*Live* From New York, It’s Saturday Night !

And that’s the truth, TCH style 🙂 Just saw these guys, Open Thread !

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Staycation Open Thread

I learned a new word today.

When you see it . . .

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Spring Break Open Thread

Heh hehe:

Hillary camp scrambling to find out who leaked embarrassing info

The knives are out in Hillary Clinton’s camp about who leaked embarrassing information to the authors of a bombshell new book about her “doomed presidential campaign.”

There is a witch hunt underway among Clinton’s presidential campaign staffers after the release of the autopsy book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

We’re told the details in the book, which depicts the campaign as inept, “could only have come from someone in the inner circle.” Dennis Cheng, the finance director of Clinton’s presidential campaign, has been sending out messages to determine where the leaks come from.

One source said, “The knives are out to find the people who spoke about the campaign to the authors of this book. Dennis has been texting prominent campaign staffers, asking who talked. He’s on a witch hunt to find out who talked to save their own skin, throwing Hillary and her campaign manager Robby Mook under the bus.”

The source added, “There’s some speculation that Huma Abedin cooperated to save her own reputation. However, she and Hillary are still very close.”

It’s kinda scary when you realize how many people out there still haven’t accepted that Hillary lost.

Anyway, I’m on vacation.

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Sarcasm: A Higher Calling (Open Thread)

Its been “overnight” for a couple of days now, and my inner clock is totally broken.  So, while thinking about all of us here at TCH, I realized that one of our greatest common denominators is our shared sarcasm.  Sarcasm often gets a bad rap because many people confuse it with its psychotic cousin, cynicism.  A recent scientific breakthrough has finally restored sarcasm to its rightful place as a higher calling:

If you prefer to stay away from the sarcastic souls, if sarcasm is a ‘Term’ you underestimate by tagging as lowest form of wit, if sarcastic conversations appear to you as mere ‘insult or criticism’, you literally need to polish your knowledge. Columbia University, Harvard University and INSEAD Business School worked on the decision making abilities of the people and the organizational behavior expressed by them showed that sarcasm can be linked to the words like ‘creativity’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘smartness’.

Sarcasm is an art to state or comment something which is intended to convey a veiled meaning. An amalgam of humor, wits, sensibility, understanding of the other person’s mentality, coordination between the abstract hidden idea and the uttered words in order to filter out and grasp the sarcasm are all the traits to define a smart person.

If you possess the genes of sarcasm, for sure you have traits that are better than the majority in the world. Here are 10 things that make the sarcastic souls stand out in the crowd:

They create a positive influence on their friend circle– staying with sarcastic people benefits you passively. It demands you to put an extra ounce of pressure on your brain in order to grasp their jokes and comprehend their thought process and pull out the irony of it. So search for a sarcastic friend as hanging out with them would add point in your favor.

They know the art of creating balance between mild insult and fun– conversation with a sarcastic person can leave you awestruck. The art of playing with words is what let them win the game every time. At the instance you would be laughing at your own insult. Sounds disgusting! Isn’t it? But the credit goes to the charm with which they convey the double meaning expression.

They possess a healthy brain– the research by University of California, San Francisco on the brain stimulus say that people who are bad at picking sarcasm signifies a damaged brain. Hence it gives another point to rejoice for the ones who cannot resist from passing on sarcasm-full remarks.

You don’t have to be insecure regarding your friends– it take real guts to deal with sarcasm on daily basis and if you have friends that are still willing to stay beside you, you might have hit the Jackpot. You can skip those boring small talks and spend your entire day hitting each other with these funny insults.

They don’t pretend to be the vulnerable beings on this planet– even if you would attempt to counter back with sarcasm; they won’t let themselves be your victim. Bearer of a strong heart as well as a strong mind is their character trait. Anger and jealousy can never overpower their sarcastic skills.

They are good communicators– how fantabulous it sounds to be tagged as the ‘life of a party’. Yes! The people with sarcasm can grab everyone’s attention in the minutest action. Who would ignore those crackly chats that can lighten up the mood?

They are encyclopedia of solutions– without any sort of hesitation; you can make an entire list of those weird problems that demand an extraordinary solution. These sarcastic friends will juggle up the box of creative solution to find the best one for you. Creativity is synonymous to them after all.

Spontaneity is a well spotted trait in them– these jerks of your life are actually very smart and instant thinkers. It takes nanosecond for their brain to pop-up the wittiest response.

They are the mind readers– sarcastic people are damn good at analyzing people’s mentality and though process. A psychologist at the university of Haifa correlates sarcasm and ability to understand others emotional state of mind. You need to be cautious as these super power possessors can pick up your weakness and trigger your emotions.

They are excellent abstract thinkers– frequent encounters with sarcastic ideologies give them chance to expand their bandwidth. In order to extract the meaning from the sarcasm they work-up their brains. Creativity if ignited at this particular moment.

Now take a moment and let your friend know how fantastically smart you are. Bragging a bit won’t go wrong in this case. So spread the word.

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Overnight Open Thread

Blah, blah, blah.

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Let’s Roll !

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Predictable, Enjoyable, Disturbing

This article from the Murky News is the closest thing I could find to an objective report:

20 arrested, 11 injured in Trump-related rallies in downtown Berkeley

Police announced 20 arrests and 11 injuries after fighting broke out between scores of people supporting or opposing President Trump who converged on a downtown park Saturday.

“The charges include arrests for assault with a deadly weapon and several other felony assaults,” police said in an announcement Saturday evening, adding that more arrests would likely be pursued after video and social media posts are reviewed.

Police had urging people to avoid the area around Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, citing a “large number of fights” and numerous fireworks thrown into the crowds at the protests. Police said also that there were numerous reports of pepper spray being used in the crowd.

“At this time, there appear to be no reports of damage to downtown businesses and no injuries to anyone not involved with the event,” the police department said in its announcement.

In addition to making at least 20 arrests, police seized a handful of cans of peppers spray, some knives, and dozens of sign and flag poles, skateboards, and other blunt objects.

Trump backers and members of the so-called alt-right movement were holding a “free speech” rally at the park, while opponents of the movement, calling themselves anti-fascists, headed to the same spot at about 10 a.m. Later, the demonstrators moved to the streets, where they eventually ended up on Shattuck Ave., blocking it from Kittredge Street to University Avenue.

It didn’t take long for hundreds people to gather in and around the park. Police in riot gear made at least 13 arrests and seized numerous prohibited items from the demonstrators by Saturday afternoon and indicated then that they anticipated more arrests would be made. Several people sustained injuries, but it was not clear how serious the injuries were.

“There continues to be a number of large fights, some property damage and numerous projectiles being thrown, including fireworks,” Berkeley police said in a statement issued at around 2 p.m. Saturday.

At several different times, loud explosions were heard in the crowd, immediately followed by fist fights in the crowd. Some people emerged holding their faces after the explosions.

BART closed its downtown station early Saturday afternoon, and did not indicate when it would reopen after

Berkeley police said Saturday afternoon they had reached out to Mutual Aid, a state program aimed to augment local resources that have become overwhelmed in emergency situations, for help.

Police had erected a light, neon-orange plastic barricade at the park between the two sides to separate the groups and were collecting sticks, flagpoles and other objects that protesters had brought, which were banned at the park in advance of the protest. The city had banned a number of weapons — or items that can be used as weapons — in the park on Saturday, including metal pipes, baseball or softball bats, lengths of lumber or wood of any size, poles, bricks, rocks, glass bottles, pepper spray and other objects.

Protesters on each side held signs in support of their cause. Anti-Trump demonstrators had signs saying “No! Pussy-Grabbing! No! Patriarchy! No! Fascist USA! Drive out Trump-Pence regime!” and “Fascisct scum your time is done.” Right-wing groups held Trump campaign signs and posters that read “Free speech,” among others. Photos circulated on social media showed some demonstrators making Nazi salutes.

First of all, the rally was not about Trump. There were Trump supporters there, but that was no Trump rally.

This was a Left versus Right streetfight. This time, the Right won.

The Left has had a monopoly on street violence since at least the Sixties. Republicans have never been big on street violence. The last incidents of rightwing street violence were southern Democrats opposing desegregation. You have to go back to the days of abolition to find organized GOP street violence.

Lately the Left has been ramping up street violence. It started with Occupy Wall Street. Then came Black Lives Matter. Now we have “The Resistance”. Gradually we have seen generally non-violent protests turn into riots. The Left now has a corps of radical activists they can turn out for action on short notice. Within that corps of radical activists is a hardcore group of violent extremists. Antifa is part of that hardcore group.

Meanwhile, the police have done nothing. They basically just stand back and watch as the leftwing mobs loot, burn, and destroy. They have allowed leftwing thugs to attack peaceful Trump supporters and to disrupt rightwing speakers.

Did they really think the Right would never fight back?

The people on the Right who are fighting back tend to be more radical than the average conservative. A lot of them are not very nice people. But the violent extremists on the Left are not very nice people either.

This new rightwing counteroffensive was easily predictable. I have to admit that after watching leftist thugs run wild for years it is enjoyable to see someone finally stand up to them.

But this is also disturbing. Civil wars don’t start overnight. They start small and then escalate. If law enforcement doesn’t retake control of our streets this is only gonna get worse.

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