BREAKING! My Immigration Law Prof is Gonna Call Trump Racist 20X Tomorrow


Because SCOTUS has continued its deference to the Executive branch on immigration. Read it and weep.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the federal government can detain immigrants indefinitely for past crimes, even if they have been previously released.


Justice Samuel Alito wrote in a 26-page majority opinion that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit — a popular Trump target — incorrectly interpreted the federal statute that outlines procedures for mandatory detention.


Alito said “neither the statute’s text nor its structure“ supported the contention that immigrants convicted of a crime must be detained immediately to be held in detention without bond.

“Especially hard to swallow” was the plaintiffs’ argument that immigrants could be placed in mandatory detention only if they were arrested on the day they left jail, Alito argued.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh issued a concurring opinion, as did Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch.

In a dissent, the court’s liberal wing argued federal law did not permit mandatory detention for immigrants previously released after a conviction.

My Immigration Law prof calls DJT racist about 5 times a week in our class. I’m sorry I’m going to have to miss her spittle-flecked reaction tomorrow. I have the flu.

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Sanity is overrated

As you probably know already, Tucker Carlson has been targeted for removal by George Soros’ minions. I guess they tried to hold another protest outside Tucker’s home. This one wasn’t scary like the first one, this one was pathetic. They came dressed as bananas.

Bananas. They’re dressing up like bananas, because they’re desperate to get attention. Conclusion? Media Matters isn’t getting the numbers. Nobody, not even average lefties, want to waste time doing protests of a conservative television host when the easier solution is to simply flip the channel.

That’s embarrassing.

What’s happening in the wake of that is that all they are attracting now are crazies, people with a thing for dressing up in banana suits, to do the protests to keep the heat on Carlson. Look how sparse their numbers are, and how wacked out these people seem to be. That’s what the big Media Matters protest campaign is being reduced to.

November 2020 is still a lot of zombies from here. Conserve ammo.

Meanwhile, the son of the former Merced District Attorney was killed in a drive-by this weekend. The father was recently defeated for reelection. A few years ago the son was charged with murder for a drive-by killing. He was exonerated. Then he sued the county and won $500,000. Now he’s dead.

This is an open thread.

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Sunday Funnies

Give Trump two years in Caracas and he would have Venezuela turned around. But two years of Maduro and it would be like Obama never left.

If you thought that Fauxcahontas having a beer was the fakest thing ever, you were wrong.

Meanwhile, the prevailing reaction to the Roberto Francisco O’Rourk candidacy seems to be “Veto Beto.”

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Saturday Music Thread

We haven’t had one for awhile.  I’ll start, the song that made me cry most of my dating kerfluffle years…the great Vikki Carr felt my angst 😀   Open Thread !

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Go Away Jeb!

Here’s a fresh baked Open Thread 😀

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Happy Ides of March

President Trump and the RINOs , so it seems.   Open Thread !

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Nancy Pelosi wants to capture kids while they are still tender and tasty

“Hi kids! I’m Nancy. Come inside and register to vote!”

I believe this qualifies as a Kinsley gaffe:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday she believes the voting age should be lowered from 18 to 16.

The House last week defeated an amendment to a voting and campaign finance bill that would have lowered the legal voting age in federal elections to 16.

“I myself have always been for lowering the voter age to 16,” said Pelosi, D-Calif. “I think it’s really important to capture kids when they are in high school when they are interested in all of this, when they are learning about government, to be able to vote.”

It is pretty obvious that Nasty Nan’s only interest in kids is cooking and eating them. The only other interpretation that makes sense is Nancy wants to register millions of kids to vote while they are still young and malleable and are required by law to attend schools where Democrats hold complete dominion and control. Why would anyone want to do that?

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