Maybe she got tired of being a punching bag

Merced Sun-Stroke:

Woman accused of husband’s stabbing death at Merced hotel arraigned on charges

The woman accused of stabbing her husband to death at the Tioga Hotel pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of second-degree murder with an enhancement for use of a deadly weapon.

Courtney Ross, 32, made her first in-person appearance at the Merced County Superior Court wearing a yellow jailhouse jumpsuit and a bandage on her right hand. She had briefly appeared in court Wednesday via a live video feed at the Merced County Jail, where she’s being held without bail.

The hearing-impaired defendant communicated through a sign language interpreter. The defendant broke into tears as she communicated with her attorney, John Garcia, minutes before her arraignment.


Merced police say the defendant stabbed the victim to death after an argument.

Officers responded to the 1715 N. St. hotel about 1:20 a.m. Monday after someone called the police. The victim was found with three stab wounds to the upper torso and pronounced dead at the scene.

Merced police earlier this week confirmed the defendant’s husband had a history of domestic violence and had served time in jail.

Garcia, who’s taking the case pro-bono, said he has received the preliminary reports but is awaiting others. There are also out-of-state witnesses whose names and addresses are being compiled, he added.

Garcia said his staff has reasons to believe that there are records showing the Jonathan Ross was previously arrested for spousal battery against the defendant.

On the night of the stabbing, Courtney Ross had bruises on both of her shoulders and cuts to her hand, he said, and had X-rays taken for possible broken fingers.

“We are trying to work as expeditiously as possible. My client is incarcerated and if she doesn’t deserve to be there, we don’t want to keep her there any longer,” Garcia said.

He said he believes his client’s actions were justifiable and that the facts will show it.

Watch the DA try to turn abusive hubby into an innocent victim.

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6 Responses to Maybe she got tired of being a punching bag

  1. votermom says:

    Without knowing anything about the case, my first thought is — don’t deaf people depend on their hands & fingers to sign & therefore communicate? And if it was her writing hand getting that injured would keep her from writing too.

    • 1539days says:

      It’s hard to make a blanket statement about all deaf people. Some deaf people don’t even know American Sign Language. Generally, it is important to be able to use your hands for writing or typing or signing. Unless you can speak, the effectiveness of which can depend on a number of factors.

      For her, it seems like signing would be important for communication.

  2. foxyladi14 says:

    self defense pure and simple

  3. timothy2010 says:

    In defense of DA’s I have known a couple who lasted a few years on the job and in my experience they take a hard look at the evidence and proceed according to the law. Most are not looking for a gig on cnn. This made the news so I am sure higher up politicians will see which way the wind is blowing before pulling the strings. According to a former Staten Island DA I knew years ago there exists a psychological profile of the battered and the batterer which they immediately refer to. He claimed the biggest red flag was did she during the course of their relationship become isolated/alienated from her family and friends and as a result have no one to turn to. And then gradually he asserts a total control over her. Moving to a place where she is unknown and unconnected is a flag as well. Pig fucking beaters pray on the weak, lonely disenfranchased I tended bar in Manhattan and witnessed hundreds of guys creeping up on a women who were already beyond drunk
    Not a lot you can do. Ask the guy to move on. Offer to get her a cab. If’s she’s lit all you can do is not serve anymore. Scary thing about really skinny girls they can kick back two Martini’s and you think that okay but you don’t know what they have had before and then boom centered young woman becomes a puddle falling for any guy who’ll pay them a moment’s attention.
    But back to the case at hand whoa if her hands were injured and she is deaf the DA’s office should have had her placed in a medical/mental health facility and not in jail. Even more so if they could readily ascertain that he had a history of violence.
    Either there is more to the case or the DA is getting a kickback from the lawyer who is going to sue for all kinds of reasons. Or just in a small town have no clue as to what they are doing.

  4. JeanLouise says:

    Unfortunately, she’s going to have a hard time no matter what kind of mainstream facility that she’s placed in. I really feel for her. I have no doubt that she’s been brushed off by people who should have helped her just because it’s frequently so difficult to communicate with the hearing impaired.

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