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Proxy Fights

Let’s say you get yelled at by your boss and you stand there and take it. When you go home and (metaphorically) kick the dog, that’s a proxy fight. You don’t want to fight the real right, so you have … Continue reading

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You know what they’re gonna say

As soon as I saw the headline from Pew Research Center I knew what the Obots were gonna say the reason was: GOP Makes Big Gains among White Voters Especially among the Young and Poor As the country enters into … Continue reading

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Fuck ’em and the donkey they rode in on

I love a good rant, and Riverdaughter has posted a couple of doozies the past two days. Real stream-of-consciousness spleen venting. Awesome. Thursday: The Ass in the Room Friday: Messaging We’re seeing a lot of effort lately by Dick and … Continue reading

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