21 more ought to do it

Obama approval rating falls after jobs speech

Not only did President Obama fail to get a bounce from his jobs speech to a joint session of Congress, but his approval rating actually declined slightly following last Thursday’s address, according to Gallup.

In the just released Gallup daily tracking poll, which now has three days of polling since the speech was delivered last Thursday (Sept. 9th through 11th), Obama’s approval rating has fallen to 42 percent.

By contrast, in polling done before the speech between Sept. 5th through 7th, Obama was at 44 percent approval, and on Sept. 6th through 8th, he was at 43 percent.

Let’s see, if he’s at 42% and he drops 2 points every time he gives another Greatest Speech Ever™ . . .

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  1. votermom says:

    I don’t care so much about his approval ratings dropping as I do about the market dropping every time he opens his mouth.

  2. ncguy says:

    I make it a rule not to watch politicians on TV. I believe the combo of words with sound and images is too manipulative. But I can imagine for people who do that he has become very repetitive and predictable. When that view sets in, no one listens to you anymore, and people get irritated when you simply open your mouth.

  3. Maybe it’s a sort of threat. Either agree to re-elect me now, or I keep giving speeches until we have a full on stock market crash.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Who are these 42%-ers ? I’d really like to know 🙂

  5. ralphb says:

    Europe Slips As Greece Falls

    The early morning news from the financial markets is even more alarming than usual. Asian markets dove on fears of a European meltdown, the euro plunged, and European stock markets opened down as well. US stock futures fell and the yield on ten year treasury notes was one basis point (one one hundredth of one percent or .0001) above its record low. Prices for commodities also swooned; European bank stocks are now trading at levels last seen at the height of the post-Lehman Brothers panic back in 2008.

    What is worrying investors worldwide is the evident intellectual and political bankruptcy of Europe. The Europeans are not stupider than other people, but they face deep structural economic and political problems that their institutions are hopelessly inadequate to solve. Creating a monetary union without a true federal government is looking more and more like the biggest European policy mistake since Britain and France let Hitler have the Sudetenland.

    This may be a bumpy ride. Luckily (?) I don’t have that much to lose.

  6. HELENK says:

    backtrack and his handlers never learned from listening.

  7. More evidence that Romney is Obama is Romney.

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