Double Standard

From Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast:

Well, I guess Boehner “put him in his place”

Yesterday Randi Rhodes played the clip of Limbaugh screeching about how John Boehner has to “put the guy in his place” about the timing of his speech on jobs. When you talk about putting someone in his place, and the person you’re talking about is black, it is a racial remark, no matter how red faced and sputtering Limbaugh may be in denial of that fact. But if you still don’t believe it, look at the graphic. Look at the photograph, which deliberately depicts the black President of the United States supplicating himself before a white (well, ok, orange) man.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online defines putting someone in their place as:

“to tell or show someone that they are less important than they thought they were”

Notice that the author asserts that it is only a racial remark if “the person you’re talking about is black.” She leaves out “and if the person saying it is white.” Otherwise it is a perfectly good English phrase.

White people can use it when talking about other white people and black people can use it when talking about people of any color. If someone said “Obama put Boehner in his place” it would not be a racial remark.

This is how things work in post-racial America.

But wait! There’s more:

Boehner just pulled a “boy you best get off the sidewalk and let a white man pass moment”; in his demand that the President reschedule his jobs speech scheduled for next week before Congress. If President Obama is not careful the Right may get him for “reckless eyeballing.”

I get the feeling that Jill is judging John Boehner based on the color of his skin.

BTW – The picture Jill is referring to was not photoshopped (other than to add Disgusting Pigboy with the bullhorn.) It is a picture from this year’s State of the Union address. President Obama isn’t “supplicating himself,” he’s shaking hands with Speaker Boehner. The Vice President and the Speaker of the House always sit behind the President during the SOTU.

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24 Responses to Double Standard

  1. ncguy says:

    Is the consensus here to vote for whoever the Republican candidate is in 2012, or are there some Republican candidates that would make you vote for Obama or stay home?

    I’m torn, because I really despise what Obama has done to the Dem party, but I don’t know if I can fill in the bubble for Bachman or Perry. I’m hoping Trump gets into the race as an independent. I’d really like him to win, just so I could see him say to Obama, “You’re fired!”. I realize, though, that there is a very low probability of that happening, and what would happen instead is he would split the vote with the Rep candidate and hand Obi the win.

  2. Mimi says:

    The racial argument is too late. It was an obvious petty bully stunt from the beginning. They leaked it or twittered it without written confirmation to cover their stupid butts. Get it in writing or at least recorded or stop whining. They did not CYA so they had to cave. A plan to steal the thunder of the Republican debate was hatched instead of coming up with a jobs plan of which they do not have a clue. The speech is “being written” and they are spending their time being outraged instead of buckling down and working. It is much easier to plan stunts and be outraged all the time instead of working on public policy for months or years. It is simply lazy.

    The argument that that Obama has to be supported because the other side is so insane is breaking down. Limiting choices has been Obama’s entire career. He takes away choices by rigging primaries, changing the rules, exposing private lives, using the race card and anything else that can limit the choice to only him or what his cronies want. The very idea that he is the only choice for the public is not only false, it is dangerous. He could withdraw from 2012 and let the public pick a real Democrat to run against Republicans. He has to limit choices otherwise no one would ever have chosen him for anything and he knows it. The public will not choose to watch him babble so he has to try to make us captive and it is not working anymore

    • Mary says:

      Honk! It’s all an avoidance , to distract from what he hasn’t achieved for the country. It won’t work, except for the small, rabid base.

      It’s really sickening.

      • Mimi says:

        It would suggest that he never got picked at dodge ball. If there were three people he would not get chosen so he made sure it was only him to choose. It may have had something to do with his mother picking his sister to stay with her and shipping him off. He did not get picked so he makes sure there is no other choice. Or something. Why the Dem Party puts up with this is a puzzlement. I guess they want to go the way of the DoDo bird rather than admit they screwed up.

        • myiq2xu says:

          Maya Soetoro was born in 1970. She was about a year old when Barack returned to live in Hawaii.

          Maybe Barack liked being an only child?

  3. votermom says:

    Btw, wordpress is raycist. It keeps logging me out.

  4. bevwky says:

    Hmm. So is it going to automatically be sexist when the President of the United States is a woman and standing lower than the Speaker and the Vice President during one of these speeches in the House?

    These people truly need to get some perspective.

    In life.

    And a different argument while they’re at it. Cause this one getting old fast.

  5. Dario says:

    But if you still don’t believe it, look at the graphic. Look at the photograph, which deliberately depicts the black President of the United States supplicating himself before a white (well, ok, orange) man.

    And Biden applauds that Obama says: “Please Master Boehner”.

    The koolaid drinkers think that they are defending Obama, but what they are doing is pulling him down even more.

  6. WMCB says:

    Is CBS finally doing some actual journalism?

    They are reporting today that the US Atty General in AZ tried to cover up a murder’s link to Gunwalker:

    In a letter, Grassley and Issa say the lead prosecutor on Fast and Furious, Assistant US Attorney Emory Hurley, learned almost immediately that guns allowed onto the street in his case, had been recovered at Terry’s murder. “(I)n the hours after Agent Terry’s death,” says the letter from Grassley and Issa, Hurley apparently “contemplated the connection between the two cases and sought to prevent the connection from being disclosed.” The Justice Department recently transferred Hurley out of the criminal division into the civil division.

    An internal ATF email dated the day after Terry’s death reveals the quick decision to not disclose the source of the weapons found at the murder scene: “… this way we do not divulge our current case (Fast and Furious) or the Border Patrol shooting case.”

    Another ATF email indicates that the justification both offices used to not charge the suspect with crimes related to the murder scene “was to not ‘complicate’ the FBI’s investigation.”

    ATF whistleblowers revealed the link between the two cases to Congressional investigators and CBS News, saying their supervisors were attempting to cover it up.

    This is disgusting. I want to know what Holder and Obama knew, and when they knew it.

    • WMCB says:

      Oh, and the investigative reporter here? A woman.

    • ralphb says:

      CBS has been covering “Fast and Furious” for some time now and doing a pretty good job of it. It just never gets picked up by any other news orgs so it’s not amplified to break through the normal screeching.

    • Mary says:

      I watched the C-Span hearing when they had the group of agents, etc. giving testimony.

      When asked by Issa if the ATF supervisors feared the gun that shot Gabby Giffords may have been one of the Gun Running scheme, the agents said , firmly, “Yes, ” and clamped down tightly on any information going public.

  7. ralphb says:

    Yesterday Randi Rhodes played

    Someone still listens to Randi Rhodes? I hoped she disappeared.

  8. yttik says:

    This constant obsession with race is really racist. It’s like nobody can just let Obama be a person, they have to constantly remind everybody that he’s black, but not black as something positive, black as a constant reminder that everybody hates you. How could you not start to get a complex listening to all your supposed “non racist” supporters wallowing in all that self righteousness? Do they ever point out that he’s black and relate it to something good? Never. Here we have this wealthy, powerful guy, who went on to become leader of the free world, and everybody seems to just want to keep reminding him he’s oppressed, he’s persecuted, everybody hates him. I can’t stand his so called leadership, but as a country we really need to stop dragging people down like this.

    • WMCB says:

      I can imagine it must be pretty discouraging to the average black person as well. I mean, the message ends up being, “No matter what you achieve, it will never be good enough, so just shut up and let the Democratic Party protect you from the big bad raycist world.”

      If you relate race relations to things that people understand, like other relationships, you can see how this strategy is so destructive. What if I was in a marriage, and 30 years ago my husband cheated on me? Yeah, it was bad, and he was a pig for doing it. But he was sorrowful, and worked really hard for 30 years to make it up to me.

      How long would my marriage last if I was surrounded by people constantly telling me, “He didn’t call at lunch? He’s probably still a cheater! He said that your friend Sally is smart and impressive? He secretly wants to screw her! Look at all those subtle “dogwhistle” cues he’s giving you that he is still a pig at heart!”

      There reaches a point where you have to let go of it if you are ever going to get past it. Not that things are perfect. Not that problems don’t ever exist. But you can’t allow the guilt card to be your fallback defense to every present conflict “I might have been an ass just now, but remember that YOU cheated on me 30 years ago, and I’m going to remind you of it every time we disagree!!” Not that what happened in the past was not genuinely AWFUL. But hanging on to and looking for a reminder of that grievance in every gesture or word, or using it as a handy bludgeon to get your way in unrelated matters, is a recipe for never, ever, EVER having a healthy relationship.

      I really don’t see race relations as much different.

      • myiq2xu says:

        A lot of these people playing the race card weren’t even alive during Jim Crow.

        • WMCB says:

          That was one of Alan West’s responses to this crap. He said he grew up in Georgia, and his parents grew up there in the 20’s. He knows what racism, and wanting to hang a black man from a tree is. And he was disgusted that some would use that very real and painful imagery as a nothing more than handy bludgeon to silence political disagreement.

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