Cannon fire

The one-and-only Joseph Cannon (and Bella the Hellhound):

The progressive blogosphere was, in short, being run by latecomers to the left, by brie-and-chablis poseurs who decided that they would represent the working class. Their shock troops were affluent, arrogant college kids whose conception of all pre-Dubya history amounted to mere rumor, yet who had the gall to tell me what to do. Perhaps not surprisingly, these fetuses spent much of 2008 repeating many of the more outrageous right-wing fabrications about the Evil Clinton Conspiracy – or, to use the preferred Kossack terminology, the Bush-Clinton Crime Family. All of the reactionary right’s favorite boogeymen – Vince Foster’s “murder,” Whitewater, the Clinton body count, Bill the cocaine king – sprang back to life. These de-staked vampires invaded the left side of the graveyard, draining the blood out of every blog that didn’t adopt the garlic necklace of strict comment moderation.

Moulitsas and company knew full well that they were printing accusations every bit as nonsensical as the tea party absurdities which they would later deplore. The Obots concocted lies, defended lies, luxuriated in lies, traded brightly-wrapped packages of lies as if they were Christmas presents. Meanwhile, the defenders of Hillary Clinton were granted no mouth. In 1888, Pope Leo XIII proclaimed that error had no rights; 120 years later, Pope Moulitsas proclaimed that truth had no rights.

Lifelong Democrats who did not favor Obama were ordered to leave the party. “We can win without them” became something of a mantra on Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. The party’s new leadership convinced the young and the naïve that anyone who did not bear witness to the salvific radiance of Barack Obama must be the spiritual descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Though my blog received little attention, the Obots felt compelled to assail me with accusations of racism – not just every day, but every hour of every day. Never mind the fact that I had voted for a black mayor in my first election, back in the 1970s. Never mind that I had cast a vote for a black presidential candidate (Jesse Jackson) in 1988, when most of the political geniuses who sought to educate me still wore diapers. Never mind the fact that I would have been, still would be, overjoyed to vote for Carol Moseley Braun. None of that mattered. No other black person in all of human history mattered: Only, only Obama – He, glorious He.

There is a thin line between genius and madness. Joseph walks the line, looking for interesting articles and debunking TFH conspiracies.

Seriously – I’ve never seen anyone in my life so immune to peer pressure.

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  1. OT: (How do I do that frontpage thing again?)

    Is Conservative News Service admitting that solar does work?

    They may have a point that it works when Obama can’t use a ‘failure’ to launder money.


    Redskins Install Solar Power at FedEx Field–Without Federal Funds

    September 16, 2011

    ( – The Washington Redskins unveiled a landmark solar facility at the team’s FedEx Field stadium Thursday [….]

    The project is a private venture between the Redskins and energy firm NRG, team owner Daniel Snyder said, and did it not involve government financing. [….]

    The facility is the largest in the NFL, powering 20 percent of the stadium on game days and 100 percent on off days.

    The Redskins partnered with New Jersey-based NRG to build the solar array, which consists of 8,000 solar panels installed on top of an 841-car parking lot. The project also features a not-as-yet-constructed array of translucent solar panels near the stadium’s main gate.

    There are 10 charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the parking lot [….]

  2. WMCB says:

    I don’t always agree with Cannon, but I admire the hell out of him. I tend to like people who are straightforward and honest about what they believe and think, and don’t tone it down or “adjust” it to save the skin of one of their tribe.

    I tend to admire people whose principles are consistent, and who do not give a fuck if their support from others comes and goes. Oddly enough, I can greatly admire that trait even if I don’t wholly agree with all their views.

    His take on the preening progressive blogosphere is dead on. I was a Hillary supporter on Kos, so I know. It made me furious that someone like myself, who had campaigned and worked to elect more Democrats than those assholes had been alive to see, got told I knew nothing about being a Democrat. And that websites run by former Republicans suddenly pronounced themselves purity police of the Democratic party.

    In the midst of all that insanity, myself and others made a lot of predictions about Obama’s presidency, and the fate of the party and the country if he was elected. It is a bitter, bitter satisfaction that ALL of those predictions are coming true.

    Yet the morons, with each new development, and new warning, continue to cry that this time we are wrong. We’re crazy old bitter hags and probably Republican ratfuckers who know nothing. REALLLY???

    Fucking pretentious wannabes. We were right. At every step of the way, I and those like me have been right and prescient and politically savvy and aware of the mood of the public to a degree that is fucking astounding. But it’s like talking to spoiled children. You can’t tell them anything, or save them from themselves. Me, I don’t even try anymore. Let ’em burn, and be utterly bewildered at how this could happen while they fry. I’m popping popcorn. Want some? 😀

  3. DandyTiger says:

    Joseph done good.

  4. DandyTiger says:

    To put things in perspective, just imagine 20 years from now, the then new kids will think the older generation, the current Obot kids, were racist ratfucker republicans who ruined the country by putting in an obvious conservative, inexperienced, asswipe who they thought was liberal for one and only one reason, because of the color of his skin. The current young Obot generation will be the most hated generation in this history of this country.

    True Story.

    • DandyTiger says:

      Who did you choose daddy when the country was on the precipice of ruination? Did you vote for the guy who lead to the destruction of the country, Obama, or did you try to get the only person at that time who could have possibly saved the country?

      Oh, never mind, I found the stuff you said on the internet. You fucking asshole. I can’t believe you were that fucking stupid. I hate you.

    • WMCB says:

      The saddest thing is that Junior is, IMO, much more likely to be a Paulbot style conservative in that future, than to be looking for a “better, purer” liberal.

      Obama and his sycophants are now the face of liberalism, and they have destroyed the brand. Like it or not, it’s true. And you can later yell all day long that he’s not a real liberal – it will fall on mostly deaf ears. There will be eye-rolling and snickers. Ya know why? Because it’s hard to convince people “oops, he’s not really a liberal” when you spent several years selling his skinny ass as the Greatest Liberal Evah To Breathe Air, the heir to Kennedy and MLK and Lincoln and FDR.

      No one is going to give a shit that he’s disappointed the Obots, or that his policies weren’t liberal. No one other than left-leaning political junkies are going to see him as anything other than a Liberal.

      Sorry, but Junior isn’t likely to think dad and his ilk were racist ratfucker republicans. Junior is going to say they were stupid, clueless, ineffective, pie-in-the-sky Obama-lovin’ LIBERALS, which is something Junior now never wants to be. That’s what Obama was full-throatedly, enthusiastically, with wild-eyed zeal sold as, and that’s what he will remain in the eyes of the public.

      It’s called destroying the brand. And it was the biggest danger of an Obama presidency, that I and others yelled about the loudest, to no avail.

  5. HELENK says:

    my standard answer to obots
    you bought him, you own him
    your sorrry now????? well guess what

  6. Three Wickets says:

    In case this from CNN hasn’t been posted already. TRENDING: Poll: Americans optimistic about Hillary Clinton presidency

  7. HELENK says:

    off topic
    this website was posted over at rev amy’s place. It is so funny
    I do not have a phone that autocorrects but can image the fun

  8. “I’ve never seen anyone in my life so immune to peer pressure.”

    We’ve had some differences in the past, but this…this is the finest compliment I’ve ever received. I don’t know what to say except thanks.

  9. Mr. Mike says:

    When the print and broadcast media decided to start interfering with elections there were a handful ob bloggers to expose their shenanigans. Bob Somerby at the Dailyhowler, the blogger who ran Mediawhoresonline, and Bartcop. Joe Cannon is a worthy addition to that group.

    The media tried with former president Clinton but his was too strong a political talent to succeed. They honed their skills on Al Gore then John Kerry both while decent people didn’t have Bill’s gifts. This last time it took an unholy alliance with blogger groups like the Kossholes and the Democratic Party elite because they were up against Hillary Clinton.

    Front pagers here and at The Confluence also do good work and deserve our thanks.

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