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Shooting Sarah*

(*Trying to prove that I, too, can be a tabloid writer one day, I was racking my brain for an exciting, violent headline for what is really a just a pleasant story. Of course this will probably backfire on me … Continue reading

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Guilt by association

Univision: Senator Marco Rubio’s Brother in Law: A Convicted Drug Trafficker Senator Marco Rubio has provided generous details about his family, expressing time and again during his successful 2009 U.S. senate campaign that he was proud of his parents’ efforts … Continue reading

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Winegate Update

Byron York: Susan Feinberg, an associate professor of management and global business at Rutgers University, caused a stir in the left-wing blogosphere over the weekend with her account of witnessing House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan drinking a glass of … Continue reading

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Via Ann Althouse: Walker opponents take to Wisconsin’s waters with protest flotillas Wisconsin has a new protest movement, and it’s on the water. Protesters took advantage of one of the state’s many bodies of water to move their “Recall Walker” … Continue reading

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His Panic

Daily Caller: Obama huddles with Hispanic groups to woo support for 2012 race President Barack Obama is hosting a White House meeting for Hispanic advocacy groups Monday, just a week after a Gallup poll of Hispanic voters revealed potentially lethal … Continue reading

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