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Mississippi ‘Personhood’ Law Could Ban Abortions And Birth Control

Mississippi voters will be allowed to decide on a ballot measure that defines “personhood” from the moment of fertilization, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled last week. The measure could potentially outlaw abortions, birth control, in vitro fertilization and stem cell research across the state.

Measure 26, which will bypass the legislature and go straight to a popular ballot vote, redefines the term “person” as it appears throughout Mississippi’s Bill of Rights to include “all human beings from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit against the proposal earlier this year, not based on its content or constitutionality, but because Mississippi state law says a ballot initiative cannot be used to change the Bill of Rights.

The Mississippi Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit in a 7-2 ruling, saying that it had no power to review any ballot initiative before the actual vote takes place.


Les Riley, the founder of Personhood Mississippi, whose primary mission is to get Measure 26 passed, told HuffPost that he believes the ballot initiative is legal and valid because it does not alter the state constitution, but simply defines a particular word in it that should have been defined by the Supreme Court in the 38 years since Roe v. Wade.

“The court made the right decision,” he said. “In the Roe decision, [Justice Henry] Blackmun said, ‘We’re not gonna answer the question of whether the fetus is a person,’ and so in the 38 years since, we have had a tragic number of abortions. We think that God has already told us when life begins, and science has confirmed it, and the court has just not dealt with it, so we’re hoping the people of Mississippi make the right decision.”

Being a member of the lunatic fringe is a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

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12 Responses to Mississippi Morons

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Idiots want to take us back to wire hangers and poor girls dying in back alleys. Worse yet, they’ll be called “those teabaggers” …..grrrrr.

    Keep abortion safe, legal and rare AND between a woman and her doctor.

      • Mimi says:

        My very young adult daughter has this schtick where she argues that life begins with the boner. If the owner of the boner does not have a bevy of waiting fertile vessels to receive the gift of life from the owner of the boner he is guilty of murder. It is his responsibility to support financially and emotionally the recipients of his boner. To not do this he is less than a man and should be prevented from boners because he is a murderer. And so on.

    • jjmtacoma says:

      Denise, it only needs to be legal – the rest is nobody’s business.

      I know the “rare” has been added to help people who were on the fence ok with the idea that women aren’t running around having sex and then solving their “little problem” with an abortion…

      But honestly, everything I’ve ever heard about abortion suggests that even the earliest term abortions are painful and the later abortions require “delivery”. So it isn’t like women are getting out of any of the pain or difficulty by having an abortion.

      I can’t imagine anyone sets out to have abortion be the birth control of choice. Unless, maybe they are a drug user and then who would be in favor of somebody who can’t keep track of using birthcontrol having a baby?

  2. Sending us back into chattel status.
    Women who are desperate WILL find a way- as they have since the beginning. Roots and herbs and yes- the dreaded coat hanger- the modern equivalent of the slippery elm stick.
    Will they ban women from purchasing certain types of dried seaweed which can be used to force dilation of the cervix?

  3. yttik says:

    “…cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.”

    Wait, are we actually cloning people in Mississippi?? I don’t think that’s a good idea. : )

  4. ralphb says:

    Obama fails the Lincoln test

    America has stumbled into the age of shoddy. Our deficits mount, our politicians squabble, our credit is downgraded, our firms can’t compete, our workers lose hope, our military is about to be hollowed out by massive cuts. Obama can rightly complain that he didn’t cause all of this. But he also didn’t muster much ideological creativity to fight it. He has been unable to think anew and act anew — and so fails the Lincoln test.

    Lincoln would be a RINO to the batch of nutjobs currently running the GOP.

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