Here’s All You Need To Know

Apologies to my Twit pals if this keeps showing up on your timelines, I’ve had itchy spammy finger today, so may as well do it here too. Great video to share for your twitidiot dumbass followers and followees. The news coverage on Boston was horrible.

Probably safe to call this S.O.O.T too đŸ˜€

Oh, and my new favorite parody account, “Bannen” seems to have the same snare trap as “Spicier” LOL !

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Days like today is why God created alcohol.

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Good Morning Friday Open Thread

The world says Hello…keep the party going đŸ™‚

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Do Ya Feel Lucky?

Well, do ya punk?

Ima gonna go buy some lotto tickets.

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A Thread So Fresh You’ll Want To Slap It

There’s gonna be a lot of bullshit today. I checked my horoscope and it said, “Go back to bed.”

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Watch the video and then read the claims of Antifa below.

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I’ll Never Forget, and W.O.O.T.

Antifa is a terrorist organization. They plotted to kill 1000 Trump supporters by suffocation, when they got busted, they still showed up to try and block us from entering the building. They failed that too, yay!

Wednesday Overnight Open Thread

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