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One Out of Six is Bad

Jackass is pretty much wrong on all his promises from the nomination speech. Provide care for the sick? Nope. 1500 waivers and counting and people still don’t know what Obamacare is. Jobs for the jobless? Austin Goolsbie puts the number … Continue reading

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Homework assignment

Those of you who still have power on Sunday night have a homework assignment. At 10 pm eastern (7 pm pacific) you should watch the 9-11 interview with George Bush. We are the first jury of history, and he is … Continue reading

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This is an open thread.

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That’s a “woo-lick”

NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott described a “woo-lick” as the type of hit in which the crowd goes, “Woooo.” Michael Tomasky lays a woo-lick on the White House: Obama’s Team Is Blowing It We were told, as I recall, … Continue reading

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Dead cat bounce

New CNN Poll: Support for Libya jumps but no bounce for president Support for U.S. military action in Libya has skyrocketed nearly 20 points in the wake of this week’s events in Tripoli, but most Americans don’t see the rebel … Continue reading

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I’m getting real tired of waiting out this marriage

Mattel creates Tim and Faith Barbie Dolls Mattel says it will release a Tim McGraw-Faith Hill doll set to coincide with the U.S. country singing couple’s upcoming 15th wedding anniversary. I’ve been waiting for 15 years for Tim to screw … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene Live-Blog

This post is to discuss Hurricane Irene and related issues. It is stickied to the top of our front-page. There are other posts on other topics below this one.

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It’s not just the money

From Tampa Bay Online: Welfare drug-testing yields 2% positive results Since the state began testing welfare applicants for drugs in July, about 2 percent have tested positive, preliminary data shows. Ninety-six percent proved to be drug free — leaving the … Continue reading

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Same planet, different realities

Read this: On the Future of Libya We join the Libyan people in gratefulness as we hear of Col. Gaddafi’s defeat. The fall of a tyrant and sponsor of terrorism is a great day for freedom-loving people around the world. … Continue reading

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The new civility

Tommy Christopher says Mitt is angry: ‘Angry’ Mitt Romney ‘Loses His Cool’ With Voter At New Hampshire Town Hall Former GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney got into a heated exchange with a voter at a New Hampshire town hall event … Continue reading

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This could get really ugly

Yesterday from WunderBlog (via Hot Air): I am most concerned about the storm surge danger to North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and the rest of the New England coast. Irene is capable of inundating portions of … Continue reading

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Next week: frogs and locusts

This post isn’t about Irene. Matt Taibbi: Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal A power play is underway in the foreclosure arena, according to the New York Times. On the one side is Eric Schneiderman, the New York … Continue reading

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