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SFGate: S.F. woman stabs home intruder to death A woman fatally stabbed a San Francisco man after he allegedly broke into her Bayview home and tried to choke her, police said today. The woman, whom police have not identified, heard … Continue reading

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We knew him when

A new milestone for the infamous and divisive Klown: Jim Geraghty at National Review Online Yahoo News I just want to point out that this IS NOT Fight Club. You can talk about us all you want. Election 2012 has … Continue reading

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She should have fired his ass when he trashed Sarah Palin

Hot Air: Ed Rollins: Unless she wins Iowa, Bachmann doesn’t have the ability or the resources to contend Why is this perfectly accurate statement of political reality newsworthy? Is it because some outlets are getting the quote wrong and claiming … Continue reading

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Twitter hides AttackWatch trending

Doo Doo Economics: Twitter Hides #AttackWatch Trending – PROOF While laughing at President Obama’s AttackWatch.com epoch fail on Twitter via the hash tag #attackwatch the site suddenly crashed for about an hour.  Twitter is not known for reliability, but what followed … Continue reading

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Stepford Feminists

I’m shocked! (not): No criticism from women’s groups We asked representatives of the major women’s groups what they thought about Anita Dunn’s comments on the anti-woman atmosphere in the Obama administration. But even though these groups often jump to respond … Continue reading

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Entitled Children

(Alternate title: Canada has Obots too) Globe and Mail: Inside the entitlement generation Prof. Coates is a professor of history and former dean at the University of Waterloo. He’s also the co-author of Campus Confidential, a must-read for anyone interested … Continue reading

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The Alternative Alternative Minimun Tax

The millionaire’s tax has been floating around for some time now. A million is quite a lot of money. It’s almost the amount the average working person will make in their career. Of course, when you talk about tax, it … Continue reading

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It’s September 19th. That means it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Sick and disgusting

Remember when Tucker Carlson said he felt the urge to cross his legs when he heard Hillary Clinton speak? It appears that Tucker has a problem with more than one woman. Greta Van Susteren: Tucker Carlson’s THE DAILY CALLER’s DISGUSTING … Continue reading

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Administrative Alzheimer’s

What is it about working for a POTUS that causes memory loss? Rahm Emanuel on Solyndra: ‘I don’t remember’ Chicago mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said he doesn’t recall anything about the Obama administration’s $535 … Continue reading

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When will we finally be post-racial?

Touré at The Atlantic: The Most Racist Thing That Ever Happened to Me Prominent African Americans recall painful and life-altering brushes with discrimination There’s a Chris Rock joke that is emblematic of modern racism. It’s from his 2008 standup routine … Continue reading

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