Straight talk from Sarah

Palin takes aim at GOP presidential candidates

In the immediate aftermath of Monday’s GOP presidential debate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) launched jabs at the entire Republican field, a move sure to ramp up speculation that the 2008 vice presidential candidate will make her own bid for the nomination.

“They haven’t tackled debt and deficit spending to the degree that they should, so they don’t have a record to stand on,” Palin said of the GOP candidates, all of whom serve or have served in public office, save businessman Herman Cain (R).

Palin even went as far as to lend her voice to the charge leveled by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) during the debate against Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R): That he allowed a law to go though requiring HPV vaccinations for adolescent girls because of a $5,000 campaign donation and his relationship with his former chief of staff, who went on to lobby for a pharmaceutical company.

“I knew there was something to it,” Palin said of learning while she was Alaska’s governor that her Texas counterpart had given the go-ahead to the vaccine. “Now we’re finding that now, yea, something was up with that issue. It was an illustration or bit of evidence of some crony capitalism.”

Palin, who has crisscrossed the country making speeches and appearances in early voting states, decline once again to say whether she will run for president, but admitted she’s enjoying driving the conversation.

“I’m getting kind of a kick out of this,” Palin said, claiming that the day after she brings up an issue, she notices the candidates adopt that issue in their stump speeches. “It’s like come on candidates, it’s about time you started talking about that.”

Right now Perry is the frontrunner and the primary target for the left and the GOP establishment. Sarah is the only (potential) candidate positioned to run as a reformer.

(via Hot Air)

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23 Responses to Straight talk from Sarah

  1. ralphb says:

    Interestingly enough, in the CNN poll where Perry has a large lead, Sarah is in 3rd place behind (actually statistically tied with) Romney. That’s a pretty nice spot for an undeclared candidate.

    • myiq2xu says:

      At the end of each debate they should kick the lowest rated candidate off the slate until they get to the top three.

      • Dario says:

        Right now is too early to start doing that. Front runners can fail this early in the campaign, and someone who didn’t appear to have a chance can move to the front of the line.

  2. yttik says:

    “Right now Perry is the frontrunner…”

    Well, considering the pounding he took tonight, I think he’s only going to have that status for about 10 more minutes.

    • Dario says:

      Other candidates pounding is may or may not be important. It’s how the voters see it.

    • ralphb says:

      Currently I think polls are based more on some general impressions of candidates than on positions etc, except for some political junkies. Perry sounds strong and tough, speaks in simple sentences, and has great hair.

      Whether that lasts through the primaries or not, who knows. But it’s certainly no way to pick a president as the current one proves.

      • Dario says:

        Yup. Debates are good in terms of how well the candidate speaks, and how well he/she presents positions. G.W.B. gave himself away in the debates as a person who wasn’t too bright, and he confirmed that during his presidency. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. I’ve not heard of anything that Perry has done that indicates to me that he’d be any worse than Obama. Obama and the Democrats in Congress used the SS fund like a piggy bank. Now Obama is asking the Republicans to continue using the SS fund to pay for a stimulus that doesn’t work.

        • Mr. Mike says:

          The problem with debates is unless you watch them and have some knowledge of the subjects covered you can be misled as to who won.

          Al Gore beat the pants off George W. but you would never know if if you listened or read the print or broadcast media hacks. The same happened to Hillary.

        • votermom says:

          You know that if Palin declares, the rating for the first debate she joins will be very high. Millions will tune in out of either curiosity or animosity. This will benefit any of the dwarfs who happen to still be on the stage.
          I predict that she will, even after she declares, try to avoid getting in a debate for as long as possible for this reason.

        • Mr. Mike says:

          The media will turn that into a negative.

        • votermom says:

          True. She’ll handle it.

  3. OT:

    Video of Paul Ryan vs a senior.

    Paul Ryan Mocks Senior Citizen Handcuffed At His Town Hall: ‘I Hope He’s Taking His Blood Pressure Medication’

  4. votermom says:

    This Saturday, 9/17, is Constitution day. It is officially observed on the day before, Friday.
    I think a lot of Sarah supporters are keeping their fingers that she has picked one of those two days to declare.

  5. votermom says:

    Is Newt on the Palin bandwagon now?

  6. DeniseVB says:

    The Chicago Tribune pulled the Doonesbury Palin strip. Good for them ! Trudeau has a weird obsession with Sarah and never found those strips funny, only tasteless.

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