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GOP Women Naked Meme Mudwrestling

Watch this clip and you will be shocked and amazed to see Sarah Palin being publicly treated in a polite and respectful manner right in front of people and animals at the Iowa state fair. Not only that but Mean … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Obama

Upstate Political Report: Standing in Weinstein’s basement, Obama said his troubles are like the ones facing Cuomo. “When I ran in 2008, I think that a lot of folks believed we elect Obama and suddenly we’re going to fix politics … Continue reading

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It’s only self-abuse if you do it right

The Results Are In: First National Study of Teen Masturbation Masturbation has long been considered a normal sexual behavior for children, and now the first nationally representative study of the practice finds — er, confirms — that teen boys, more … Continue reading

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