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Blaming the wrong people

Yves Smith at Nekkid Capitalism: The Decline of Manufacturing in America: A Case Study One frequent and frustrating line that often crops up in the comments section of this blog is that American labor has no hope, it should just … Continue reading

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Obama’s Labor Day Speechification

I’m not going to ruin your day by playing it. Here’s a couple tweets:   James Taranto: Shorter Obama: Re-elect me, and the whole country can be as successful and prosperous as Detroit. JammieWearingFool: Another historic first for @BarackObama. This … Continue reading

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The F**king Union That Works For You!

This is an open thread.

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Blue Collar Music

Wikipedia: Union membership had been steadily declining in the US since 1983. In 2007, the labor department reported the first increase in union memberships in 25 years and the largest increase since 1979. Most of the recent gains in union … Continue reading

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Leave Obama Alone!

Jonathan Chait: What the Left Doesn’t Understand About Obama This has been the summer that liberal discontent with Obama has finally crystallized. The frustration has been simmering for a while — through centrist appointments, bank bailouts and the defeat of … Continue reading

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Blue Collar Liberalism

From Ace of Spades: The New York Daily News is the liberal-leaning tabloid. More of a blue-collar liberalism (as opposed to the New York Times’ moneyed-set liberalism), but still liberal. The post has to do with Anthony (Here’s a picture … Continue reading

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