Now the shoe is on the other foot

Hot Air:

Tapper grills Carney: Why isn’t it fair to blame Obama for Hoffa’s remarks?

Nice catch by JT. I’d forgotten about this incident from Campaign ’08, when McCain apologized for Bill Cunningham’s reference to “Barack Hussein Obama” in his intro at one of Maverick’s rallies. By comparison, not only is Hoffa not sorry for what he said, the best Carney can do by way of repudiation on Obama’s behalf is to say that no one speaks for The One (except him). Will that standard also apply to the Republican nominee next year? Of course not, but don’t expect any reporter there to challenge Carney on it later when the Democrats’ smear campaign against him/her gets going — except Tapper himself, of course. In fact, the new head of the DNC, who was one of the most adamant proponents of the “new tone” after the Tucson shooting, spent an entire segment on Fox News this morning deflecting questions about Hoffa rather than denouncing him. How soon things change.

Speaking of change, my favorite part of the Hoffa story is the left’s defense that he was talking specifically about voting when he called for taking those tea-party “sons of bitches” out. That’s super, but the whole point of the “new tone” demagoguery after Tucson was that intent doesn’t matter. Go re-read Palin’s Facebook post from March 2010 showcasing the crosshairs map that the media would make famous 10 months later. Sample quote: “This is just the first salvo in a fight to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington.” Elections. Voting. And yet it didn’t matter to our liberal betters after Giffords was shot; the argument then was that the political “climate” in America had become so heated that it was irresponsible to use violent rhetoric or imagery even in service to a perfectly pedestrian nonviolent call for voter turnout. Remember? We were all going to clean up our language lest the scrambled brains of the Jared Loughners of the world derive some sort of incitement to murder from them where none was intended. Fast forward eight months and here’s the president of the Teamsters coloring his own turnout plea with a bunch of war metaphors and a call to start taking “sons of bitches” out, oblivious to the possibility that Loughners might exist on his side as well. How’s that post-Tucson rhetorical standard working out for you now, liberal friends? Is that bed you made for yourselves comfortable?

The Obama double standard goes back farther than his general election campaign against John McCain.


Anytime some advisor or campaign staff member of Sen. Clinton makes some unfortunate remark, some of the “progressive” blogs of the Reality Based Community™ – and the “netroots” base of Sen. Obama – automatically conclude that the person speaks for Sen. Clinton. Yet, when it is time to evaluate whether Sen. Obama’s advisors or campaign staff speak for him, we all know that the answer to this question is Completely Different™. According to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Rulebook written by some of the great “progressive” blogs, portions of the so-called “netroots”, and their friends in the media and the Obama campaign, Sen. Obama’s advisors and staff only speak for him when he approves what they say and don’t speak for him when he doesn’t. It’s that simple, see!

We saw that play out repeatedly in the past few months. To cite just a few examples, here are the various people who were apparently NOT speaking for Sen. Obama:

The Obama campaign aide who urged the Press to look into Bill Clinton’s “post-presidential sex life”
The Obama superdelegate who had similar concerns about Bill Clinton
The Obama campaign aide(s) who circulated the race-baiting “D-Punjab” memo
Jesse Jackson Jr. and aides/advisors who accused the Clintons of race-baiting
Samantha Power who referred to Sen. Clinton as a “monster”

Hopenchange motherf**kers!

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  1. ralphb says:

    TX Fire report: FEMA to help pay firefighting costs

    AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Federal Emergency Management Agency on Tuesday authorized the use of federal funds to help fight fires in multiple counties in Texas.

    “We are committed to helping our state and local partners recover from these devastating fires,” said FEMA Region 6 Administrator Tony Russell. “These grants will assist in the efforts to protect life and property.”

    The announcement came after requests for assistance from from state officials.

    The fires have been burning in Bastrop County; Montgomery County; Travis County; Williamson County; and along the county lines of Grimes, Waller and Montgomery Counties.

    The addition of these seven latest Fire Management Assistance Grants brings the total of approved FMAGs for Texas to 52 so far in 2011.

    The authorization makes FEMA funding available to pay 75 percent of state and local government eligible firefighting costs under an approved grant for managing, mitigating and controlling designated fires.

    Looks like one of these fires was arson.

  2. ralphb says:

    Watch the speed as this fire spreads, from Bastrop.

  3. WMCB says:

    Hoffa and union leaders like him piss me off, just like today’s “feminists” piss me off.

    Why? Because Hoffa claims to speak for “the working man”, when in reality his definition of “working man” is limited to those in agreement with him politically and ideologically – any other “working men” can go suck eggs and are lumped in as sons of bitches.

    The “feminists” do the same thing. They claim to be all about helping and empowering women, but in reality they are all about empowering women that they approve of politically, and all the other women in the world are dumb Barbies and sluts and trash and fair game.

    Both the unions and the feminists are nothing more today than adjuncts of the Democratic Party. And until they break free of that, then the downfall of the Dems will be THEIR downfall too. That’s what happens when you spend decades inexorably submitting your supposed cause to the unquestioning service of a particular party.

    You become the Handmaidens and Gophers and Muscle of that party, and nothing more. You are butt-kissing lackeys. And the public sees you as such, no matter your claims to some higher ideal.

  4. myiq2xu says:

    Some nutball shot up an IHOP in Carson City today. I hope for Hoffa’s sake none of the victims was a Tea Party member.

  5. ralphb says:

    Super PAC backing Rick Perry to spend $55 million to beat rivals, documents reveal

    If journalists can dig into this PAC and find where the money is coming from, they can identify the next set of prime oligarchs.

    If it realizes its goals, the super PAC — which calls itself “Make Us Great Again” — will likely eclipse the financial operations of Perry’s official presidential campaign committee, according to some Republican consultants.

    “The super PAC will probably outspend the legal presidential deal,” said Scott Reed, a veteran GOP strategist. “Look, these super PACs have changed the way presidential campaigns are run.”
    George “Brint” Ryan, a wealthy Texas accountant and the co-founder with Toomey of Make Us Great Again, has pledged $500,000, according to the Perry supporter. Like some other prospective super PAC donors, Ryan has been a consistent backer of Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns — having contributed together with his wife a total of $563,334.

    Ryan also has benefited from Perry’s administration: Perry appointed him to the University of North Texas board of regents and the Dallas tax services firm Ryan runs was awarded $927,500 in tax rebates from a Texas Enterprise Zone program that Perry created.

    Speaking of “Pay To Play” on steroids, this kind of thing pisses me off.

  6. ralphb says:

    Matt Taibbi: Obama and Jobs: Why I Don’t Believe Him Anymore

    I was in an airport in Florida yesterday and was forced into a terrible, Sophie’s Choice-type choice.

    I was hours early for a flight and stuck in a relatively small terminal crammed with people. Only one area in the whole wing had empty seats; an unused gate that contained a TV blaring the CNN broadcast of Obama’s Labor Day speech at full volume.

    So it was either sit underneath a full-volume broadcast of our fearless president bellowing out his latest hollow promises, or the hellish alternative: retreat to gates full of screaming five year-old children, all of them jacked up on sugar and bawling their eyes out because it was the end of Labor Day weekend and their cruel parents were dragging them home from Disneyworld.

    I ended up choosing the screaming children.


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