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Republican Debate Live Blog

Republican Debate 2011: Reagan Library hosts GOP Presidential Candidates The Republican Candidates Debate at the Reagan Library happens tonight at 8pm. Eight Presidential candidates will square off in a debate co-moderated by John F. Harris of POLITICO and Brian Williams … Continue reading

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Quote of the Year

Eleanor Clift: Overall, though, labor is not happy with Obama. “Most workers voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries,” says a labor organizer who did not want to be quoted seeming to disparage the president. “Everywhere there were blue-collar workers, … Continue reading

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¿Cómo chinges “prebuttal?”

The smell of Democratic flopsweat is getting really bad: Democratic National Committee “prebuttal” to GOP presidential debate paints rivals as Tea Party extremists The Republican 2012 presidential contenders debate Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, … Continue reading

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Do your ears hang low?

Dumbo has nothing on this dog. This is an open thread. GOP Debate live-blog starts in three hours (+ or -) (h/t I Own the World)

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That’s not “asking questions”

According to Politicususa and Death and Taxes, three people were arrested at a Paul Ryan townhall for merely “asking questions.” When turning his town halls into PPV events didn’t keep the protesters away, Rep. Ryan did the next best thing. … Continue reading

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Silence is racist or something

Satire is dead: Pelosi Peeved Republicans Opt Out of Rebuttal to Obama Speech Republicans have decided they’re not going to give a rebuttal to President Obama’s jobs speech later this week, a decision House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi took as … Continue reading

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The New Daily Howler

The Incomparable Bob Somerby has moved to a new location. For those of you that have been in a coma for the past decade and a half, Bob pretty much invented political blogging. He’s been at it since 1998 – … Continue reading

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