So much for the presumption of innocence

Wisconsin State Journal:

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser allegedly grabbed fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley around the neck in an argument in her chambers last week, according to at least three knowledgeable sources.

Details of the incident, investigated jointly by Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, remain sketchy. The sources spoke on the condition that they not be named, citing a need to preserve professional relationships.

Three “knowledgeable sources” is not the same as three eyewitnesses. Did Bradley make a complaint? Is there any kind of official investigation underway?

No and no. But some people don’t let that stop them.


I don’t know what it takes to get thrown off the bench thesedays. According to this article in the American Spectator, liberals are unfairly smearing conservatives all over the place for nothing but crude partisan purposes, so I’m not sure that when a conservative justice assaults a liberal justice of a State Supreme Court that we can fairly assume that it wasn’t a provocation born of liberal insolence.

To Digby and many other faugressives there is no doubt – Prosser is guilty and deserves to be thrown off the bench. Ironically, if he is removed (or resigns) the guy they hate the most these days (Governor Scott Walker) gets to appoint his replacement.

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13 Responses to So much for the presumption of innocence

  1. myiq2xu says:

    I’ve mostly been ignoring the shenanigans in Wisconsin but lots of people on the left have been losing their shit over it.

  2. ralphb says:

    Damn Digby is incredibly stupid. She just made the American Spectators’s point for them and, apparently, can’t see it.

  3. Three Wickets says:

    All is not well in Garrison Keillor land. Too much cheese and public radio.

  4. JeanLouise says:

    The events in WI are turning into an epidemic. Ignore them at your peril. If you think that you have bad cops now, you’ll have a cow when you see what kind of person will take the job for minimum wage.

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