I’d rather get a Brazilian wax from Rosa Klebb

Matt Taibbi:

I was in an airport in Florida yesterday and was forced into a terrible, Sophie’s Choice-type choice.

I was hours early for a flight and stuck in a relatively small terminal crammed with people. Only one area in the whole wing had empty seats; an unused gate that contained a TV blaring the CNN broadcast of Obama’s Labor Day speech at full volume.

So it was either sit underneath a full-volume broadcast of our fearless president bellowing out his latest hollow promises, or the hellish alternative: retreat to gates full of screaming five year-old children, all of them jacked up on sugar and bawling their eyes out because it was the end of Labor Day weekend and their cruel parents were dragging them home from Disneyworld.

I ended up choosing the screaming children. The one open seat in a nearby gate was next to an extended family of Indian tourists. A four year-old boy from that group wearing a cape and brandishing a plastic light saber thought it was funny when he kept saber-swiping at my knees. But sitting through that was better than having to listen to Obama drape himself in Harry Trumanisms and talk about “shared prosperity.”

How far would you go to avoid listening to Obama read a speech?

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15 Responses to I’d rather get a Brazilian wax from Rosa Klebb

  1. Mimi says:

    Root canal. No gas.

  2. SYD says:

    What is it about airports that they always have to have CNN blaring in every wing? I am so sick of that!

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Glass shards in my ears.

  4. Of course, Taibbi lies as usual (remember him praising Teh One?). TV in terminals are on mute.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    WSJ didn’t like Romney’s economic plan.


    (hope this works, blockquote test, in case below looks screwy)

    Mitt Romney rolled out a major chunk of his economic agenda yesterday, and we’ll say this for it: His ideas are better than President Obama’s. Yet the 160 pages and 59 proposals also strike us as surprisingly timid and tactical considering our economic predicament. They’re a technocrat’s guide more than a reform manifesto.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Yay ! Easier than I thought 😀

      • votermom says:

        From the article:

        His section on “human capital” is also laudable, pointing out how little sense it makes to educate the world’s smartest young people in our universities only to send them home after they graduate. He’d offer more visas to keep more of them here.

        Hm, methinks the tea party is not going to like this. Nor, for that matter, laid-off scientists like RD. – Hey – Romney uniting left & right – whodathunk?

  6. Well, you could call the White House and listen to some dumb tape, then speak for a good cause:

    [ This is written in snake oil but worth doing anyway. ]

    Letter from National Resources Defense Council president regarding Obama’s caving in to ‘big oil’ and dumping smog protection rule
    “President Obama just dropped us like a hot potato.

    It happened on Friday, without warning, when the President cozied up to America’s biggest polluters and killed life-saving ozone smog rules that his EPA has been working on diligently for years.

    [T]he President’s pro-polluter stance is getting to be a bad habit. In the last month alone, the Obama Administration has given Shell tentative approval to drill off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge … flashed a preliminary green light for the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline … and now sided with corporate interests over every American who needs to breathe.
    And they have absolutely no reason to stop selling out our family’s health and natural heritage to big polluters until they feel our outrage and anger.

    I urge you to pick up the phone right now and give President Obama a piece of your mind.

    Call the White House comment line at: 202-456-1111.

    Tell the President you’re shocked at his decision to reject new standards for ozone smog. Tell him to defend the Clean Air Act against the latest attacks by House Republicans during his jobs speech on Thursday night. And urge him to show leadership once again by rejecting the Keystone XL tars sands pipeline, which could doom any hope for the clean energy future he promised us.

  7. Mary says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Taibbi will bitch and whine, but in the end, he’ll vote for Obama. True story.

  8. Mimi says:

    ‘Austin fire chief out of town as wildfires raged outside city
    Rhoda Mae Kerr says she would have returned if fires were in Austin.


    Updated: 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011

    As fires tore through hundreds of Central Texas homes, Austin officials dispatched nearly 200 of their firefighters to help across the region and issued an urgent request Sunday for 25 off-duty firefighters to report to work.

    But Austin Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr stayed in Colorado for a Labor Day weekend golfing trip, leaving subordinates largely in charge of her department’s response while keeping in touch by cellphone and email.

    Officials said Tuesday that her absence from the disaster did not hamper firefighting efforts, which were coordinated by county departments, and that she remained involved from afar in her department’s response.

    A top assistant also said that Kerr offered early on to return and that he emphasized to her that the fire was not in the city’s immediate territory.”

    Rhoda Mae must not have read read the fire warnings that have been plastered everywhere for the Labor Day weekend. Then she believed her aids when they told her they did not need her right before they called the press. But most all of the other personnel was called into work. Except her. Idiot.

    • ralphb says:

      She sounds like the Supt of Schools of AISD who spent a week in New York for a meeting and to take in some shows while subordinates were first putting together plans to layoff teachers and such.

      These folks are real leaders from the rear. In TX, Austin is the only city I’ve lived in which was controlled by recognizable Democrats. Plano was GOP controlled and ran like a Swiss watch. For example, in Austin the city council’s idea of planning for future traffic seems to be largely more bike lanes downtown and another pedestrian bridge over Town Lake,

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