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Assimilated into the Oborg

Nekkid Capitolism It’s bad enough that what passes for the left has been kneecapped by the Obama Administration. The ambiguous campaign promise “Change you can believe in” has turned out to be a Nixon-goes-to-China series of moves to the right … Continue reading

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Dick Lincoln shoulda studied history

Dick: Abraham Lincoln. Here’s a guy who didn’t believe in slavery, but his first priority was keeping the union. I’ve got a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation in my office, and if you read through it, most of the document … Continue reading

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When Sean Hannity has the moral high ground . . .

Here’s the latest Maher spew they’re talking about: Now, I’m not saying that sexism doesn’t exist and isn’t real. And we can’t, but we can’t throw around the word “sexist” just to stop people like me from pointing out that … Continue reading

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“Women don’t support women candidates . . .”

CNN: From Clinton to Palin to Bachmann: Why some Dems now support GOP women When Republican presidential candidate and tea party favorite Michele Bachmann was recently asked by Fox News’ Chris Wallace if she was “a flake,” the moment seemed … Continue reading

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Cowboy Curtis FTW

(I had to clean my monitor and keyboard after reading this.) Over at Legal Insurrection, Professor Jacobson asks: Why are there homeless people in San Francisco? To which “Cowboy Curtis” responds: Just because they’re poorly dressed, smell bad, and eat … Continue reading

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Liar, liar, pants on fire

Byron York: During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama often discussed his mother’s struggle with cancer. Ann Dunham spent the months before her death in 1995, Obama said, fighting with insurance companies that sought to deny her the coverage she … Continue reading

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It’s a trap!

Via Hot Air, Greg Sargent: Top Wisconsin Dems increasingly worried that GOP will protect Scott Walker from recall Top Democrats in Wisconsin are increasingly worried that Republicans will be able to prevent Governor Scott Walker from recall by engineering a … Continue reading

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It’s unnatural!

New Doll That Teaches How To Breast Feed Causing Controversy A new doll hitting stores in the U.S. is causing some controversy with parents. It’s called The Breast Milk Baby and it claims it teaches young girls how to breast … Continue reading

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“There is no American left”

Via Ann Althouse, Jack Craver in the Land of the Cheeseheads: WTDY, the radio station where I work part-time, can’t get in touch with Democratic candidates for Senate. They’re apparently not interested in discussing why “big labor” is only a … Continue reading

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They should have named it Operation Facepalm

PJ Media: Gunwalker: ATF Targets Were Actually FBI Informants It would be comical if we weren’t talking about dead federal agents and Mexican nationals. […] To simplify: the Department of Justice was paying ATF agents to ignore federal laws in … Continue reading

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