I’m a libertarian lefty

My Political Compass:

Economic Left/Right: -7.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.21

Take the test and see how you rate.

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31 Responses to I’m a libertarian lefty

  1. Mimi says:

    Economic Left/Right: -8.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.23

    I was told I was a righty in 2008 because I live in Texas.You can only be a liberal if I live in the Northeast. They cannot be wrong because Northeast progressives are always right about everything because they went to Harvard.

  2. SYD says:

    Took it a while ago. We are in a very similar position on the graph. I was a little Right, and a little more Lib than you.

    Birds of a feather, I guess.

  3. KC says:

    I ended up just about in the same place on the graph as you, myiq2xu. I bet most readers of this blog will as well. Must be why I feel so comfortable here!

  4. votermom says:

    I just took that test last week. CMTA!
    I forget what my score was so I’ll have to take it again though.

  5. OldCoastie says:

    I’m only slightly to the right of you myiq… I’d bet we are all about there…

  6. I’m left -3.88, libertarian -2.56. I’m going to keep calling myself a liberal independent. 🙂

  7. WMCB says:

    I think that probably the the biggest internal conflict I have over ideology is the fact that I am both left and libertarian.

    Which means that while I do want govt to do good and helpful things, I am acutely aware of the power they tend to assume every time we allow them to do something for us.

    The trick, as far as I am concerned, is getting govt to act as the logical and most efficient conduit for public funds, dispersing them in ways that help the most people, without using that power of dispersement as a reason to bind and control and “steer”citizens. And that’s a difficult line to walk.

    It’s a poor example, but I am reminded of taking my barely adolescent daughter clothes shopping for the school year. Was it my responsibility to make sure she had school clothes? Yep. But if I started trying to micro-manage, trying to tell her which shirt, which pants, which color, what style, she was likely to say “forget it”. She’d rather not shop at all than have that level of overbearing Mom picking her clothes out for her.

    It’s one reason why I sometimes support certain things in theory, but am opposed to specific bills to accomplish it. Because too often the legislation is loaded down with a hell of a lot of governmental control and massive expansion of the army of apparatchiks, as the price for the good thing.

    We used to have liberals in this country who were fairly good at putting into place liberal policies without using them as excuses for blanket overweening control. The ones currently in power, and bloviating on the blogs, seem to have thrown the “guard liberty” side of the equation out entirely. There’s no concern or caution over govt control. And that’s dangerous, and makes me wary and suspicious of even the good things they seem to want to accomplish.

    • WMCB says:

      Oh, and with the Obama administration, it’s gotten worse. Because they seem to have blanket control for the govt/favored corp bastard zombie chimera as the entire goal – with doing any “good” as merely the bait.

      • votermom says:

        If you put the Obama admin on that compass thingy, based on their actions and not on speeches, I’m pretty sure they’d end up in the blue corner.

        • WMCB says:

          Authoritarianism is all the rage. I frankly have never seen much difference between Bush’s “Terrorists are real and scary, so hand over absolute authority to the govt” and some progressives’ “Poverty/environmental concerns/whatever are real and scary, so hand over absolute authority to the govt”.

          Nope. The idea that nothing good can be accomplished without curtailments of liberty is a bullshit scare scam – whether one is talking about terrorists or poverty.

        • WMCB says:

          And I react to a liberal telling me that because I feel that way, I hate poor people, the same way I reacted to wingers telling me that I wanted the terrorists to win:

          Pfffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!! There are ways to combat both problems without creating a massive authoritarian state.

        • votermom says:

          It’s because power accretes & accumulates, no matter who is in charge. I am going to sound like a winger here, but the founders knew that and did their best to guard against it in the constitution. Palin’s “sudden and relentless reform” sounds better all the time. The country needs a reboot.

  8. votermom says:

    Who linked to this in a lower thread? It’s really good, thanks!

    So having downgraded progressivism, capitalism and even moderation, Obama’s remaining hope lies in two things: the intrinsic strengths of the U.S. economy and the well-demonstrated ineptitude of his political rivals.

    And then there’s the gift that keeps giving: the Republican Party. The GOP has no real economic strategy except to cut government and stop higher taxes. Its record on enhancing class mobility, particularly under the Bushes, is less than exemplary; wages barely moved over the George W.’s first five years in office.

    To win this year, the GOP needs to convince enough middle- and working-class voters that it offers something other than a less refined version of the same old insider game, albeit without the annoying professorial rhetoric. In this sense, the recent rush of some former pro-Obama hedge funds to the GOP may represent more of a curse than a blessing since no one, short of Mitt Romney, wants to associate themselves too much with Wall Street.

  9. crawdad says:

    I took the test and it said “Congratulations, you are the chosen one who will bring balance to the Force.”

  10. ralphb says:

    Economic Left/Right: -6.62
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.87

    About the same as always, lefty libertarian

  11. jjmtacoma says:

    Economic -6.62
    Social -5.90

    I wonder if we all started in a similar place or being active in blogs have shaped us to have similar attitudes. Speaking for me, I’ve always had WAY different ideas than many of the people in my family or friends (conservative or extreme libertarian) but find similar views on the blogs.

  12. crawdad says:

    Apparently there aren’t a lot of nanny staters around here.

    • WMCB says:

      I think many of use chafe at the Nanny state, but still see a fairly large role for govt. Maybe rather than the “citizens as children” model that some seem to prefer, we’d rather go with sort of a “parent with adult kids” model.

      You help out. You chip in. You make sure they get a hand in bad times. But you don’t squelch their own need for self-responsibility, or take over their lives and treat them like children, just because they needed a little help here and there.

  13. Melissa says:

    I don’t comment much and the fact that I’m a bit to the right of most of you is probably part of the reason. Anyway, I lurk constantly and feel very comfortable with most of what I read here.

    Economic Left/Right: 0.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.87

    The common thread for me is the anti-authoritarian impulse. 🙂

    • WMCB says:

      Melissa, hopefully people enjoy this blog who are both left of many of us and right of many of us. Comment more, we don’t bite. We will argue our heads off, tell each other we are WRONG, sometimes heatedly, but we don’t bite.

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