If they’re so stupid why do they keep winning?

Kathleen Parker:

Smart money betting on stupid politicians

Are Republicans stupid?

This seems to be the question du jour. Chris Matthews entertained this idea with guests recently, pointing to several Republican presidential candidates as evidence. How else to explain why so many in the GOP seem proud of their know-nothingness, as Matthews put it?

As an example, he showed a clip of Texas Gov. Rick Perry bragging to an audience of students that he was in the top 10 in his graduating class of . . . dumdeedumdeedumdeedum . . . 13! Chortle, chortle. Or rather, yahoo and hell yeah!

We are reminded of George W. Bush making similar fun of himself by noting in a commencement speech that anyone can grow up to be president. Even a solid-C student such as himself.

This sort of reverse braggadocio is mysterious to Democrats who pride themselves these days on being members of the “smart” party. Indeed, the Ivies do seem to be mass-producing Democrats, including the last two Democratic presidents. And, alas, even the most recent Republican president, though he seems not to have taken it, or himself, quite so seriously.


It is far easier to say what is pleasing to the ear than what is true. Even so, anyone who thinks Republicans are stupid is missing the point. What those dummies Bush and Perry have in common, other than having been Texas governors, pilots and cheerleaders (what is it with Texas?), is that they’re not stupid at all.


Until someone emerges to remind Americans of who they are in a way that neither insults their intelligence nor condescends to their less-fortunate circumstances, smart money goes to the “stupid” politicians, who are dumb as foxes and happy as clams when their opponents misunderestimate them.

We keep seeing this “Republicans are stupid” meme replayed over and over in the progressive blogosphere and on Prog TV. The flipside of that meme is the idea that progressive = brainiac.

If progressives are so smart, why do they keep losing and getting out-maneuvered by “morans?”

Meanwhile, Booman never disappoints:

I am so tired of the idiot arguments Republicans like Kathleen Parker make about how you don’t need no book-learning to be a decent president. First, forget the qualities you need to actually get the job. They’re only relevant for one thing: having a decent chance of convincing the public that you’re on their side and have the right policies. But being able to sell yourself and your policies is less important than knowing what you’re doing.

People should think of the president like they think of an astronaut. Or, since we all go along for the ride, maybe picture an airline pilot. Do you care if your pilot is a regular guy? Are you going to hold it against him if he was the best pilot the Air Force Academy ever trained? Conversely, are you going to be comfortable if he barely qualified for his license?

Fact: George Bush and Rick Perry were both pilots.

I’m not claiming that makes either one of them smart, but is does show that Booman is not.

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25 Responses to If they’re so stupid why do they keep winning?

  1. WMCB says:

    Funny how when “stupid” presidents or politicians screw up, it is always attributed to their lack of brains. or not making the right grades at the right college.

    But when the ivy league “smartest people in the room” screw up (and they do-repeatedly), it is never attributed to their grossly provincial, cosseted, narrow, and ignorant (yes, ignorant) worldview.

  2. bluestate says:

    well lefties sold barack obama’s inexperience as purity. they actually claimed that knowing less (obama) was superior to knowing more (clinton). seems that both parties indulge in the same appeals to stupidity.

  3. WMCB says:

    Oops. Latest polls show that around 70% or more of Hispanics (depending on the state) support voter ID laws.

    Kinda puts a crimp in the D plan to shore up the Hispanic vote by running on “nasty R’s want racist voter ID laws cuz they hates brown people”, don’t it?


    • ralphb says:

      Maybe I’m too cynical but I don’t think this has much to do with Hispanics or the reality of the situation. This seems to be an emotional appeal to limousine liberals and maybe poor people in general. A “Look over there, Discrimation” argument.

      The senators asked the Justice Department to use its authority under the Voting Rights Act to “closely monitor the legislative process” in states that have passed or are considering passing photo ID laws and to “track any unlawful intent” of proponents of the laws.

  4. ralphb says:

    Meh, smart or stupid doesn’t make much difference when most political ads aim straight for the “lizard brain” anyway.

  5. myiq2xu says:

    BTW: We’re well on the way to passing 3000 hits for the sixth consecutive day.

    Two weeks ago we passed 300,000 hits.

    Tomorrow or Monday we’ll pass 350,000

  6. HELENK says:

    funny thing about book smarts, they are fine if you have common sense to go with them and know how to use them.
    Alone they just take up space in your head.

    Just what were backtrack’s grades again?

    My parents generation had many smart people who did not graduate high school but did more with their lives and raised pretty good families then some of the college graduates today.
    The did with less and understood more.

    unemployment needs to start in DC asap

  7. Mimi says:

    I think the smartness which they constantly bray about is the key to their sense of self identity. By constantly referring to others as stupid by default they must be smart. It is very childish. They define themselves by this in so many ways it is almost like a cult. They obviously aren’t or they would not have been suckered so badly in 2008. There is also a desperation to it that shows they never developed other parts of themselves like tolerance, empathy, generosity or wisdom. While they are infuriating at times they are also quite limited, arrested in many ways, and pathetic. They are enveloped by Obama and to reject him is to negate themselves.

  8. 1539days says:

    Smart or dumb is relative, especially among politicians. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar who was dubbed Bubba.” GW Bush went to Yale but he acted like an urban cowboy whenever he could. Carter was an engineer and a governor of a state, but he was considered a peanut farmer.

    And Obama? Well,he never had a real job so they just talked about his college degrees a lot.

    • DeniseVB says:

      What I’ve grasped from both BO and MO’s bios, they seemed to do the least amount of work required in any job they held. It was all about connections that they had any jobs at all.

      Seems to be a continuing pattern 😛

  9. Lightwave says:

    Booman with more classic projection:

    “I am not making a political argument. A lot of people don’t like and cannot truly trust people who are a lot smarter than them. It’s understandable. No one wants to get swindled or seduced by clever talk.”

    Incorrect. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. Experience does. I trust Dr. Steven Hawking knows what he’s talking about. What I do know is that Obamee is a lying sack of shit, and all the intelligence on Earth can’t make up for the fact that people don’t trust him because he has a long, documented record of being a liar and an empty suit who never once held a private sector job.

    What people don’t trust is an academic with no real life experience who *thinks* he is smarter than everyone else in the room when he’s not.

  10. Isn’t Richard Florida a big Obama supporter. He came up with the concept of the Creative Class. I’d paraphrase his definition this way..

    Big city progressive professional class, well-educated, well-off. The new elite.

    He’s not talking about starving artists. NYTimes, MSNBC and NPR are mouthpieces for this pious pompous paternalistic patronizing creative class. Progressives used to stand with the working class, now they stand with the creative class. They are going down, and they’ll most likely take the New Democrats down with them.

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