Penis pilfering = petty theft?

This story is a couple years old but I just heard about it:

On a busy November day in a bustling public street market in Cotonou, some Beninese people started shouting that their man-junk had been stolen by a group of men nearby, who happened to be Nigerian. A mob soon formed, things got hysterical fast. The mob poured gasoline on the accused and set them on fire, killing them. BTW, the first rule of being accused here of witchcraft penis theft (or even regular old petty theft) is: run to the police as fast as you can, because a mob will form and try to kill you. After this initial freakout, about 9 more copycat incidents soon followed, in which the accused schlong-stealers were either burned alive or hacked to death.

One of the expats in Cotonou Monday night told me the bittersweet punch line was — the men who claimed their penises were stolen and caused all the mayhem were later apprehended by police, stripped of clothing, and paraded in front of television news crews totally naked, to show that yes, their wedding tackle remained intact and the whole thing was BS.

Someone (either a cop or a TV reporter) on camera asked one of the chained, naked, still-be-penised guys “So! What do you have to say for yourself! Obviously it’s still there!”

To which the guy replied — “Well, it was a lot larger before.”

This is an open thread

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  1. Karma says:

    Saw this song title on Sirius yesterday. It seems to fit.

  2. And speaking of crazy beliefs:

    • Karma says:

      On a thread about penis pilfering…I think you are safe…lol. Seriously, I have yet to see the management complain about links.

      Didn’t realize she had engineered such a gag order though. I remember the rumors that start circling about their marriage and that he was going to start talking and then nothing….

  3. Three Wickets says:

    Cool. The new White House rapid response dude friended me on FB. Feel like I just got a speeding ticket. 🙂

  4. Mr. Mike says:

    Catholicism to Fundamentalism to making your penis go poof, same insanity, different degrees.

  5. yttik says:

    This made me laugh. Meghan McCain is whining about how she’s had to give up dating because of Sarah Palin.

    Jay Leno: Are you dating anyone?

    Meghan McCain: No. I’m in, like, dating Babylon. Like, I go on dates with men and, literally, like Sarah Palin will come up in like the first 20 minutes, and that doesn’t put me in the mood. Like, talking about Sarah Palin. And they just want to know gossip, and I’m just kind of taking a little hiatus from dating right now, because I just don’t want to talk about Sarah Palin.

    • That cracked me up. She wrote a book about Palin, she went on the talk show circuit talking about Palin, here career is pretty much all about Palin, but now she doesn’t want to hear about it.

      Nothing personal against her or even her dad, but if it weren’t for Sarah Palin, no one would give her the time of day. And she knows that, which is why the book in the first place I assume.

  6. Three Wickets says:

    Here’s some more discussion on IPAB and Krugman also alludes to it here. Not sure the White House “plan” is going to put much of a dent in the one trillion annual healthcare services budget growing at twice the GDP rate.

    • ralphb says:

      I love that he’s quoting one of the architects of Obamacare, David Cutler, and Henry Aaron who has been owned by the HMOs since before Hillary tried to do health care. Their opinion + Krugman’s spin amounts to absolutely zero.

  7. Uppity Woman says:

    To which the guy replied — “Well, it was a lot larger before.”

    Well, this goes a long way to explain why the women of Cotonou can’t read maps. The men have taught them that 4 inches is really 6.

  8. djmm says:

    Dr. Grumpy has a great posting on the Johnstown, PA flood of May 31, 1889:


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