Oh puhleeze

Taylor Marsh:

Rick Perry’s Thug Politics

Pictures sometimes don’t require a script.

Things reportedly got testy during a commercial break, when Rick Perry confronted Ron Paul.

I don’t know about Ron Paul, though I’m certain his supporters will go nuclear over this one, but when a man puts his hands on another man, pointing a finger in his face for emphasis, that’s a point when things have crossed the line.

Didja know that at these events the cameras never stop rolling? The audience is there watching as well.

I don’t know what Perry and Paul were discussing but Paul doesn’t look the least bit afraid. For all we know Rick was reminding Ron that he still owed him $5 from last year’s Cotton Bowl.

Despite what Taylor Marsh thinks, some pictures don’t tell us the whole story. Now if Paul says Perry was threatening him that’s one thing, but that hasn’t happened.


“They were talking about border security and it was a very cordial conversation,” says Perry spokesman Mark Miner about the conversation that occurred when the photo was snapped.

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24 Responses to Oh puhleeze

  1. Mary says:

    Doesn’t Taylor understand that Perry heard Obama say “Get in their faces?”

    Civility for me, but not for thee. Bite me, Taylor. 🙂

  2. ralphb says:

    It looks like a very cordial conversation 🙂

  3. DeniseVB says:

    I met Taylor Marsh at YK07. And Taylor Marsh is no Crawdad Hole Frontpager. She had a posse, and she and they were the rudest people I met at that event. Of course, I was a JREeyore at the the time, probably why I’m always 3 threads behind here too 😉

    • myiq2xu says:

      TM was a Hillshill until the 2008 convention, then she did a Jeralyn and dove headfirst into the Koolaid punchbowl.

      For a year or so after that she had zero readers.

      Now she’s a born-again virgin Obama-hating lefty purist, like the people at the Rathole of Bitterness blog.

      • DandyTiger says:

        True story

      • Owen says:

        So I haven’t looked back at TF since Jralyn banned me for trying to say that SP was actually a ‘person’ not a piece of female anatomy. What’s it look like now? Is BT still posting?

        • ralphb says:

          I got banned from TL for the same reason. Well, and saying that Obama=Bush starting in 2007

        • myiq2xu says:

          I got banned from TL when Jeralyn was making fun of McCain saying he was going to suspend his campaign because of the financial crisis and I asked “What’s Obama doing?”

        • ralphb says:

          Last time I looked BTD was still posting but the best thing by far was the ever marvelous Anne’s comments.

        • votermom says:

          I still don’t understand what was so wrong about McCain suspending his campaign. I must be really slow.

        • ralphb says:

          It looked panicky on McCain’s part. He really cared or something.

        • Jeffhas says:

          I am a member of Anne’s fanclub too – Jeralyn doesn’t know it (or wouldn’t admit it), but Anne is/was an asset to TL – she would be an asset to any blog (you should recruit her!)….

        • Yup Anne is terrific. Diehard liberal.

        • There was nothing wrong with McCain suspending his campaign for a few days to deal with the financial crisis. Obama just twisted it to look wrong.

          Lots of people criticized McCain for planning to work on the crisis, even if it meant skipping a debate. So he strained his schedule to make the debate. So they criticized him for that, too!

      • votermom says:

        What’s the Rathole of Bitterness blog? There are so many that fit that description nowadays…

  4. Mimi says:

    Caption to the photos:
    Perry: Ron stop talking about the goddamned fence. OK? You do not know shit about the fence. Have you been down there? Have you? Do you ever leave your house in that shithole Houston suburb you represent except to go to the airport? Huh? Talk about the fed. Or some other crazy crap.
    Paul: Whatever Rick.
    Perry: I mean it. You are here to take attention from the other clowns.

  5. Mimi says:

    Where is Taylor’s Marsh?

  6. yttik says:

    That’s pretty funny! Perry always looks like he’s about to smack somebody. That doesn’t mean he is, he’s just animated and the camera catches that. Ron Paul always looks like he could use some more fiber in his diet.

  7. ralphb says:

    Avedon at Eschaton may have the answer for Obama’s critics.

    If Obama wins the election, he has to spend four more years pretending to lead the country.

    But if Obama loses, he gets to make speeches to rich people for a pile of money and maybe join the Carlyle Group or one of those other things that you get as a reward for making sure that no one saves your national economy.

    So, if you’re Obama, do you really want to win the next election?

    If the answer is “No,” his policies make a lot more sense.

  8. Rick Lazio was running against Hillary for senate. He lost decisively after – during the debate he got in her face turning everyone off.

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