Greenwald discovers Strategic Hate Management

Glenn Greenwald yesterday, in The impotence of the loyal partisan voter, observes:

It was often said that Bush/Cheney used fear as their principal political weapon — and they did — but that’s true of the Democratic Party as well. When it comes to their base, Democratic leaders know they will command undying, unbreakable support no matter how many times they kick their base, because of the fear that has been instilled in the base — not fear of Terrorists or Immigrants (that’s the GOP’s tactic), but fear of Sarah Palin, the Kochs and the Tea Party

I have been saying the same thing for a while, and I call it Strategic Hate Management:

…the Republicans tell us to hate the scary brown people who will either blow up our buildings or steal our jobs and the Democrats tell us to hate the Republicans. All the while both of parties enact policies that rob us blind and give the proceeds to their big donors.
Hate is a lovely, lovely, tool. No oligarchy can long survive without it.

Now the shameless manipulators are asking you if you’re in.

I say I’m out. Way out.

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40 Responses to Greenwald discovers Strategic Hate Management

  1. votermom says:

    This is so wrong.

    Georgia’s anti-childhood obesity campaign shames overweight kids:
    Fat kids are BAAAAD

  2. ralphb says:

    Oh great. This is great ball of crap.

    Washington (CNN) – Longtime Democratic operative Donna Brazile will serve as interim chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    • yttik says:

      Icky poo!

    • Honora says:

      Just when I think that I could not be more disappointed in my ex-political party, the DNC outdoes itself. Will CNN still allow her to pontificate on the air?? I don’t ever listen to CNN anymore, so it doesn’t really matter, but I do not see how they could have her as a political commentator if she is a DNC official. Then I guess she was always a “new-DNC” hack anyway.

    • Erica says:

      Will they never learn?

      This shows that the evil is not over. Not even close to being purged.

      I am out too. So far out I can’t see ever being in again.

    • Mr. Mike says:

      After losing their Majority last year House Dems didn’t kick Pelosi to the curb so this Brazile appointment comes as no surprise.

      • Erica says:

        True. It’s no surprise, but it is a pre-warning of the corruption level of 2012, imo. The only real question remaining is how low will they go?

  3. votermom says:

    OMG, this is great.
    Taiwanese animation of BO 2012

  4. gxm17 says:

    OMG, votermom, that is the funniest picture. I love me some smushed face kitties. And, it’s true, they hate everything … in the most adorable way possible.

  5. Valissa says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the Greenwald post! It was very heartening to read the comments… only the occasional die hard Obot supporter (or paid Obama troll)… yeah, the thrill is gone.

  6. Valissa says:

    “Strategic Hate Management”… what a great meme! Love the Corrente post on that 🙂

  7. ralphb says:

    Obama ‘12 And The Attack On Idealism

    [Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

    Barack Obama announced his reelection campaign. He plans to raise one billion dollars. I don’t think he will win and beyond that, based on the successful cynicism that got him elected in the first place I hope he doesn’t win.

    Yes, the Republicans could screw this up but if they nominate somebody who has any appeal at all to independent voters, Obama is a one term president. My reasons for believing this go beyond any discussion of ideology or policy. President Obama has deflated his once passionate base by revealing that Candidate Obama was a will-o’-the-wisp; a husk that was conjured up to win the vote and discarded the day after the election.

    Really good analysis.

    • 1539days says:

      I’ll tell you one thing that Obama 2012 has against them. John McCain kept his promise to only accept federal matching fudns, which only gave him about $85 million in direct campaign budgeting. Obama had well over $800 million (probably a billion dollars if you count the funny money).

      Guys like Romney will break the bank to fund his campaign, and the Wall Street money that followed Obama and 08 may join the GOP in ’12. Also, places like ACORN which was famous for buying voter registrations with crack is out of the loop next year. The Democrats who are left will not be so willing to give all the DNC’s money to O when their own seats are in danger.

      The smartest thing the Republicans can do is sit back and let the Democrats blow each other apart for a while.

    • gxm17 says:

      From the same post:

      This is a point that I touched on about a year and a half ago when I announced I would no longer be able to support Barack Obama – I simply didn’t know what he stood for. Nothing’s happened in his presidency that clarifies that for me yet either.

      Hey, we’ve been saying that since 2008. It’s impossible to tell what Obama stands for as he does not appear to stand for anything. There’s no there there. His entire persona is an illusion.

      It’s good to see former supporters recognize and acknowledge this. But I don’t understand the obots who are still preaching the Obamaganda script. Are their egos too big to admit they were conned, or are they just paid shills?

  8. djmm says:

    Another great post, with a great picture! Thanks!! The phrase Strategic Hate Management says so much.

    Hey! State of Georgia: As Pink Floyd would say, “Leave those Kids Alone!” Boy, talk about another brick in the wall..


  9. Three Wickets says:

    Thx votermom. Loving all your posts. Glenn says Dems generate fear of the tea party etc. Seeing plenty of that from Obots on facebook. There’s also the fear of being labeled a racist, and that’s been ramping up too. For some it seems organized, for others it’s like a nervous tick. Lot of it is falling flat though. Oh, and Glenn is concerned about how the Dems have abandoned their base on civil liberties. How about the way they’ve abandoned women. Or the poor. Or minorities. I understand why the rich elites support Obama and the DNC. I don’t understand why others do. What does Rachel Maddow think Obama has done that is so great, beyond winning an election.

  10. myiq2xu says:

    Where did you find a picture of my cat? He looks at me like that ever since I got him ‘fixed.’

    I can’t believe my best friend is a Republican

    I love everything about Janet — except how she stands for all the things I find bad and wrong in the world

    • votermom says:

      I found that cat in my yarn basket, shredding the cute little clown toy I was knitting.

      From the article:

      Too many liberals I know are lazy, they have a belief system that consists of making fun of Glenn Beck and watching “The Daily Show.”

      So true. They are smug about being so enlightened.

      The comments on that article are a hoot. It’s a mix of “way to go”, “your friend is a bride of satan”, “you are a traitor to the cause”, and suggestions on how to convert her friend to The Truth.

  11. DeniseVB says:

    In the spirit of not letting a good crisis go to waste:

    What I don’t get, when the Dems had a full majority last fall….why couldn’t they pass the budget then?

  12. DeniseVB says:

    Alex Baldwin still blames Bush for Obama’s woes:

    So it must be true 😛

  13. votermom says:

    Oh crap.
    Another 7.4 earthquake just hit Japan; they are on tsunami alert.

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