president, based on the example of 1968, when Lyndon B. Johnson was forced to abandon his reelection campaign largely due to unending riots caused by racial antagonism and opposition to the Vietnam War.

The Left figured that once American cites were occupied by BLM and Antifa stormtroopers, Trump, being a racist and a tyrant, would immediately respond with a massive military intervention. This would in turn encourage further uprisings and enable the Left to play the “fascist” card in the leadup to the Fall elections.

But the Left assessed their opponent poorly. Instead of exploding, the President behaved like the leader of a federal republic, demanding that the states and cities fulfill their responsibilities to the citizenry while assuring the public that he was ready to move if necessary. The cities in which Antifa has run wild – Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis – are all hyperliberal environments to which the President owes nothing and whose governments have uniformly displayed contempt for Trump personally along with sympathy for the insurgents. This left the President with absolutely no reason to intervene. To paraphrase a previous statesman who confronted similar problems – downtown Seattle is not worth the bones of single National Guardsman.

Trump’s response has confused a lot of people. We’ve become so ingrained to an overactive federal government leaping into action every time a tree branch falls that a lack of response seems strange, even though that’s how our system is designed to work. The mayors and governors are supposed to put their fingers in the dyke while the feds make the arrangements for further repairs. This has not been the practice since the New Deal. Even some “conservatives,” who should know better, have criticized Trump’s lack of abrupt action (I’m speaking here of serious conservatives, not the #NeverTrump crowd). They need to remind themselves that the United States is not Imperial Rome.

As for the establishment Left — the institutional leftists among pols, media, and NGOs, the ones who pose as “liberals” when it’s convenient — the uprising has become a blow upon a bruise. The pandemic, and specifically the botched elite response to it, has exposed most Democrat state governors as either sloppy with people’s lives (Cuomo, Murphy, and Wolf), or thirsting for absolute power to an extent unacceptable to any sane individual (all the above, with Newsome, Whitmer, and Mills added). By April, the reputation of the Democrat political establishment lay in shambles, with further thrashing yet to come as cases involving businesses being ground under and granny being sent to the extermination center inevitably make their way to the courts.

The Antifa uprising simply carpet-bombed the rubble. To the panic, hysteria, and callousness of COVID we can add the gibbering idiocy of the current Dem leadership. Jay “What, me worry?” Insby had to take refuge in willful ignorance. Mayor Jenny Durkan burbled on about “street festivals” and the “summer of love.” Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis whimpered like a small child, while Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, a true Dem superstar, being black, female, and lesbian, was revealed as nothing more than a petulant, foulmouthed harridan. The American Left collapsed in the face of both great crises of 2020, and furthermore, they were seen to fail.

As for insurgents themselves – the flip side of the left-wing coin — well, we’ve all seen The Road Warrior and Escape from New York. The fact that the best that the Left, the tribunes of the people, can come up with is a reflection of the worst dystopian nightmares of decades past speaks for itself. Warlord Raz Simone handing out beatings, the extortion of merchants and shopowners, random shootings, everyday working people crouching in terror behind their locked doors as the black-clad Antifa goons parade outside…. How can this possibly be spun in any positive way?

The media narrative since Trump took office is that he is unpopular with the voters. Now they are claiming that he is so unpopular that his own supporters are abandoning him in disgust. One popular claim recently goes something like this:

I was a Trump supporter and voted for him in 2016. I tried to rationalize the things he has said and done as POTUS, but this thing in Lafayette Park where he used tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful demonstrators was the final straw.

I’m not worried about the polls. I don’t believe they are accurate. In fact, I think they are intentionally inaccurate. Another way to say “intentionally inaccurate” is fraudulent.

Fraudulent polls didn’t stop Trump four years ago, so why are they pushing them on us again? Here is a tidbit from RCP:

Rick Hasen, professor of law and political science at the University of California, Irvine, acknowledged on the Election Law Blog last month that there’s “genuine absentee ballot fraud scandal going on in Paterson, New Jersey and it is going to get a lot of national attention.” Hasen argues that it’s not cause for concern, however, noting there were only 491 prosecutions related to absentee ballots nationwide between 2000 and 2012.

“The rise in vote by mail should lead to increased vigilance against this sort of activity,” he wrote on May 20. “But the push to expand vote by mail is worth it given the great health benefits of increased voting by mail during a pandemic, the small risk of fraud, and the likelihood that fraud will get caught.”

The Democrats plan to cheat. If they can’t win this election fair and square they will steal it by hook or crook. If the polls show Trump winning and then on election day he loses, Trump supporters will consider that to be proof the Democrats cheated. But if the election results match the polls then the media will claim that the polls were accurate and the election results are valid.

One last note:

If you aren’t checking for fraud, how would you know if there was any? House Democrats blocked any inquiry of election fraud. If they found 491 cases of fraud without looking for any, how many cases of fraud would they find if they looked for it?

Don’t be a chump. Vote for Trump.

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Cancel Democrats

Their rules, not ours.

There is a new pandemic sweeping the nation. It is most commonly known as the “Cancel Culture Virus.” If a person or organization says or does something that decent civilized humans find offensive or politically incorrect, that person/organization may be “canceled”

When you get “canceled” there is no explanation, no warning, and no appeal. Do your friends and family members a favor and tell them not to try to stand by you or defend you because they will get canceled too. You can get canceled even if you are a famous celebrity with the top-rated show on television that you created and that is named after you. They’ll take your show, fire you, kill off your character, change the name, and put it back on the air without you.

Some people want to cancel Cancel Culture. To which I say, “Not yet.”

The Democrat Party is the party that supported and defended slavery. If we are gonna cancel Tom Jefferson and that guy on the $20 bill because they owned slaves, how can we not cancel the party they founded? All of these things are closely associated with the Democrat Party:

The Trail of Tears
The Confederacy
Jum Crow Segregation
The Ku Klux Klan
Opposition to the Civil Rights Movement
Japanese-American internment.
The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The Vietnam War

The passage of the CRA and VRA by LBJ (who liked to use the n-word) are not enough to counterbalance all the evil unleashed by Democrats in our nation’s history. The Democrat Party should be canceled and replaced by a new party with a name that has no evil associations

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Are White People Supposed To Loot Macy’s Now?

This is unacceptable. It must stop.

A few years ago we started to hear about something called “The Knockout Game” wherein black thugs and wannabe thugs would sucker-punch unsuspecting white people with the goal of knocking them cold with a single punch. The news media quickly rushed out to assure us that there was no such thing and it was all a racist lie concocted by white supremacists to promote the myth of black-on-black and black-on-white violence. Then the SJWs with degrees in expertology told us that poor oppressed black people of color cannot possibly be racist. Black violence is speech and white speech is violence.

If you are just sitting there minding your own business and a Leftist punches you in the face, it is probably because you were being a Nazi. It is okay to punch Nazis. Even old lady Nazis.

There is a time and place for everything, and the time to discuss black-on-white violence is between 3 am and 3:01 am on the 13th of Fuggedaboutit. But the absolute worst time to discuss black-on-white violence is while our nation is coming together to mourn the coldblooded and premeditated assassination of the man who has done more to make Minneapolis the city is is today. Perhaps in 6-8 months we’ll be ready. But don’t hold your breath.

The violence we have been seeing lately is chilling. I’ve seen people getting sucker-punched and knocked cold. Then while these people are unconscious or semi-conscious the assailant or other people come up and punch, kick, stomp, and/or urinate on the victims. Meanwhile, there are numerous onlookers who, if they don’t join in, hoot, holler, howl, and carry on like Vikings gone a-raiding. In the background of many of these clips you can see looting and burning.

These are not images of peaceful protests. These are images of savagery. Savages strike fear among civilized men and women for good reason. Savagery is the opposite of civilization. Savages do not bend the knee to the rule of law. They recognize only the rule of force. You cannot negotiate with savages because they have no moral code.

Savages make nothing except trouble and babies. Savages are like locusts. They consume and destroy. But consuming and destroying don’t fit the media-produced Democrat narratives. The official narrative is that all these protests were “mostly peaceful.” These protests were nothing like the illegal anti-lockdown protests that took place a month earlier. Those protests were incredibly violent because Trump supporters engaged in homicide, terrorism, and genocide.

But. . . but. . . but. . .

The problem for the Democrats is that they cannot filter and edit the flow of information and images fast enough in real-time. Remember Reginald Denny? He was the white truck driver who was passing thru South-Central Lost Angeles shortly after the Rodney King verdicts were delivered. At the intersection of 71st and Normandie, Denny stopped his truck because the intersection was blocked by protestors. The protestors then pulled Denny out of his vehicle and beat him savagely for the crime of being white. At one point a protestor threw a brick at Denny at close range and hit him in the head, then proceeded to do a celebratory “end-zone” dance.

All of this was recorded by television cameras in helicopters circling above. Millions of people were watching live when the beating took place. Millions more watched unedited replays of the video. Millions of Americans were horrified by the Rodney King beating. But they were equally or even more horrified by the Rodney King riots.

The Rodney King riots were spontaneous. When they took place there were no groups like Black Lies Matter or Antifa out on the streets. The news media had not yet discovered narratives. Mostly the media recorded things and let people decide for themselves what it all meant. It was 1992, a simpler and more innocent time.

It is not difficult to imagine some Democrat politicians and political operatives watching the Rodney King riots and thinking that if they could harness some or all of the emotion and energy of the rioters they could accomplish a lot of things. But controlling and directing riots is easier said than done.

The Democrats have decades of experience at street theater, aka “organized protests.” In recent years we have seen the creation of Democrat rapid response organizations like Antifa and BLM that hit the streets when a spontaneous protest starts to organize and direct the protest. Democrats already control the media and since most of the riots take place in blue cities they control the cops and prosecutions. How many times have we seen Antifa goons beating the crap out of someone while the cops watch and do nothing?

Sometimes events are staged. Check out this video. The cops form a line to push back protestors, even though few are visible. A Buffalo news crew is set up and recording. Right near the center of where the camera is pointing a protestor practically runs up to two of the cops and acts weird. The two cops push the protestor backward. The protestor falls, allegedly hits his head on the sidewalk and blood immediately gushes from his ears. Both cops were promptly suspended without pay.

If your narrative is that police brutality is a major problem in this country then that video supports your narrative.

On the other hand, this video taken in Rochester shreds the media’s “mostly peaceful” narrative. When you watch this video it makes you want to see the cops pull up and start dispensing some police brutality on those looters.

Minitrue controls the internet. Sometimes I’ll search for a video I’ve seen before and I’ll have trouble finding it. I have literally typed in the name of the video and then scrolled down near the bottom of the results before I found the one I was looking for. It is as if someone has toyed with the search algorithm to suppress the video.

This is from an alleged email from a UC Berserkly faculty member that appeared in American Conservative:

I am one of your colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley. I have met you both personally but do not know you closely, and am contacting you anonymously, with apologies. I am worried that writing this email publicly might lead to me losing my job, and likely all future jobs in my field.

In your recent departmental emails you mentioned our pledge to diversity, but I am increasingly alarmed by the absence of diversity of opinion on the topic of the recent protests and our community response to them.

In the extended links and resources you provided, I could not find a single instance of substantial counter-argument or alternative narrative to explain the under-representation of black individuals in academia or their over-representation in the criminal justice system. The explanation provided in your documentation, to the near exclusion of all others, is univariate: the problems of the black community are caused by whites, or, when whites are not physically present, by the infiltration of white supremacy and white systemic racism into American brains, souls, and institutions.

Many cogent objections to this thesis have been raised by sober voices, including from within the black community itself, such as Thomas Sowell and Wilfred Reilly. These people are not racists or ‘Uncle Toms’. They are intelligent scholars who reject a narrative that strips black people of agency and systematically externalizes the problems of the black community onto outsiders. Their view is entirely absent from the departmental and UCB-wide communiques.

The claim that the difficulties that the black community faces are entirely causally explained by exogenous factors in the form of white systemic racism, white supremacy, and other forms of white discrimination remains a problematic hypothesis that should be vigorously challenged by historians. Instead, it is being treated as an axiomatic and actionable truth without serious consideration of its profound flaws, or its worrying implication of total black impotence. This hypothesis is transforming our institution and our culture, without any space for dissent outside of a tightly policed, narrow discourse.

A counternarrative exists. If you have time, please consider examining some of the documents I attach at the end of this email. Overwhelmingly, the reasoning provided by BLM and allies is either primarily anecdotal (as in the case with the bulk of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ undeniably moving article) or it is transparently motivated. As an example of the latter problem, consider the proportion of black incarcerated Americans. This proportion is often used to characterize the criminal justice system as anti-black. However, if we use the precise same methodology, we would have to conclude that the criminal justice system is even more anti-male than it is anti-black.

Would we characterize criminal justice as a systemically misandrist conspiracy against innocent American men? I hope you see that this type of reasoning is flawed, and requires a significant suspension of our rational faculties. Black people are not incarcerated at higher rates than their involvement in violent crime would predict. This fact has been demonstrated multiple times across multiple jurisdictions in multiple countries.

And yet, I see my department uncritically reproducing a narrative that diminishes black agency in favor of a white-centric explanation that appeals to the department’s apparent desire to shoulder the ‘white man’s burden’ and to promote a narrative of white guilt.

If we claim that the criminal justice system is white-supremacist, why is it that Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Nigerian Americans are incarcerated at vastly lower rates than white Americans? This is a funny sort of white supremacy. Even Jewish Americans are incarcerated less than gentile whites. I think it’s fair to say that your average white supremacist disapproves of Jews. And yet, these alleged white supremacists incarcerate gentiles at vastly higher rates than Jews. None of this is addressed in your literature. None of this is explained, beyond hand-waving and ad hominems. “Those are racist dogwhistles”. “The model minority myth is white supremacist”. “Only fascists talk about black-on-black crime”, ad nauseam.

These types of statements do not amount to counterarguments: they are simply arbitrary offensive classifications, intended to silence and oppress discourse. Any serious historian will recognize these for the silencing orthodoxy tactics they are, common to suppressive regimes, doctrines, and religions throughout time and space. They are intended to crush real diversity and permanently exile the culture of robust criticism from our department.

Increasingly, we are being called upon to comply and subscribe to BLM’s problematic view of history, and the department is being presented as unified on the matter. In particular, ethnic minorities are being aggressively marshaled into a single position. Any apparent unity is surely a function of the fact that dissent could almost certainly lead to expulsion or cancellation for those of us in a precarious position, which is no small number.

I personally don’t dare speak out against the BLM narrative, and with this barrage of alleged unity being mass-produced by the administration, tenured professoriat, the UC administration, corporate America, and the media, the punishment for dissent is a clear danger at a time of widespread economic vulnerability. I am certain that if my name were attached to this email, I would lose my job and all future jobs, even though I believe in and can justify every word I type.

The vast majority of violence visited on the black community is committed by black people. There are virtually no marches for these invisible victims, no public silences, no heartfelt letters from the UC regents, deans, and departmental heads. The message is clear: Black lives only matter when whites take them. Black violence is expected and insoluble, while white violence requires explanation and demands solution. Please look into your hearts and see how monstrously bigoted this formulation truly is.

No discussion is permitted for nonblack victims of black violence, who proportionally outnumber black victims of nonblack violence.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a blue pill I could take to go back to being blissfully ignorant. There are things I’ve seen I would like to unsee.

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Open Thread – Kayleigh, Warrior Princess

Or Tin Foil Tuesday, looks like that scary noose in Bubba’s NASCAR garage with a door pull.

I’m sure there’s other stuff out there. Bring it.

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The Temerity of Whiteness

According to his bio, “George McCalman is an artist and creative director based in San Francisco.” He is also black, which is relevant because he wrote a column about his reaction to the death of George Floyd titled: “Commentary: Bay Area’s black community is drowning in the tears of white people”

You really should read the whole thing, but here is an excerpt:

But while processing my own grief and anger, I became aware of a parallel thread of expression: I was deluged by the white people all around me, loved ones and strangers alike, awakening to their individual roles in creating and maintaining a society that they suddenly realized was corrupt and rotting at the root. There were calls and emails and texts and letters — of concern, yes, but also of raw need and a desire for validation.

And there were promises: to be better, to be more aware, to be more present. So many promises.

It wasn’t just me. My black friends here and around the world, were similarly besieged. Rose in Berlin. Tunde in New Orleans. Kenesha in Los Angeles. Chuva in Sweden. Amanda in Copenhagen. We’d all been collectively assaulted with an urgent and aggressive desire by our white contemporaries to begin a conversation that should have been in place long before George Floyd was murdered in front of us.

It was a mile-high tidal wave of need, shame and guilt. Like Moses, we held the waters back with our hands, willing it away from us before it drowned us. It enraged me. It enraged us. Osayi in New York received an unprompted Venmo donation for things a former associate “… said in the past that came off the wrong way or upset you,” once upon a time. Oriana in Los Angeles also received an insulting and unsolicited donation for suggested “self care” that sent them reeling with rage. We were each hearing personal and similar stories of the wild manifestations of this planetary response. I felt like Wonder Woman deflecting white guilt with reinforced metal bracelets, and yet the bullets kept flying.

I didn’t call it White Guilt. I called it White Temerity.

It’s a privilege to learn about racism instead of experiencing it in real life. A white woman said that to me last week, unironically. Yes, I responded. It’s Emotional Colonialism. This discovery of something that was already there is known to us black people. We’ve watched it for 400 years, shifting its shape and changing its tenor while never losing its essence. We watched as Europeans discovered places and people and cultures that predated their arrival by millennia. We watch it, currently, as white culture hungrily consumes our culture, co-opts our mannerisms, manages our perspectives and then discards whatever it appropriated when it no longer serves their rapacious needs. That is true privilege.

Don’t worry, George. You won’t be hearing from me and I won’t be apologizing. There are a few people on this Earth that I owe apologies to, but y’all ain’t one of them. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean you any ill will. I hope you live a long and happy life.

But I don’t owe you anything, nor do you owe me, other than the basic respect and decency we all owe each other. That includes respect for the law, the legal process, the political process, and the civil rights of others.

There was a time when we allowed slavery to be practiced. Slavery is evil and it corrupts the soul of a nation. That’s why we banned it. We had to fight a bloody war to get rid of slavery. But we did it.

Segregation wasn’t supposed to be evil. Like socialism, it sounded better in theory than it ever was in practice. In practice it was evil. We outlawed racial discrimination when I was five years old.

We now have a cancer growing on the body politic. It is a tumor that is sucking the life out of America and may yet kill its host. That cancerous tumor is identity politics. Identity politics is divisive. Identity politics requires us to see people as black or white. Assimilation (aka: “The Melting Pot”) is wholly incompatible with identity politics. So is MLK’s dream of a colorblind society.

George McCalman belongs to a group of black intellectuals and professionals. The very existence of that group is proof that America is not systematically racist and oppressive to black people.

George McCalman complains that “white culture hungrily consumes our culture.” From the sound of it, George McCalman would agree with the idea that black culture is separate and distinct from white culture, and must be preserved. But what he describes as consuming sounds like assimilation. It sounds like white culture is assimilating black culture. We are not excluding them, we are including them. That’s how assimilation works. Everybody brings a little something to the table, and everybody takes a little something with them.

No one is required to assimilate. The Constitution does not mention a melting pot. If you want to live separately from white culture that is your right. But keep in mind what SCOTUS said in Brown v. Board of Education – separate is inherently unequal.

We need to get rid of concepts like whiteness, blackness, and white privilege. Those white people calling McCalman and his friends to apologize are just liberals who had their “white guilt” invoked. We need to stop assuming racism as the explanation for anything and everything bad that happens to black people. We need to quit calling people racists just because they disagree on some issues. We need to shitcan “cancel culture.”

The black community has some work to do. Regardless of whether or not you think America is a racist country, young black men need to stop killing other young black men. Since the crack epidemic started in the 80s there have been untold numbers of black men who have died by violence. And there are thousands of black men rotting in prison for committing some of those murders. One pull of a trigger and you can put one black man in the ground and another in prison for life.

The toll of so many young black men dead or in prison has been devastating to the black community. How could it not be? Two-parent families used to be the norm in both black and white communities. Single-parenthood is now so prevalent that the terms “baby-mama” and “baby-daddy” have entered our language. Black people who speak proper standard English are criticized for “talking white.”

The worst part is that if any white person tries to talk about these things gets attacked and shut down. Anyone who says anything negative or critical of black culture, black leaders, black individuals, and/or anything connected to black people is denounced as a racist and deplatformed. And we have seen that there is no problem in the black community that cannot be blamed on white racism.

As long as there is lots of crime in black neighborhoods and communities, there will be lots of interactions between black people and cops. There is no way we are going to stop policing black neighborhoods. So the best way to avoid negative interactions with the police is if you don’t commit crimes. Chris Rock has some other tips.

Humans are weird. We are social animals – we evolved to live in groups. A human who is isolated from other humans begins to show signs of mental illness. Dump a bunch of unrelated humans in a wilderness and the first thing they will do is start grouping up. The second thing they will do is start fighting one group against another.

We are naturally predisposed to think in terms of tribes – We are hardwired for “us” vs. “them.” Identity politics exploits our hardwiring. Democrats stoke the Fires of Grievance. It doesn’t matter how much you have, the only thing that matters is how much everyone else has.

America in the 21st Century has become polarized. Part of the reason we are polarized is we are also racialized. Things have gotten so wacky that if you don’t see color you are a racist.

I am sick of all the bullshit. For years I have been careful not to say or do anything that could be construed as racist. Not being racist is easy. Not saying or doing anything the SJW mob could call racist is a little harder. But ever since 2008 I have been accused of being a racist on pretty much a daily basis.

We know that George Floyd died in police custody. I don’t know exactly what killed George Floyd, but his death should not have happened. Last weekend we heard about the shooting at the Wendy’s in Atlanta. As soon as the cops left the scene of the Wendy’s shooting someone burned down the restaurant.

I don’t have all the answers. So I’m just going to keep not being racist. If that doesn’t satisfy you then kindly fuck off.

That’s right. This white guy has the temerity to say “fuck off.”

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Open Thread: Pancake Break !

h/t Terrence Williams, you are so adorkable ❤

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