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You would think they’d learn

Raw Story: Report: Sarah Palin quits bus tour halfway through, retreats to Alaska Amid diminishing media interest, Sarah Palin has quit her high-profile bus tour halfway through and returned to Alaska with her family, according to RealClearPolitics. The move puts … Continue reading

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Cough, cough, bullshit, cough, cough

The NY Birdcage Liner: President Obama plans to announce Wednesday evening that he will order the withdrawal of 10,000 American troops from Afghanistan this year, and another 20,000 troops, the remainder of the 2009 “surge,” by the end of next … Continue reading

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Four years ago

Wayback in June 2007 there were a bunch of candidates for the Democratic nomination – four senators (Biden, Clinton, Dodd and Obama) one former senator and 2004 VP nominee (Edwards) two governors (Richardson and Vilsack) and two congressmen (Gravel and … Continue reading

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