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Scaring granny

Real Clear Politics: Budget Director Won’t Answer If WH Would Prioritize Social Security Payments: White House Budget Director Jacob Lew dodged CNN’s Candy Crowley’s question if the administration would prioritize Social Security payments if a default occurred. Transcript of the … Continue reading

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Summers loving

Via Corrente, A Tiny Revolution: If Only the Czar Knew This is tough for me, because I was hating on Larry Summers before hating Larry Summers was cool. But I’m going to defend him about something important. That’s just how … Continue reading

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Missing In Action: The anti-war movement

Todd Gitlin at Salon: Where have all the war protesters gone? The outrage that greeted the run-up to the Bush-Blair Iraq war debacle generated what must have been the largest antiwar rallies and demonstrations in the history of the world. … Continue reading

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Somebody must have slept through civics class

Politico: Cain: Americans should be able to ban mosques Herman Cain says voters across the country should have the right to prevent Muslims from building mosques in their communities. In an exchange on “Fox News Sunday,” the Republican presidential contender … Continue reading

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Maybe she got tired of being a punching bag

Merced Sun-Stroke: Woman accused of husband’s stabbing death at Merced hotel arraigned on charges The woman accused of stabbing her husband to death at the Tioga Hotel pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of second-degree murder with an enhancement for … Continue reading

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What are they buying?

New Stable of Wealthy Donors Fueled Obama Campaign’s Record Fund-Raising Quarter President Obama recruited roughly 150 new elite donors, raising as much as a half a million dollars each, to help propel him to a large and early lead over … Continue reading

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Flashback – The Denver Group

Back in July 2008 The Denver Group (Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin) ran this ad: Franklin Roosevelt went into the 1932 Democratic Convention 90 delegates short of the 2/3 majority needed to win the nomination. He finally won on … Continue reading

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“The Nobel Committee sent me. They want their Peace Prize back.”

WaPo: Obama meets with Dalai Lama President Obama held a closed-door meeting with the Dalai Lama on Saturday, despite the strong objections of the Chinese government. The 45-minute session in the White House Map Room broke little ground on policy. … Continue reading

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