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New York City Bars Dogs from Bars

In New York, dogs can take the witness stand at a criminal trial. But at least in New York City, they’re not allowed to go into bars.

NYC regulators recently banned dogs from bars, even those with outdoor seating areas and those that serve only beverages:

[I]t has always been a violation of the city’s health code to allow a dog anywhere near a beer tap. But for years, this has been one of the most widely — and gleefully — violated rules in the city.

Not any more.

Since the health department adopted a letter grade system for bars and restaurants last year, bar owners say, health inspectors are allowing no wiggle room for four-legged patrons….

During inspections, many owners said they were surprised to learn that dogs were not allowed even in outdoor seating areas. Neither does a bar’s dearth of actual food products provide any cover. “Beer, wine and spirits have always been classified as food,” a department spokeswoman wrote in an e-mail. Only service dogs are permitted in spaces that serve food or drink of any kind.

As Thom Lambert points out, this is a ridiculous regulation. Dogs near food service areas do pose some risks. But as anyone who has a dog and a kitchen at home knows, they are fairly easy to minimize. More fundamentally, most people can readily understand the (very small) risks involved and decide for themselves whether they want to patronize a dog-friendly bar or not. Market incentives can and do supply plenty of dog-free watering holes for those who don’t want to take the risk of guzzling beer near canines, or simply don’t like dogs.

As long as the dog is at least three years old (21 in dog years) what’s the problem? If you train them right they make good designated drivers.

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3 Responses to There goes a bunch of good jokes

  1. yttik says:

    This seems like yet another unnecessary law. If you don’t like dogs in your bar, go to another bar. Besides some basic health and safety regulations, I really think the Gov should leave private businesses alone.

    In the town I live in we used to have 25 bars. You could actually smoke cigarettes and cigars in most of them, wear your flippers and wetsuit, drink with your dog. “Food service” meant they put a bowl of peanuts on the counter. Over the years they’ve shut down, one by one. First came the wetsuit bans, the dog bans, the smoking bans. Liquor in this state is also controlled by the Gov, so I think we have more raids then they did during prohibition. A lot of old timers now make wine, beer, and cordials, and sit in the neighbors backyard to have a drink. It’s more relaxing.

  2. HELENK says:

    My son lives in Orlando Fla and he goes to a bar where his dog Maggie is more than welcome and everybody knows her name.
    If you have a well trained dog there should be no problem. There is more likely hood of being annoyed by a drunk than a dog.

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