Nintendo Revolutionaries


. . . people seem to have acquired the idea that the usual rules don’t apply if you’re propelled by righteous anger against a demonized a political opponent. You’re “well-motivated” so what would otherwise be crimes become mere breaches of “decorum.”

Legal Insurrection:

One thing I’ve noticed while spending a particularly large amount of time on university campuses is that activists of my generation often have no understanding of civil disobedience. To far too many young leftists, “civil disobedience” is a get-out-of-jail-free card that should allow people to break the law so long as they are really, really, self-righteous about it. The idea of evoking sympathy through the moral power of passively enduring suffering for a just cause is foreign to many safe, middle-class, revolutionary wannabees who want a free lunch out of their rebellion as well as their government.

What a shock – today’s “entitled generation” don’t think any rules apply to them. Protesting is just a game to them, a way to have fun. The rights of others? Irrelevant.

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4 Responses to Nintendo Revolutionaries

  1. votermom says:

    A mindset which sometimes leads to this:

  2. yttik says:

    We have kids, 20-30 of them that get together and protest but seem to have no flippin idea what they’re protesting. They’re like walking robots comprised of nothing but talking points, tax the rich, stop corporations, end big business, go green, stop global warming, down with Israel, end Nafta. If they could string two sentences together about any one of those issues, I wouldn’t be so frightened, but it is truly chilling to discover that they have no idea what any of those things mean. I kid you not, some of them even wear Che Guarra teeshirts because he was such a great musician.

    Did I scare the crap out of my parents like this? Yikes, I hope not.

  3. Three Wickets says:

    Not entirely sure where the indoctrination comes from. Some of it from social media for sure, peer pressure, not being interested or able to think for themselves. The open internet is an inherently “progressive” environment, so are schools and colleges, which is to be expectged for that age, but there seems to be a lot more organized groups serving up concentrated koolaid these days compared to when I was in school.

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