Caturday Open Thread

What are you doing today?

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  1. This video game music sounds like it would be a great tune for an old-style big band. :mrgreen:

  2. A parody of the Castrol “crazy Scotsman” ad–NSFW! 😆

  3. Anthony Weiner says:

    Eel removed from man’s bladder after entering penis during beauty spa

    An erratic eel wriggled its way up a man’s penis and into his bladder following an accident during an unorthodox beauty spa treatment in China.

    Zhang Nan was bathing with live eels to cleanse his skin when one rogue serpent took a liking to his manhood.

    The eel treatment in question is a similar concept to the popular London spas that offer fish pedicures.

    Thinking that the eels would make him look ten years younger, Nan dived into the water and let them feast upon layers of dead skin.

    But after laying in the spa bath, Nan felt a sharp pain and realised a small eel was working its way up his urethra and into his bladder.

    ‘I climbed into the bath and I could feel the eels nibbling my body. But then suddenly I felt a severe pain and realised a small eel had gone into the end of my penis,’ the 56-year-old from Honghu, Hubei province said.

    ‘I tried to hold it and take it out, but the eel was too slippery to be held and it disappeared up my penis.’

    (OK, that’s enough cringing now… it’s horrible, though, we know…)

    Rushing himself to hospital, the man underwent a three-hour operation to remove the six-inch eel which was dead by the time doctors found it.

    Surgeon Jin Wang said that, because of the eel’s slippery nature, it was able to make a smooth entry into the genitals of Nan.

    ‘The diameter of the urethra in a man’s penis is just a little narrower, but because eels are quite slippery, its body worked as a lubricant and so it got into the penis smoothly,’ he said.

    (Really – stop cringing – we can see you…)

    Believe it or not, Nan’s case follows a similar incident when a 14-year-old boy in India had to undergo emergency surgery.

    In a case study published by urologists Dr G Vezhaventhan and R Jeyaraman, they described how they removed a 2cm-long fish from the boy’s bladder.

    The teenager said that while holding the fish he had gone to the toilet and, while urinating, the fish had ‘slipped from his hand and entered his urethra’.


    Having a fish roto-rooter my wang ain’t my idea of a pedicure.

  4. For anyone who remembers the 1980s. :mrgreen:

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Nothing says Open Thread like catching up with our favorite misogynist, sexist aholes….Maher, Olbermann, LouieCK

    nothing worth quoting and there’s a video.

  6. gumsnapper says:

    This is fun. Think of a famous person, fictional or nonfictional, and the Akinator will guess who it is.

    • 1539days says:

      It took a while, but I think I was wrong about one question. So I have to say I’m amused and impressed.

      • gumsnapper says:

        I’ve had fun thinking of semi-famous figures (bestselling authors of thirty years ago, for instance.) The Akinator still guesses though with more attempts on its part. Weird how it works, can’t figure it out.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Heads up ! You may be the 1 in 3,200 chance of getting conked on the head by a piece of space junk!

  8. Yglesias on free online higher education.

    But one way or another, the current paradigm, where it’s cheaper and easier than ever to learn something but harder and more expensive than ever to get a degree, isn’t going to persist.

  9. State-by-state student loan defaults compared to unemployment. Scary.

    • A bill sponsored by Hansen Clarke of MI. A petition’s been going around, but not sure it’ll make it out of committee.

      Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Congress should cut the United States’ true debt burden by reducing home mortgage balances, forgiving student loans, and bringing down overall personal debt.

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