Everything you need to know about Cheetoville

Some guy named Todd Bennett (aka Blue Tex) put up a post at Dailykos. What you see above is a screen shot of the header. Here’s a little bit of the post:

First of all I will say what I please as I don’t view you as the end all of Democratic discussion. I too agree with voting for Democrats. That is why Obama will never again get my vote. I have been around the block long enough to see Pubs steal populism, while we worry about fringe issue debates. We have lost the economic trust of the American people and deservedly so. I am an American before a Democrat.

If a real labor party is needed nothing you say will stop it. Ban away Bud, but your power is symbolic. You don’t scare me and your cavalier attitude towards free speech is abhorrent. Your petulance is emblematic of the new power base of this party, and I have better things to do, like elect real Democrats who care about jobs, not Trojan Horse pseudo intellectuals who think a stint at Harvard and the willingness to compromise make a leader. The true political war is coming, dear sir, and you will be shocked to find out who your true friends are. Ban away, terrorize the site, I could care less. Enjoy the crickets, as that may be all to be heard here. You elect your new and better neo-liberals, the New Dealers like me will be back with a different label.

I have watched my party devolve from a party of hard working laborers of all backgrounds, into a morass of self righteous freaks who lather themselves in the rhetoric of progress as defined solely by them. People who would throw away years of work on health care for purity, who would allow preteens to get abortions without parental consent, and who mock my God and those who would support Him. Yes I said it. I can be a Christian Democrat. The idea that someone prays or wants to wear a cross is somehow against the rigid secular tenets of the party. I don’t stand for that. Most mainstream Americans don’t. I stand for real values, the real values of FDR, Truman, and Kennedy, and to a lesser extent, Clinton. I stand for putting paychecks into people’s hands, not excuses. I stand for the radical notion that minorities don’t need paternalism to survive, they need safe streets and opportunity. I stand for education that puts children first, and I stand for a fair trade policy that creates jobs. I stand for heath care, not corporate giveaways that mandate junk coverage, but real health care, that covers everybody through progressive taxation. I stand for not being called a nut because I pray, and the right to scoff at science when I see fit. I stand for solving global warming but not banning away our way of life to do it. I stand for labor before gay marriage, and peace before war. I stand for parental authority, and teacher accountability. I stand also, for freedom, for the right to eat what I want, wear what I want and drive what I want. If you want to change someone, educate them. It is how we achieve reform in America and the hipster Berkeley fueled paternalistic nanny stating has to go, because, in case you did not get the point, I stand for America.

Here’s two of the comments:

Defeatist! (9+ / 0-)

Go ahead and stay home next November. Convince your friends and family, too. Celebrate the end of the United States of America.

Pushing a third party is a banable offense, but I won’t feed you a donut. I doubt you’ll reply to my comment. If you’re so damned fed up about Daily Kos, why not make this a GBCW diary?

Good night, and good luck.

Float like a manhole cover, sting like a sash weight! Clean Coal Is A Clinker!
by JeffW on Thu Sep 08, 2011 at 12:01:38 AM PDT

Yet You Joined (1+ / 0-)

I simply do not comprehend why Users don’t understand that Markos OWNS this site and can do what he wants.

It’s not your private playground. It’s his.

So rants like this one are silly and incomprehensible, like yelling at your host for not decorating their house to your taste, not serving the food you like to consume, and supporting their friends and not yours.

You seem to feel entitled to your opinions. Well, so does Kos.

Readers & Book Lovers Pull up a chair! You’re never too old to be a Meta Groupie

by Limelite on Thu Sep 08, 2011 at 05:31:04 AM PDT

Remember the good old days when Cheetoville was a “community” for liberals and progressives? Now it’s private property and slaved to the Democratic party.

Want to know why? Here’s a flashback:

El Cheeto Grande states that in 2008 GOS “easily broke $1 million in revenues” which begs the question:


What does a political blog have to sell other than advertising?

I also wonder who shares in that revenue? Not the majority of the diarists.

Now take a closer look at that screenshot:

(h/t votermom)

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17 Responses to Everything you need to know about Cheetoville

  1. votermom says:

    You know all the disgruntled cheetos will “reluctantly” pull the D lever in 2012 because omg the Tea Party Zombies will take over!

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I’m surprised that post is still up since he called out Markos. I agree, it’s Kos’s sandbox, the guy can go poop in someone elses 🙂

    I rarely go to my old haunts anymore because they’re no longer inspiring, still the same ole’ “you’re either with us, or the hell with you” mentality.

    They should soon realize they may have to vote their Messiah out in 2012 to take back their party. Or at least start a Draft Feingold…Hillary….anyone…..to scare the bejesus out of Obama.

    • votermom says:

      They should draft Gore. It will flatter his ego enough that he might do it, and give another reason for the the save-the-earths to be obnoxious.

      Edit to add: My fantasy is that Gore primaries BO, they start pulling each others hair on national tv, and at the convention the superstupiddelegates beg Hillary on their knees to accept the nomination.

    • WMCB says:

      Unlike the teapartiers, Cheetos are really not into scaring the bejesus out of their candidates. They are more into reassuring them that they will vote for them no matter what, while whining and begging to be listened to. Conservatives who sat on their hands in 2008 got told by critics that they would give the country Obama. And ya know what? They did. But longterm, it also gave them 2010, and politicians jumping through hoops to court them.

      The GOP establishment, despite their attempts to squash the teapartiers, are being dragged kicking and screaming into doing at least some of what they want. You don’t have to agree with the ideology to recognize an very effective strategy for political leverage. Their message to the politicians they seek to influence is now: “We’ve walked from the ballot box before, and we’ll do it again, fuckers.” Strangely, that results in a little more clout than: “You’re really really really really disappointing us, now how can we help you get elected?”

      Go figure.

      • DandyTiger says:

        Just like the parent who says to the misbehaving kid, now I really mean it this time, if you do that again, you’re going to be in trouble. That’s what they say about 200 times in a row. Amazing how that doesn’t work.

  3. blip says:

    Back in 2008, when I still read Firedoglake, I believe it was Blue Tex that was one of the earliest to go on anti-Hillary rants, putting up the most unflattering photos of her possible to accompany his tirades. It was his post that first made me realize how ugly the 2008 primaries were going to be.

    I think his self-righteous “go ahead and kick me because I pray” schtick is fairly creepy. “Labor before gay marriage” –WTF does that even mean? I guess his Texas style Christianity reveals his discomfort with my civil rights issue. I guess he thinks a bunch of lavender limp-wristed homos are ruining the Real Issues of the day for the Democrats. He can kiss my butt. Don’t include gays and lesbians in with your elitist rants. Marriage equality is an ECONOMIC issue for gays. Please throw away your stereotypes that all gays are wealthy 35 year old men who live in Palm Springs.

    Tex was an Obama true believer and a Hillary hater. Screw him and screw all of his Cheeto frat boy brothers. I mean, I’m glad he gets that he was fooled, but he’s still an idiot. Sorry, just don’t find his self-righteous screed touching. He’s the type who will get fooled over and over again.

    They were wrong went it counted. I do not trust any of them, even the ones who now see the light.

    • Mimi says:

      Nice to know Blue tex is now having an identity crisis. The gay marriage language is a window into possible and probable misogyny that was a hallmark of the Hillary hate. He picked the wrong horse because of his prejudices and seems to be trying to redeem himself somehow but is playing to the wrong crowd. I agree not to trust the newly enlightened because they appear to be born fuck ups.

      • myiq2xu says:

        I’m wondering if some of the recent posts we’ve seen are intended to draw out responses so the disloyal types can be identified for another purge.

        • DandyTiger says:

          Tried and true technique. I liked DailyKos in the original German better though.

        • Yeah, Blue Tex was (is) about as Obama loyal as they come. He’s one of the reasons I stopped going there. Hard to believe he’s had this much of an epiphany. On the other hand, FDL is so anti BO these days it may be just survival on his part. 🙂

  4. WMCB says:

    Interesting and revealing comment on HotAir, re: Hillary possibly challenging Obama:

    But there’s no way I want a competent Progressive in office. Incompetence is what’s saving us.

    Even her enemies know she would’ve cleaned the R’s clocks, and gotten shit done in a way that bolstered, not destroyed, the Dem brand.

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