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Cheese makes you crazy

Wisconsin resident Ann Althouse: “It feels like madness abounds in our state, like Wisconsin is 65,000 square miles surrounded by sanity.” “We’re just living in a really weird time.” Said Mike McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. “I’m … Continue reading

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Obama – Voters are stupid

Via Hot Air: Depending on how you phrase the question — if you said to the American people, “Is it a good idea for the United States not to pay its bills and potentially create another recession that could throw … Continue reading

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The marketplace of ideas

Rebelpundit (via RalphB): Chicagoans Overwhelmingly Vote to Ban Palin, Beck & Coulter Books at Book Fair in Obama’s Home Town The authors of the books we offered to ban were Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Andrew Breitbart, Ayn Rand, … Continue reading

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Bachmann Derangement Syndrome

Kid Pareene (formerly of Gawker) has BDS: Michele Bachmann the tax collector versus Ron Paul fans The Wall Street Journal picks up today on a bit of Michele Bachmann opposition research that various Ron Paul-supporting Internet commenters have been trying … Continue reading

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This is what a Sexist Pig looks like

This is what WaPo opinionator Jonathan Capehart said about Newsweek’s cover photo of Sarah Palin: Folks want to be able to envision someone sitting in the Oval Office. They don’t necessarily want to envision them in the pages of Esquire … Continue reading

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How far are you willing to go?

Marc Rubin: This same definition of insanity can be applied to MoveOn and other Democratic political groups. I get emails from most of them and the two most recent show the ineffectiveness and head in the sand politics of “progressive” … Continue reading

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