“There is no American left”

Via Ann Althouse, Jack Craver in the Land of the Cheeseheads:

WTDY, the radio station where I work part-time, can’t get in touch with Democratic candidates for Senate. They’re apparently not interested in discussing why “big labor” is only a big issue for Republicans now. Democrats make little mention of the issue that brought about this historic opportunity to take back the State Senate.

A while back I said that Walker’s war against collective bargaining has as much to do with the Democrats as the governor. Some agreed, but some were incredulous. One commenter argued that Walker’s union-busting was so outrageous that nobody could have possibly expected it.

And yet, we see the Democrats neglecting the issue yet again, suggesting that the debate over collective bargaining is not one they want to have during an election. If the major center-left party is unwilling to engage in labor issues, how can we possibly be surprised when the right cracks down on labor? Republican anti-union efforts are enabled by Democrats who either believe organized labor to be a thing of the past or are told by consultants that it is not a winning issue.

Democrats get tons of money from unions, but they get even more from corporations. I would argue that the party’s current posture on unions is evidence of its attempt to straddle straddle both interests. It shows its support for labor by working for the existing unions, mainly found in isolated pockets of the economy, especially the declining manufacturing sector and the public sector. However, it does not show vocal support for efforts to expand unionization, especially in the service economy. This keeps its supporters in big business happy.

What’s incredible, however, is how willingly the American people entertain the notion that the Democratic Party is anti-business or left wing. Let’s be clear: There is no American left. There used to be. But the right has taken over the dialogue in the last 30 years, and convinced us that any move towards an economic system championed by Roosevelt, Truman or Eisenhower represents an attack against American capitalist values.

The Cheesehead Democrats want to recall these GOPer state senators because of their votes on collective bargaining for government employees. So why don’t they want to talk about collective bargaining for government employees?

Maybe the real purpose of the recall is power – the Republicans have it and the Democrats want it.

The recall campaigns have branched out into issues far beyond the fight over collective bargaining that sparked them.

The ads that have aired in recent weeks have delved into candidates’ personal histories, gaffes and legal problems, into the broader battle over the state budget, and into federal issues like Medicare.

Gov. Walker’s push against collective bargaining for public employees is mostly absent from the broadcast advertising, either because strategists believe most voters have made up their mind about that issue or because they think other messages are more effective.

“We had all this drama about collective bargaining, but what is driving the advertising is fairly straightforward messaging about taxes and spending,” says Goldstein, a longtime University of Wisconsin-Madison professor. “Democrats are criticizing Republicans for cutting education, and Republicans are criticizing Democrats for raising taxes and being fiscally irresponsible. And both are criticizing each other for any personal failing they can find.”

Democrats and labor have sought to nationalize these races in one big way, airing ads portraying Republican state lawmakers as supporters of the Medicare overhaul proposed by Janesville Republican Congressman Paul Ryan.

As of last week, groups and candidates on the Democratic side had outspent those on the Republican side by almost 2-to-1 on broadcast television in the state’s biggest TV markets, according to CMAG.

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14 Responses to “There is no American left”

  1. myiq2xu says:

    First recall election in Wisconsin kicks off

    On Tuesday, the Wisconsin recall elections begins in earnest, with Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen facing off against the Republican challenger David VanderLeest in the first actual recall election.

    Initially Republicans saw it as their “second best chance to pick off a Democrat,” said University of Wisconsin, Madison political science professor Charles Franklin in a conversation exactly a month ago.

    The district itself does not lean strongly Republican or strongly Democrat – “it hasn’t gone big for Obama or Walker,” explained Franklin. Moreover, Hansen’s opponent the last time around was fairly weak, so there was hope that a stronger opponent could oust him.

    Unfortunately for Republicans, VanderLeest is not that strong opponent they might have been searching for. The wind farm developer has raised a total of just $2,000 for his campaign, a pittance compared to his opponent’s $318,000 haul since April.

    He also has a criminal record, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, “including a couple of disorderly conduct convictions, $25,000 in unpaid property taxes and allegations of domestic abuse.”

    A Daily Kos poll released Monday found that 62 percent of likely voters in SD-30 said they would vote for Hansen, and just 34 percent said they would vote for VanderLeest.

  2. WMCB says:

    But…but….but…… this was NEVER about just getting a do-over for an election because they are pissed off. It’s all about the public unions losing (some) collective bargaining rights!

    Right? Right?

    Um, so why don’t they even want to talk about the ostensible reason for their recall candidacy?

    • Dogmatic commenter says:

      Because Walker is a poopy-head is why!

    • If we could recall Obama, would you refrain?

      • myiq2xu says:

        I would refrain, because it’s not just about Obama.

        We need stability and continuity of government. It would be chaos if every year or two we were having recall elections.

        It cuts both ways – I don’t want a POTUS I like getting recalled either.

        • That depends on the threshold for initiating recall. And whether it’s worse to go ahead and recall a bad choice, than to fight him at his every step till the next scheduled election.

        • myiq2xu says:

          What do you think the threshold should be?

          What if a 2/3 vote was required to recall an elected official?

  3. Mary says:

    And a thief!!! (snort)

    (Dontcha wonder how much money the unions have put up to FUND those negative ads?)

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