Media Matters insults clowns

Media Matters put together the video clip above.

I took offense at what Mark Halperin said but I only know one dick. On the other hand I have lots of friends that are clowns.

Tonight is Glenn Beck’s last show. Unless they syndicate reruns of it I will never see a single episode. (Probably not then either.)

I don’t think I’ve missed anything.

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  1. ralphb says:

    I’ve never watched it either. If I think of it, and there’s nothing else, I may watch the last one just for the hell of it.

    • WMCB says:

      I’ve watched him a few times. He’s neither so batshit crazy as the left makes him out to be, nor so prescient and infallible as his fans make him out to be. He’s a libertarian-leaning hard conservative, with religion. He’s neither the truth-speaking messiah nor the lying devil. He is annoying, sappily emotional, often right, the rest of the time wrong.

      • Lola-at-Large says:

        Yep. I had to watch him several times a week for over a year when we were taking care of my hubby’s grandfather. It was his favorite show. I didn’t even think he was annoying so much as tedious.

        But you know, it just goes to show, you should check shit out for yourself, which is the number 1 lesson I learned in 2008. In some ways, I’m glad Obama came along. I could have worn those blinders my whole life and been none the wiser.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Me too Lola, I never turned on Fox til 2008 and glad I did. I remember feeling “guilty” about it too and posted on Democratic Underground about it, wondering if anyone else has watched and NOT become repulsed…

          I do remember a commenter’s response to this day….”Well, you obviously believe their crap and lies, so you don’t belong here anymore”. So, I haven’t been back since. After 4 years and 10k posts, so I wasn’t just a drive by troll 😀

  2. WMCB says:

    I’ve been surfing sites to see who is dissecting Obama’s press conference, and it’s being torn apart. This one struck me as indicative of his usual “point fingers at everyone else and try to make himself look like he is working hard and being obstructed by others” And it’s all bullshit.

    Another whopper from yesterday’s press conference was Obama acting like Congress has been stubbornly holding up three free trade deals with South Korea, Columbia and Panama that could be helping the economy.

    “Right now, Congress can advance a set of trade agreements that would allow American businesses to sell more of their goods and services to countries in Asia and South America -– agreements that would support tens of thousands of American jobs while helping those adversely affected by trade. That’s pending before Congress right now,” Obama said.

    Come on, Congress – right now! Obama might have mentioned he just broke an impasse with Congress on Tuesday, i.e. less than 24 hours before he acted like they’ve been sitting there for months. Immediately afterwards, Democrats angered Republicans by attaching the trade agreements to a controversial bill.

    And, as Alana Goodman at Commentary notes, the trade agreements were originally negotiated by then-President George W. Bush in 2007. Democrats then in charge of Congress didn’t bring them up for consideration.

    During the first two years of his presidency, Obama was widely faulted for having virtually no trade agenda, and the trade agreements sat dormant. Finally, several months ago, he began negotiating with Congress about the deals and Tuesday they broke a key stalemate.

    Read more:

    So lets see – those trade agreements were proposed in 2007, and a Democratic-controlled Congress had refused to move on them for 3 years. Obama has had no concern for a full two years with moving them forward. He finally got off his ass a few months ago, and started negotiating, and lo and behold, the stalemate is broken and they are now moving forward. As of TWENTY FOUR FUCKING HOURS PRIOR to his speech. And now he stands up there and scolds a Republican Congress for being the kink in the works, lo these many long years?

    “Dick” doesn’t even begin to cover this guy’s assholery. It seems unrelated, but it really reminds me of the primaries, and his constant holier-than-thou lecturing about “those politicians” (like Hillary), when he was engaging in some of the dirtiest damn politics I’ve ever seen.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      The winning informal campaign slogan of 2012 is going to be: “Who am I to believe? You or my own lying eyes?”

      But you know, my momma (and President Clinton) told me that when you point fingers at people, four more are pointing back at you.

      • DeniseVB says:

        While I wasn’t politically active during the Clinton years, I sure did like him and Hillary 🙂 I was at the height of my Soccer Mom years with 3 young children, one of each (middle child is special needs, so I can joke about it /sarc). AND working full time! (my apologies to RD if she’s lurking, I know Soccer Moms annoy her ;( ).

  3. Three Wickets says:

    On media and sex, Dan Savage is proposing the American Gay Male as a model for all relationships. Been running into this meme from Progressive bloggers lately. As it’s been explained to me, Doctor Ruth used to give sex advice to gays, so Dan Savage can give sex advice to straights. Which I guess makes sense, maybe, not sure.

    That, anyway, is what Dan Savage, America’s leading sex-advice columnist, would say. Although best known for his It Gets Better project, an archive of hopeful videos aimed at troubled gay youth, Savage has for 20 years been saying monogamy is harder than we admit and articulating a sexual ethic that he thinks honors the reality, rather than the romantic ideal, of marriage. In Savage Love, his weekly column, he inveighs against the American obsession with strict fidelity. In its place he proposes a sensibility that we might call American Gay Male, after that community’s tolerance for pornography, fetishes and a variety of partnered arrangements, from strict monogamy to wide openness.

    • Lola-at-Large says:

      No. Reject. Sorry, I don’t want to be a slut. If I did, I’d be a feminist.

    • WMCB says:

      “The mistake that straight people made,” Savage told me, “was imposing the monogamous expectation on men. Men were never expected to be monogamous. Men had concubines, mistresses and access to prostitutes, until everybody decided marriage had to be egalitar­ian and fairsey.” In the feminist revolution, rather than extending to women “the same latitude and license and pressure-release valve that men had always enjoyed,” we extended to men the confines women had always endured. “And it’s been a disaster for marriage.”

      Those nasty feminists with their unrealistic expectations of “fairsiness” are always just ruining it for the poor menz, aren’t they?

      I don’t care how reasonable anything else he has to say sounds. that right there tells me I’m not giving this jackwad’s opinion the time of day.

      • Lola-at-Large says:

        What gets me is he’s totally wrong. Feminism ushered in the concept that you could fuck your way to equality, which has been the real disaster. Pussy=leverage. Use it or lose it.

        • WMCB says:

          I had a long conversation about this with my 20 year old daughter just yesterday. She’s of the opinion that a society that inhibits and makes taboo female sexuality is fucked up. And a society that encourages women to think that screwing everything in sight is some perverse badge of emancipation to be pursued, is fucked up as well.

          I’m pretty proud of her. She thinks. 😀

  4. Lola-at-Large says:

    The leverage, not the pussy. But you get what I’m saying….

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Watching Beck’s last show…..disclaimer, I attended the Restoring Honor rally, his Broadway launch of his website at the Nokia and a Bold Fresh even w/Billo. I’m not a rabid fan, but he does inspire to do your own homework 🙂 (All on my own expense, nobody bought me a bus ticket and paid for lunch)

    Not bad for a guy with one semester of college and clinically adult a.d.d.

    Minds are like umbrellas, they only work when they open. 😀

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