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Run, Sarah, Run?

Sarah Palin gave a sort of anticipated speech today at a Tea Party rally. A few days earlier, it was suspected that Palin could announce a run for the presidency. She did give her proposal to create jobs and went … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin gave a speech today. She talked for about forty minutes. As many people expected, she didn’t announce she was running for the GOP nomination, but she did talk about several things including her ideas to improve the economy … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

Looks like Ralph and Jimmy are going to play Star Trek. This is an open thread.

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Indianola Speech Live-Blog

Anonymous sources have provided us with a copy of the following email: Date: September 3, 2011 To: XXXXXXXX From: David Axelrod, America For Obama Dear Friend: The Wasilla Chillbilly will be giving another crappy speech today. It is important that … Continue reading

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I was afraid of this

The Guardian: Julian Assange faces arrest in Australia over unredacted WikiLeaks cables Government says at least one intelligence official identified after complete cache of cables was published Julian Assange could face prosecution in Australia after publishing sensitive information about government … Continue reading

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The answer is Hillary Clinton

Real Clear Politics: Eugene Robinson Defends Obama: “I Wonder Who Could Have Done Better?” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson: “The bleeding has been stanched. Now, maybe somebody could have come in and done all of that and also got the … Continue reading

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Something smells fishy

When I first saw this story I was snarking about it: Unexpected Detour: Marine One Forced to Land In a highly unusual maneuver, President Obama’s 30 minute flight to the Presidential mountain retreat at Camp David this afternoon was diverted … Continue reading

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Racist Mother Nature disrespects Obama, he caves and re-routes flight

Weather forces Obama to switch from chopper The White House says bad weather forced President Barack Obama to switch from his presidential helicopter, Marine One, en route to Camp David and board a motorcade to get to the presidential retreat … Continue reading

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Flashback: A star is born

It was the highest rated speech of the entire 2008 campaign. It made Journolistas crap in their Underoos: Sarah Palin’s speech to the 2008 Republican convention impressed more than a few doubters, including even some members of Journolist, an online … Continue reading

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