What if Sarah is the Republican nominee?

Gloria Steinem To Headline Obama Fundraiser In New York City

First Lady Michelle Obama, longtime feminist activist Gloria Steinem and several other prominent Democratic women will be the featured guests at a fundraiser in New York City next month for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, in an effort to mobilize and energize Democratic women for 2012.


“Women are a really important constituency for us,” said an Obama campaign aide. “Their involvement and support was integral in 2008 and we are not taking their support for granted in 2012. The idea behind this fundraiser is engaging women, on a wider scale, to get involved and energized about the political process and the 2012 election.”

The fundraiser is not part of the specific “Women for Obama” effort, a grassroots effort to connect with women voters that the campaign will be relaunching for 2012.


The involvement of Steinem and others in the Obama 2012 effort could help get more Clinton supporters actively involved.

I just have to wonder what would happen if Sarah Palin won the GOP nomination. I’m sure women’s groups will support Obama because they have been co-opted by the Democratic party.

But who will women vote for?

BTW – How does the Obama campaign launch a “grassroots effort?” By definition anything they launch would not be grassroots.

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13 Responses to What if Sarah is the Republican nominee?

  1. DandyTiger says:

    BTW – How does the Obama campaign launch a “grassroots effort?” By definition anything they launch would not be grassroots.

    You’re not supposed to notice that. More kool-aid for you.

  2. Lola-at-Large says:

    The involvement of Steinem and others in the Obama 2012 effort could help get more Clinton supporters actively involved.

    Ha! As if. Gloria blew most of her feminist capital fellating Obama in 2008, and now we know she’s just another woman with sore knees. She shot her credibility further by jumping on the Progressive Dude Nation bandwagon and engaging in xenophobic attacks on Sarah Palin. Women like me, who will outlive her by a considerable degree, will make sure the history books remember her betrayals of women.

  3. votermom says:

    I remember in 2008, some women who were until primary day saying they would support BO said that when they were actually in the voting booth, they ended up voting for Hillary. Unpremeditatedly as it were.

    I think, specially if the Dems go full-throttle misogynist offensive again, a lot of Dem women will end up quietly voting for Sarah. (The GOP & Indies will be not so quiet)

  4. Mr. Mike says:

    I got one word for anyone who believes in women’s issues that is thinking of supporting Obama, Bat Stupak. OK, two words.

    The question is if Sarah Palin runs, how far to the right of Obama will she be?

    If she goes into Washington as a reformer willing to tackle the money changers can she overcome the bias against her stand on social issues?

    Although I think that she and Obama are closer on social issues than his handlers let on. Voters recognize that his recent tacks to the Left are a belated attempt to shore up falling poll numbers that will be forgotten once he’s re-elected.

    • votermom says:

      In her favor, while governor she repeatedly put the AK constitution above her personal beliefs. She is running on a return to constitutional principles. She is probably the ACLU’s dream candidate, at this point (purely a guess, anyone from the ACLU, feel free to correct me.)

  5. elliesmom says:

    Emily’s List made a fool of themselves with that video. They lost my support. While I don’t require that women support other women whose politics are not similar, I do believe in “saying nothing at all”. If you can’t support another woman’s candidacy, you can at least stay out of the way. Women are our own worst enemies. The patriarchy couldn’t exist without our help.

  6. foxyladi14 says:

    behind every successful man,there is a great woman!! :mrgreen:

  7. yttik says:

    One thing that I think has changed, in the past the majority of women voters were liberal, academic, elite. They knew who Gloria was, they participated in those fancy NY fundraisers. Today women voters are more working class, they’re soccer moms, they’re economic voters. To them “women’s rights” means good jobs, education, schools, gas prices.

    Many of the women I’ve spoken to who voted for Obama, thought they were getting a working class guy, somebody who could relate to their concerns. He was black, he was raised by a single mother on food stamps, right? Wrong, but that was the message he sold. A few years later they’re whacking their head on the table and wondering WTH they were thinking. Not one of them plans to vote for him again.

    IMO if Palin connects to that working class frustration and gives women something to feel optimistic about, she’ll get women’s votes.

  8. ralphb says:

    In my opinion Palin should run and take her shot at it. If it were anyone but Sarah, I’d say they had no chance because of fund raising but she may be able to win without a billion dollar warchest.

    She has tons of supporters who will all donate what they can but it would take an unrealistic number of small donations to get a billion or anywhere close to it. In the end, with her name recognition and the way the media follows her every move, she may surpass all expectations and win.

    Run, Sarah, Run

  9. Gloria has thrown her chips in with the Obot feminists. It’s a dead end. All Obama has done for women of any significance is lock-in the Hyde Amendment.

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