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Friday night music

What music have you been listening to?

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Calling Doctor Spin!

Politico: President Obama struggles with economic message President Barack Obama isn’t just grasping for ways to jolt the flailing economy. He’s struggling simply to find the right words to talk about it. A growing number of Democratic strategists — including … Continue reading

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More Astroturf

Rachel Weiner at The Fix (is in): Can liberals start their own tea party? At last weekend’s Netroots Nation gathering in Minneapolis, liberal activists expressed frustration that they lacked the political power or media focus given to the conservative tea-party … Continue reading

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Just say no to war

Politico: The House delivered a stinging rejection of President Barack Obama’s military intervention in Libya on Friday, voting in bipartisan fashion against authorizing the mission for another year. The president’s supporters still held out hope that they could stop an … Continue reading

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This is what a “fierce advocate” for LGBT rights looks like – NOT

From Allahpundit at Hot Air: Weak: Obama punts on gay marriage at NY LGBT fundraiser Remember, his base had been looking forward to this speech as the moment when he might finally finally finally confirm what everyone suspects by admitting … Continue reading

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