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Jaime Fuller fails the SAT

TAPPED: Today in SAT Prep: Romney Is to Clinton as Perry Is to Obama Today, still 14 months out from the Republican National Convention, some journalists remain wary of thinking the race could be over so soon despite Rick Perry’s … Continue reading

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If she gave him one of hers they’d both have two

Obama tries to grow a pair: Axelrod: ‘We’re not in a negotiation’ on Obama $447B jobs package Obama’s top political adviser David Axelrod said Tuesday that the administration was unwilling to break up the president’s $447 billion jobs plan if … Continue reading

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No, no, a thousand times NO!

Ed Morrissey: One man seems to be having a lot of fun in the Republican debates, even though almost no one gives him any chance of contending for the nomination. Free of expectations for success, Newt Gingrich has turned himself … Continue reading

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Terrorist Suicide Bird Attacks Power Station

Some of you may have noticed my absence for a few hours on Saturday morning: PG&E: Saturday’s massive power outage in Merced caused by bird Pacific Gas & Electric officials said Saturday’s massive blackout was the result of a bird … Continue reading

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Making news

Water district taps Google for good coverage Central Basin pays for positive stories by a firm that Google considers a news site. Officials call it innovation, but open government advocates fear it blurs the line between news and publicity. Readers … Continue reading

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The Hill: Rep. Issa hit with ethics allegations A liberal advocacy group is filing an ethics complaint against Rep. Darrell Issa, alleging that the California Republican has repeatedly used his public office for personal gain. The group, American Family Voices, … Continue reading

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Mississippi Morons

Mississippi ‘Personhood’ Law Could Ban Abortions And Birth Control Mississippi voters will be allowed to decide on a ballot measure that defines “personhood” from the moment of fertilization, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled last week. The measure could potentially outlaw … Continue reading

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Who is David Atkins?

I know what you’re thinking – who cares? But the answer is a little more important than you might think. Hullabaloo: The Powerless President by David Atkins (“thereisnospoon”) Since I started writing here, I have been subject to numerous complaints … Continue reading

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