Russia, Russia, Russia!

I have some incoherent thoughts I would like to share with you on this topic, but like Grand Inquisitor Mueller I am not ready to share them.

Let me get woke, water the plants, and drive Miss Daisy around for a bit and then maybe I can put my thoughts into something semi-coherent. Or maybe there will be some new outrage to discuss.

Later, gators!

Vlad is watching you!

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#Winning, New Tactical Gear Arriving!

H/T Babylon Bee, it’s not real, but a delicious MAGA idea for the Trump Store.  I think they really should have thought of the SWAT design with the face protector for those incoming sodas, ya’know, from the Antifa Pansy Brigrade?  Happy Open Thread “Twilight” Monday!


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Monday Open Thread

Anything in the news today ?  😀



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Sunday Open Thingie

WTF? Do you even civics, bro?

I would have asked that question of the author, but The New Yorker doesn’t allow comments. If this article is any indication of the quality of their writing then I can understand why they don’t want any feedback.

What are you looking at, bub?

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The Leftists in England are just as weird and stupid as ours.

They do seem to be a little more polite, but maybe the hooligans were all watching soccer or something. There is no way that Hannity could walk around asking questions during a leftist protest here in America without a couple hundred bodyguards.

I gotta take Mom to go see some guy who died. I ain’t going inside. Dead people creep me out. Yesterday it was too fucking hot. Today it is too hot for fucking everything.

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Open Thread !

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This is the Face of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Oh, yeah, this guy is normal.

I was thinking that this Strzok fellow reminded me of someone.

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