Terrorist Suicide Bird Attacks Power Station

Some of you may have noticed my absence for a few hours on Saturday morning:

PG&E: Saturday’s massive power outage in Merced caused by bird

Pacific Gas & Electric officials said Saturday’s massive blackout was the result of a bird flying into power lines outside the El Capitan substation on North Highway 59.

The blackout affected 16,237 PG&E customers living in parts of Merced on Saturday morning.


“It was pretty extensive, and the outage covered a lot of Merced,” said Denny Boyles, PG&E spokesman.

“Animal-caused outages are more common than you’d think. Typically, it’s animals getting into the equipment,” Boyles said Monday. “What probably happened is a bird connected with two wires.”

FIVE AND ONE-HALF HOURS of darkness because of a stupid bird!

No lights, no internet, no air conditioning, no coffee. I couldn’t even go get a cold beer because the power was out at the liquor store too.

It was pure hell.

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3 Responses to Terrorist Suicide Bird Attacks Power Station

  1. votermom says:

    That is flippin ridiculous.

  2. bevwky says:

    Tis actually ridiculous when the stores can’t even check you out because they can’t count the money without the cash registers, you know. I’ve thought that one for years. 😉

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