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Not a Mittens endorsement

I am not a fan of the Mormons, I think their doctrines are extremely anti-woman, but I do believe in giving the devil latter-day saint his due, and I think in doing this, they are acting much more sensibly than … Continue reading

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Hillary articulates Libya position after Obama flubs his speech

After Obama gave his flat, no-affect, over-long TOTUS reading (of a speech probably drafted by the State Dept) last night and failed to convince most of the USA that preventing atrocity in Libya was actually something he cared about, Hillary … Continue reading

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Monday Mourning

I was not yet eligible to vote when Geraldine Ferraro ran for VP, aside from being too young, I also happened to be a citizen of a banana republic on the other side of the world. But believe it or … Continue reading

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Hillary leads the world

A very short post because I just want to say that I  love, love, LOVE how Hillary is taking charge of the ME. I support her insistence that the UN and NATO act on Libya, and I applaud how she … Continue reading

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Now she passes into other loveliness …

When next thou comest thou shalt find her still In all the rare perfection that she was. Thou shalt have gentle greeting of thy love! Her eyelids will have turned to violets, Her bosom to white lilies, and her breath … Continue reading

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Odyssey Dawn (War in Libya) – Open Thread

You say you want a revolution… It looks like we’ve got a coalition and some extra missiles laying around, so we’re off: The UK, US and France have attacked Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in the first action to … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Wisconsin:

It really was filmed in Wisconsin. Just like Happy Days, Lavern and Shirley and The 70’s Show.

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