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What the Hell Did I Do?

On PUMA blogs, there was much wailing and rending of garments over the act of voting for Republican John McCain for the first time in Democrat-only voting histories. Sadly, it did not change the game in 2008. I suspect peer … Continue reading

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Now that’s what I call public service

SFgate: Crash witnesses make off with spilled marijuana A pickup truck hauling large bags of marijuana overturned and spilled its load in south San Jose, but passers-by took care of much of the cleanup, police said today. Onlookers rushed to … Continue reading

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(This is not an Onion parody) Tommy Christopher: Speaker John Boehner Should Resign For His Unprecedented Insult To The President The mainstream media, and even some in the liberal opinion media, have completely missed the point of President Obama’s dust-up … Continue reading

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Arrogant Pricks

W.H. furious over speech delay It seemed like a trivial matter: On Wednesday, House Republicans forced the president to delay his speech to a joint session of Congress by one day. Who cares? The White House cares. Very much. “It … Continue reading

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Al Sharpton’s seat-warmer: So, this leads to the eternal question of whether Obama is just weak or if he is a brilliant strategist who has been playing rope-a-dope all along. I am so silly that I still had hope. My … Continue reading

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We have a winner!

I was wondering who would be the first one to play it. The winner is the ironically named Zandar Versus The Stupid: To recap, until President Obama came along, no President had ever been publicly turned down tor a request … Continue reading

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I feel like I should be smoking a cigarette or cuddling or something

The Great Speech Kerfuffle Of 2011 Reveals The Weakness Of The Obama Presidency Over at The Washington Post, for example, James Downie argues that the entire incident should cause Democrats grave concern: If this was an attempt to make Republicans … Continue reading

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