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This is disgusting

KBR Requests That Losing Rape Claimant Pay Company’s Legal Fees The skirmishing has not yet subsided in the high-profile suit brought by Jamie Leigh Jones, the Houston woman who claimed that she was raped while working in Iraq for defense … Continue reading

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All You Can Tax Buffet

Warren Buffet has recently claimed that he is paying too low of a tax rate without even trying and the federal government needs higher taxes on the rich. This is supposedly a bold statement as he has a lot of … Continue reading

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What happened to Michele Bachmann, crackskullbob and blood is thicker than water

What happened to Michele Bachmann? A little over a week ago Michele Bachmann won the all-important but meaningless Ames Straw Poll. Afterward she immediately dropped off the media radar. Last month she was the Antichrist. Now she gets treated like … Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for

Steve Kornacki at Salon: How to make Sarah Palin disappear The safe bet remains that Sarah Palin is simply engaged in a long and tiresome tease. Every few weeks comes some new sign of her supposedly imminent entry into the … Continue reading

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Remember when we wanted to make Bush a one-term president?

This is getting ridiculous: Beware the tea party, Jesse Jackson, Frederica Wilson and black Democrats say at jobs meeting Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus are in Miami Tuesday to host a jobs fair, part of their five-city tour … Continue reading

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Pay me now or pay me later

I read this: Shoplifting, Employment, And Keynesian Economics Grover Norquist posits on Twitter that “If Keynesian economics worked—shoplifting would create jobs.” It seems to me that in an economy with high unemployment and excess capacity, a temporary increase in shoplifting … Continue reading

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You need to blame yourselves too

Norman Mathews at CommonDreams: Time to Reset Our Moral Compass Progressives are suffering from debilitating cognitive dissonance. Incapable of reconciling President Obama’s rhetoric with his actions, they have created an elaborate, but flimsy, structure of rationales to harmonize this dissonance. … Continue reading

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Obama’s people

Obama’s Fantasy Island In Obama’s halcyon days, right after the campaign but before that governing part, three-fourths of Vineyard voters cast ballots for the Hope-Change ticket. They overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution on that same Election Day declaring health care … Continue reading

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