Common Ground


This is another “behind closed doors” moment between Hillary and her wealthy donors that was made public this week:

CLINTON: Some are new to politics completely. They’re children of the Great Recession. And they are living in their parents’ basement. They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don’t see much of a future. I met with a group of young black millennials today and you know one of the young women said, “You know, none of us feel that we have the job that we should have gotten out of college. And we don’t believe the job market is going to give us much of a chance.” So that is a mindset that is really affecting their politics. And so if you’re feeling like you’re consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn’t pay a lot, and doesn’t have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. So I think we should all be really understanding of that and should try to do the best we can not to be, you know, a wet blanket on idealism. We want people to be idealistic. We want them to set big goals. But to take what we can achieve now and try to present them as bigger goals.

The main reason it has gotten attention is that Hillary seems to be mocking Bernie’s supporters. I see something different. I see common ground.

“They feel . . . the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don’t see much of a future.”

That could easily describe many Trump supporters too. They both see the American dream dying. They both see America in decline. They both want to make America great again.

That’s common ground.

It’s no wonder that Hillary is desperately trying to make the conversation about Miss Piggy Pornstar.


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It’s Dead, Jim



Last week I sent my computer geek son the hard drive from my old computer and asked him to see if he could recover any data from it. He was optimistic.

Yesterday, my computer geek son writes me:

It’s fubar. I can’t get it to spin up which means the motor or electronics are bad. Specialty labs can recover some times but the cost can run from $200 to $2,000. Sorry.


Okay, that’s the bad news. The good news is there was nothing truly irreplaceable on there. The most difficult/expensive to replace will be some of my music files. I had several gigs of music, including a lot of pirate stuff I had downloaded for free from Limewire back in the day. Replacing those will cost money now.

I had lots of pictures of my kids and grandkids stored on old “Captain Spaulding” (the name of my old computer). I’ll have to use Mom’s FB account and download them again. I also had every funny/gross picture I ever posted here or on Twitter. That was thousands of pictures accumulated over nearly a decade.

Most or all of those pics are still available, all I need to do is find them and save them again. The hard part is that all the pics I had (family and funny) were renamed and catalogued to that I could easily find them. Some of them had been cropped and/or converted.

That was a lot of work and now I’m basically starting over from scratch.


On the other hand, I really, really love this new computer. It still has that new computer smell. I feel giddy like a middle-aged guy who gets a sports car to ease his mid-life crisis. I want to cruise around town and show it off. Maybe pick up some chicks.

Once again I want to thank you guys for making it possible. You are the best.

Well, there's your problem.

Well, there’s your problem.

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Overnight Friday (Maybe Saturday too?) Open Thread Continues

Watching Matthew. Sent a note to my local forecasters, THIS is all I’m concerned about😀

My local media needs a chill pill. I’ll panic when Jim Cantore shows up at the beach.

I’ll add more updates in the comments. So, how’s it going for my lower southeast buddies?

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Friday Open Thread


Mom got her settlement, which means she had to turn in her rental, which means that until she gets a new car I am driving her around. She didn’t get enough to buy a brand new car, and she doesn’t want to make payments, so we’re looking for a good deal on a used car. Hopefully she can find something nice that will leave her a little cash left over.

Yesterday I took Mom to get her nails done. The lady who does them is the person who gave me Tigger, Tucker, and Taggert. She has a female kitten she is seeking a new home for. I am tempted, but I’m afraid of how Molly and Taggert would react. They aren’t real friendly with other cats.

I have been reading a lot of books lately. What’s happening in your world?

Yesterday was Lily’s birthday. She is now TWO YEARS OLD!


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Social Justice Journalism


Ideology Über Alles!

This is the problem with the profile of internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos in ‘Out’

Some journalists think their job is simply to push “facts” out into the world and see what happens. They lob grenades over the editorial wall and don’t think they’re responsible for the explosion on the other side.

This is what gay magazine Out did Wednesday, when it published a pretentious profile of Milo Yiannopoulos, a tech editor at alt-right site Breitbart. Yiannopoulos was banned in June from Twitter for inciting and fueling a harassment campaign against Ghostbusters actress and Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones. An anti-feminist and white nationalist icon, he is known for his attacks on Muslims — after the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, held a press conference denouncing Islam. Out provocatively titled the piece, “Send in the clown: Internet supervillain Milo doesn’t care that you hate him.”

The piece has rightfully led Out readers and the gay commentariat to ask: Why is a gay, progressive magazine showering such attention on one of the culture’s most toxic trolls?


The claim that the 5,000-plus-word profile of Yiannopoulos is justified because he is “central” to the election is farcical. He is an online troll. As a British citizen, he can’t even vote in the U.S. election. He is a guy who was entertaining enough to have duped a publication into showering him with attention because he had a lot of Twitter followers.

Alas, the surest way to turn a clown into a threat is by treating them with the same uncritical eye with which the mainstream media has treated Donald Trump, who has used billions of dollars in free airtime from the major television networks to rail against Muslims, Mexicans and refugees. As John Sides, an associate professor of political science at George Washington University, noted in the Washington Post, the media’s early, fawning coverage of Trump helped propel his rise. Out is feeding a much smaller monster in the same way.


Those of us in the media are not mere stenographers. We decide whose voices to elevate. We amplify information. We generate the narratives that define public discourse. This isn’t an opinion about how journalists should do their jobs; it’s a statement of fact about the power of information and those who wield it.

The main difference among journalists is that some are agnostic about what happens on the other side of the editorial wall. The rest of us are not.

As Hicklin himself told Mic, “It’s dangerous when you start caring about how people respond to what you say. It’s important that you don’t because it won’t let you be truthful.”

I guess Milo really is the Dangerous Faggot.

Social justice is a religion, and journalists are members of its priesthood. So are teachers. It is no coincidence that progressives dominate both professions. If you control “truth” you control society.

When socialists take power they send everyone they don’t kill to reeducation camps to teach them how to think properly. Dissent is a capital crime.


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Overnight: What a Pig, 2.0

Since 1990 something, she never cared.

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What a Pig

Just listen to what a horrible sexist Trump is. Pay special attention to the way Alicia Machado is emotionally distraught over the way he is treating her.


I gotta go to the dentist this morning. Wish me luck.

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