Daily Archives: June 17, 2011

There’s a reason they’re called “Nutroots”

Okay, they hate Andrew Breitbart and for good reason. But acting like a mob of juvenile delinquents doesn’t accomplish anything. Hot Air: He walked into the online left’s biggest event of the year and, per Weigel, was apparently set to … Continue reading

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“I was watching a fight when suddenly a hockey game broke out”

Riots following championship games is nothing new, but in Canada? BTW – shouldn’t hockey season end when the snow starts melting? It’s friggen June!

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He’s not your boyfriend but you’re still his booty call

Progressives ‘Break Up’ With Obama President Barack Obama is decidedly “not [the left’s] boyfriend anymore,” progressive supporters of gay- and immigrant-rights said on Thursday, rebuking the White House for breaking promises to the left while also asking them for money. … Continue reading

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