Do your ears hang low?

Dumbo has nothing on this dog. This is an open thread.

GOP Debate live-blog starts in three hours (+ or -)

(h/t I Own the World)

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7 Responses to Do your ears hang low?

  1. DeniseVB says:

    I’m nervous excited for the debate tonight, so I’ll be here. A lot of pressure on Perry to WOW. Should be good theater, especially if NBC is throwing the hardballs…..coke or pepsi ?? Heh.

  2. gram cracker says:

    Since myiq2xu brought up the subject of hanging low, how about it guys, is your index finger shorter than your ring finger on your right hand? If so, you may be more attractive to women.

    Maybe I should apply for a grant for some of the unused stimulus money to study digit ratio correlations of US men.

  3. Monster from the Id says:

    The state of Georgia displays the persistence of a zombie in its efforts to execute Troy Davis, whose guilt is dubious at best.

    [I posted this on the last open thread, but it’s already pushed back to the 2nd page]

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