Whitewashing History – Imperial Japan

The Rape of Nanking

The Rape of Nanking

Imperial Japan was EVIL – as bad or worse than the Nazis.

Victor Davis Hanson:

Imperial Japan was not, as often claimed, forced into a corner by a U.S. oil embargo, which came only after years of horrific Japanese atrocities in China and Southeast Asia. Instead, an opportunistic and aggressive fascist Japan gambled that the geostrategy of late 1941 had made America uniquely vulnerable to a surprise attack.

By December 1, 1941, Nazi Germany, Japan’s Axis partner, had reached the suburbs of Moscow. Japan believed that the German army would soon knock the Soviet Union out of the war.

Japan had also hedged its bets by signing a nonaggression pact with the Soviets. Japanese leaders assumed that even if communist Russia survived, Japan could avoid a costly land war on its rear flank. The U.S., not Japan, would likely have a two-front war.

By 1941, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium had all been defeated and occupied by the Third Reich. Only the British remained of the original European anti-Axis allies, and London had been under constant aerial assault by the German Luftwaffe during the Blitz. Japan figured that Germany and Italy might soon win the war and wished to pile on before it ended.

Japan had calculated that all of Europe’s resource-rich Pacific and Asian colonies were now orphaned and up for grabs. By starting a Pacific war and knocking out the U.S., Japan could get its hands on the resources necessary to fuel its war machine.

British-held Singapore and the American bases in the Philippines were isolated and poorly defended. And they would be completely cut off once the U.S. Seventh Fleet and air arm were neutralized at Pearl Harbor.

Starting a war in the Pacific meant the Japanese would have easy access to huge supplies of oil, rubber, rice, and strategic metals for their newfound mercantile empire, the Great East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

The U.S. also had lost military deterrence. The Japanese had watched carefully as America did little to help its two closest allies: France and Great Britain. The former was easily overrun by the Nazis, the latter bombed unmercifully.

While the United States had belatedly built up its fleet and started rearming by 1941, its military was still woefully ill-equipped to fight a two-front global war. Japan logically figured that Germany and Italy would tie down the United States in Europe, while Japan systematically finished off any American warships that had escaped the Pearl Harbor wreckage.

In key categories such as fighter aircraft, torpedoes, night gunnery, and destroyers, the Japanese were more formidable than the U.S. military in 1941.

Finally, a number of Japan’s most accomplished officers and diplomats had visited or studied in the U.S. in the pre-Depression boom years — among them Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka, Admirals Isoroku Yamamoto and Tamon Yamaguchi, and General Tadamichi Kuribayashi. While they all had been impressed with U.S. industrial power, they nevertheless had developed contempt for American popular culture, finding it frivolous and fueled by Roaring Twenties affluence and leisure.

Many Japanese strategists had assumed that the U.S. never again would wish to endure a world war, and would prefer to negotiate rather than fight to the finish. Such assumptions proved false.

If the Japanese had succeeded they would have controlled all of East and Southeast Asia. History shows that aggressive empires stay aggressive. Imperial Japan was not benign. They were rapacious and cruel.

David French:

Americans have short memories, and to the extent they think about World War II, they tend to think of Hitler and the Holocaust — and justifiably so. His attempt to exterminate an entire race of people was among the worst crimes in world history. But in remembering Hitler, we cannot forget Japan. It killed an estimated 14 million Chinese citizens in its invasion of China. And during the course of that invasion, its forces acted much like Hitler’s SS, conducting mass-scale rapes, grotesque human experimentation, and enslaving countless men, women, and children.

Japan’s rank-and-file military fought with a ferocity matched on the European Theater of Operations only by Hitler’s most dedicated fanatics. Japan’s troops fought to the last man, and when its military plight grew increasingly desperate, it launched a suicide-bombing campaign that dwarfs anything ISIS or al-Qaeda have ever imagined, much less attempted. Even many Japanese civilians demonstrated that they’d rather die than surrender — throwing themselves off cliffs to escape American forces.

As American forces approached the Japanese mainland, the blood flow became a hemorrhage — with the Battle of Okinawa demonstrating the scale of the carnage to come. In slightly less than three months of combat, more than 20,000 Americans died, over 70,000 Japanese troops lost their lives, and up to one-third of Japanese civilians perished. In other words, that one battle was deadlier than the Hiroshima bombing.

Americans today simply can’t imagine the horror that an invasion of Japan would have unleashed. Our country had already lost more than 400,000 men, with hundreds of thousands more grievously injured, and we stood to perhaps match or exceed that total in the great battle for the mainland. Japanese losses would have numbered in the millions. Could we have withstood suffering on that scale? Would the carnage have caused us to relent?

Yes, it is true that the Japanese leadership was willing to discuss a peace treaty that would end the war. But their terms would have meant that mainland Japan remained undefeated and unoccupied and that the Imperial Japanese government would remain in power. In other words, not a surrender.

Gateway Pundit:

Pacific War put together this list of a few of the Worst Imperial Army and Navy War Crimes during World War II.


The Rape of Nanking (1937), also known as the Nanjing Massacre

The Bangka Island Massacre (1942): Slaughter of Australian Army Nurses

The Bataan Death March (1942)

The Sandakan Death March (1945)

Murder and cannibalism on the Kokoda Track (1942)

Conscripting women for sexual slavery in Japanese Army brothels (1937-1945)

Mutilation and murder of Dutch civilians in Borneo

Murder and cannibalism – captured American pilots

Murder of American pilots and aircrew at Midway (1942)

The bombing of the hospital ship Manunda (1942)

The sinking of the hospital ship Centaur (1943)

Extermination of survivors of merchant vessels sunk by the Japanese (1943-45)

Both Japan and Germany are our friends and allies now, and that’s a good thing. We don’t need to keep rubbing their noses in the crimes of their grandparents. But neither should we forget those crimes.

Fuck Obama.

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Teflon Don #MAGA

Like shooting fish in a barrel. They speak, and it’s so easy to refute them. They really just don’t get it.

The Donald posted this on his Instagram account after he officially cinched the GOP nomination yesterday. ♥

Today we, together, won the Republican Nomination for President! #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

This is an open thread.

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Milo *Live* Tonight !

Live feed will be here:


Since the event will be 10pm Eastern, this is an open thread. I’ll try to stay up:)

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Cops vs. Clown

Watch this video and count the number of cops it takes to subdue one clown. Then take notice of the safety goggles worn by the police horses.

Last but not least, check out the number seven on the top right of this blog. Just a couple days ago there was an eight there.

This is an open thread.


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The Peasants Are Revolting


A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it. – William F. Buckley

This guy gets it:

A right-wing revolt against Trump? Dream on. Conservatives never truly spoke for the Republican Party rank-and-file

Despite firing every weapon in their arsenal, the conservative pundit class failed to thwart Donald Trump’s conquest of the Republican Party. They, and especially those who carried the banner of #NeverTrump during the final months of the GOP primaries, face a dilemma: Get behind Trump, hoping to defeat Hillary Clinton and at least wield some influence in Washington, sit out the election (or even support Clinton) — or break with the GOP and back a third-party candidate.

Although it is late in the year to organize a new campaign without an existing party’s label, conservatives like Bill Kristol are actively pitching the idea. Such an effort would be a total fiasco for conservatives.

No matter the candidate, a third-party presidential nominee dedicated to conservative purity would be an absolute electoral failure.

Conservative elites, who speak for some number of principled Republicans, despise Trump because he is not a “true conservative.” They are right about that; he is not really a conservative.

But they are wrong to believe this represents a major electoral problem for him.

To be a true, unpolluted conservative in America today, one must be a free-market purist, a believer in limited government, a cultural traditionalist and a superhawk on foreign affairs. Never mind that these principles are only loosely connected. And forget that the conservative intellectual movement was an ideological marriage of convenience based on the sociopolitical circumstances of the early Cold War. The important point now is that Trump is not sincerely attached to those positions.

To conservative elites, that’s apostasy; these core principles are supposed to be nonnegotiable.

What they miss is that, while Trump is not a consistent conservative, neither is your average Republican voter. When it comes to actual policy preferences, Trump’s nativism and economic populism are a much better match for rank-and-file Republicans than the “Jack Kemp model” of Republicanism promoted by Paul Ryan and The Wall Street Journal.

Donald Trump and Scottish government butt heads about windfarm
If we look at what Republicans in the electorate actually tell pollsters, we cannot miss the disconnect between what the GOP has been selling for years and what GOP voters have been champing at the bit to buy.

A quick review of the 2012 National Election Study, a joint project of Stanford and the University of Michigan, demonstrates this. The Republican rank and file are not opposed to new taxes on high earners (62% supported tax increases on millionaires); fewer than one in 10 wanted to cut spending on Social Security; 63% supported restrictions on foreign imports.

On social issues, Republican voters are also more moderate than the conservative elites that claim to speak for them. In 2012, fewer than one in five Republicans nationwide wanted to ban abortion in all circumstances. A majority of Republicans favored legal recognition for same-sex couples.

The conservative movement’s takeover of the Republican Party — begun by Barry Goldwater and completed by Ronald Reagan — was an impressive tactical victory. However, the movement never convinced regular voters of the wisdom of its anti-government message.

The problem with purity policing (for both left and right) is it moves the parties towards the ends of the Bell Curve, but most of the votes are in the radical middle. The secret to winning national elections is that the party that captures the middle wins.

Macy’s was founded in 1858 and currently has 789 stores. Their target market is the upper end of the income scale. They are also famous for their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Walmart was founded in 1962 and currently has 11,527 stores. Their target market is everybody. They don’t have a parade, but they are famous for their “Black Friday” sales.

A face in need of a fist

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Helping Trump Win

When people on the left see videos like the ones in this post they get all moist in their nether regions. They think they are winning. In reality, they are helping Trump win.

In 1968 young leftists rioted in the streets of Chicago during the Democratic convention. But they didn’t stop the convention from happening and they didn’t stop Hubert Humphrey from being nominated.

They did, however, help Nixon win the election. Four years later those young leftists helped to nominate George McGovern. Nixon was reelected in a landslide. Nixon had to resign due to Watergate and that gave us Jimmy Carter.

Between 1968 and 1988 the GOP won 4 out of 5 presidential elections.

While leftists are getting moist the rest of the country is getting fed up.

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Who Kidnapped John Cole?



From the Department of Things I Never Thought I Would See:

No Self Awareness Whatsoever

by John Cole

David Brooks wonders why people don’t like Hillary, spends a bunch of words blaming it on her being a workaholic, and never once broaches the subject that he, the Republicans, and the New York fucking Times have been lying about her for three decades.

I think that might have something to do with it, personally. The fact that her negatives aren’t higher despite the multi-decade attack should be consider a testament to the woman.

Either they have found a cure for Clinton Derangement Syndrome or somebody has kidnapped John Cole.

I’m going with kidnapped.

Eight years ago Buffoon Juice was Hillary Hate Central and John Cole was CDS Patient Zero.

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