Look here

Brendan Nyhan asks:

Where Are The Obama Scandals?

Hey Brendan! Look here:

Obama Scandals List

See how easy that was?

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9 Responses to Look here

  1. foxyladi14 says:

    i hope this time time around they really go after this fraud muffin đŸ˜†

    • Not going to happen. He’s their man. And as he promised, he’ll delegate, be just like Reagan, privatize SS, do away with women’s choice, help out the bankers and wall street, etc. It’s been clear to anyone paying attention. But Dems like to be dumb, just like Repubs. And the media knows a good thing when they see it.

  2. And speaking of rehab, or in look over there news, Amy is in again:

    Amy Winehouse has once again checked into rehab. The singer has entered a treatment program at the Priory Clinic in London at the urging of her father. According to a statement released to People by her representative, Winehouse “wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and decided to seek an assessment.”

    Another source close to Winehouse told People that the singer drank a miniature bottle of Smirnoff vodka on the way to the clinic, which is a sign that this new round of treatment might be a pretty good idea. Winehouse is set to kick off a leg of concert dates in Europe on June 18th

  3. As Amy says: “there’s nothing you can teach me that I can’t learn from Mr. Hathaway”, and here he is:

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