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Obama Wins Nobel War Prize

Policymic: As the July 2011 deadline for Afghan troop withdrawal nears, President Barack Obama is gearing up for another significant milestone, the Nobel War Prize awards ceremony, which will be held in Oslo next month. […] Among Obama’s list of … Continue reading

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Unintentionally revealing

Dave Weigel at Slate: In reality, RightOnline has always been a smaller conference, and it’s benefited from the proximity of Netroots Nation, which draws in a lot of reporters who can skip a few panels on gender issues or the … Continue reading

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Cluck, cluck, cluck

William Jacobson: Confirmed – Netroots Nation 2012 Chose Providence To Keep RightOnline Away I posted yesterday about my suspicions that Netroots Nation 2012 was scheduled for Providence, RI, a small convention market (and near my home in RI) in order … Continue reading

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