Too late, you signed in blood

Common Dreams:

“I know [Obama] thinks all these people voted for him and they have nowhere to go in 2012 because the Republicans are worse,” said Nader, speaking during yet another day of White House protests against a proposed tar-sands-oil pipeline from Canada. “But they can stay home.

They can closet their enthusiasm. They can end their contributions to him. And that’s not what he needs to be reelected.”

A similar warning came from MoveOn Executive Director Justin Ruben, calling the ozone decision just the latest in a series of disappointments.

“Many MoveOn members are wondering today how they can ever work for President Obama’s reelection, or make the case for him to their neighbors, when he does something like this, after extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and giving in to tea party demands on the debt deal,” Ruben said in a statement. “This is a decision we’d expect from George W. Bush.”

Let’s jump in the Wayback machine and go back to February 1, 2008:

MoveOn Endorses Obama

Senator Barack Obama has won the endorsement today from the membership of MoveOn.

In a vote of the group’s members, Mr. Obama outpaced Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton 70 percent to 30 percent. The political action committee of has 3.2 million members across the country, including 1.7 million members who live in the 22 states with Democratic primaries or caucuses on Tuesday.

“Our members’ endorsement of Senator Obama is a clear call for a new America at this critical moment in history,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of MoveOn. He added, “The enormity of the challenges require someone who knows how to inspire millions to get involved to change the direction of our country, and someone who will be willing to change business as usual in Washington.”

With John Edwards out of the race, and Super Tuesday quickly approaching, members of the grassroots group polled their membership on Thursday and Friday and they decided to endorse Mr. Obama. It is the first time the group has offered an endorsement in a Democratic presidential primary.


It was unclear how many people took part in the on-line endorsement proceedings.

It’s not unclear

MoveOn claimed 3.2 million members, and gave the vote results as 197,444 for Obama and 83,084 for Clinton. Running the percentages, I found that 6.2% of MoveOn members voted for Obama, which I personally would not consider a landslide. 91.2% of MoveOn’s members were not counted at all in considering the endorsement.

MoveOn can boo-hoo all they want, they still have to take a big bite of the Shit Sandwich of Blame.

Don’t worry guys, it comes with arugula and that fancy mustard, and you can wash it down with a PBR.

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14 Responses to Too late, you signed in blood

  1. DeniseVB says:

    From wiki:

    According to an article in the Washington Post dated March 10, 2004:

    “The Democratic 527 organizations have drawn support from some wealthy liberals determined to defeat Bush. They include financier George Soros who gave $1.46 million to Voter Fund (in the form of matching funds to recruit additional small donors); Peter B. Lewis, chief executive of the Progressive Corp., who gave $500,000 to Voter Fund; and Linda Pritzker, of the Hyatt hotel family, and her Sustainable World Corp., who gave $4 million to the joint fundraising committee.”

    Funny that moveon basically evolved into a Koch Brothers/Tea Party bashing group when their very sugary sugar daddy is George Soros 😉

    I’ll guess $oro$ money had a lot to do with that endorsement, eh?

    • Mary says:

      Well, duh. 🙂 Soros et al (yes, Virginia–Dems and libs have crony corporation supporters, too) BOUGHT them.

      Money talks, eh?

  2. Mary says:

    Good point. They can just stay home, like the conservatives did in 2008.

    How quickly it changes; this time the disillusioned Dems stay home, and the motivated Repubs come out in droves.

    There are just so many times you can sneer at fellow Americans and call them bitter, clingy, ignorant knuckle draggers, ya know. One would think the Dem Party would know that. Guess not.

  3. SYD says:

    I remember well the day I “unjoined” Move-On. And our family ceased all donations.

    They were looking for any excuse to endorse Obama. When they got their measly 6% response… they ran with it.

    Move-On is not “of the people.” It is a bought and paid for franchise of the DNC.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Me too. That Obama endorsement cost them a lot of supporters since it was so obvious it was more an anti-Hillary move than what’s best for We The People…..:D

      Now they’re just another Soros attack dog along with Media Matters and Huffington Post which also received a million or so each.

      • imustprotest says:

        Yep! Same for me. They sent out an email first to get the “opinion” whether or not they should endorse anyone before the GE. I responded Noooooo!! They of course had no intention of listening, they had already decided. I also “unjoined” on that day.

  4. Fuck MoveOn and the horse they rode in on .

  5. Mimi says:

    The end of a love affair is always so sad. Sniff. If it is a marriage it is even sadder. If it is a marriage with a pre-nup is heart breaking. All that hope and effort for nothing but heartache and betrayal. Wasted adoration, lost friends, humiliation, abuse, estrangement from family and friends all for naught. Then comes the shame of knowing you were duped and robbed with your own consent. The public humiliation and professional ridicule from being a known dumbass. My heart is breaking for their pain. NOT!

  6. Dario says:

    I have nothing but contempt for the MoveOn, the MoDo, and all the rest of the media that pushed Obama’s candidacy.

  7. yttik says:

    MoveOn can certainly bite me. I will never forget that corrupt and rigged membership vote that led to their Obama endorsement.

  8. 1539days says:

    Wow. Didn’t MoveOn start as a pro-Clinton group demanding that the Congress “move on” from Whitewater?

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