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Sarah Palin Says There’s ‘Still Time’ to Get in ‘Unconventional’ Race

According to Sarah Palin, there’s still time to jump into what’s bound to be an “unconventional” presidential race.

“There is still time, Sean, and I think on both sides of the aisle I think you’re going to see people coming and going from this race,” she said on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show tonight. “And I’m still one of those still considering the time factor.”

When Hannity said the former Alaska governor would have to decide by November, at the latest, for legal reasons, she agreed — to an extent.

“You do, I mean legally you do,” she said. “But I do think Sean, this is going to be such an unconventional election cycle. … Mark my word, it is going to be an unconventional type of election process.”

Will she or won’t she?

Stay tuned to find out.



Poll: Palin making gains but most in GOP don’t want her to run

While she still hasn’t made up her mind on a run for the White House, a new national poll suggests that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is making gains against President Barack Obama in a hypothetical 2012 general election matchup.

According to a McClatchy-Marist survey, the GOP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee trails Obama 49 to 44 percent in a hypothetical showdown, after trailing by 21 points in an August poll and 26 points in a June survey. The poll indicates that Palin now leads the president among crucial independent voters.

But while the survey, which was released Tuesday, indicates Palin may be closing the gap with the president, it also suggests that most Republicans are not enthusiastic about her launching a bid for the nomination. By a 72 to 24 percent margin, Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP do not want Palin to run for the White House.

This is stupid. Either she runs or she doesn’t. If she runs she either wins or she loses.

What is interesting though is there are only two politicians in the country that aren’t running for anything right now but the media keeps doing polls about.

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24 Responses to Tea leaves

  1. myiq2xu says:

    My (qualified) prediction:

    If Sarah announces she is not running for the GOP nomination, the media will begin speculating whether or not she is angling for the VP slot or if she is plotting a third-party candidacy.

    They can’t quit her.

    • I think you’re right about that one. At the same time the MSM act as if she’s only a celebrity and not a politician and incredulity say “really?” when someone says she might still run, they still talk about her nightly, there are frequent polls that include her, and they always show her in their beginning of show montages. She is still the biggest ratings draw of any politician out there.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Have you heard about the pink slip?

    • votermom says:

      Ha! I had not heard about it before– I’m glad, because it would have enraged me (only a pig would think that throwing a pink slip aka nightie at a woman elected official is appropriate) but that i sretty good karma.

  3. votermom says:

    Is that a Christine O’Donnell pic? 🙂

    I thought was what interesting about her interview last night is that she said she thinks there will still be people jumping into the race on “both sides of the aisle”.

    On the GOP side she obviously (to me) means herself, but on the Dem side? It sounds like what she is waiting for is to be last in on either party.

    I think she’s giving the Dems too much credit – nobody with any stature will primary Obama.

  4. Three Wickets says:

    Wow, the Economist taking the side of the common man. Wonder what’s up.

    Mr Obama claims to be on the side of the working and middle-classes, but I would submit that this sort of tax policy is in fact trivial. It’s electoral public relations. The edges are precisely what this sort of thing is around. Our economy is riddled with a multitude of deeply-embedded structural flaws that allow the well-connected to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us, but nobody will do anything about it. There is a class war in this country, a war between the subsidy barons, the regulatory arbitrageurs, the patent monopolists and the rest of us. Mr Obama is a class warrior. The trouble is he’s on the wrong side.

  5. ralphb says:

    By a 72 to 24 percent margin, Republicans and independents who lean toward the GOP do not want Palin to run for the White House.

    These, and the other numbers, in the last paragraph from the McClatchy story are out of line with 49-44 comparison. They are also not in the Marist Poll official release. None of the individual comparisons are in the official release.

    They do exactly match the Fox poll from a few weeks ago and I wonder if they weren’t reported again now to “round out” the McClatchy story?

    Also of interest, the sample was 34% D, 26% R, 39% I. Does anyone think Ds will significantly outpoll Rs in 2012? Yet Obama is still way under water.

    I know it’s way too early to analyze polls but I thought I’d see if I still remembered how to do it 🙂

    • yttik says:

      “Republicans and independents …do not want Palin to run for the White House.”

      Yes, but she’s not even a candidate yet. When the choice becomes Obama or Palin, I expect those numbers would completely flip. It depends how the question was asked, but if the choice was Obama versus Palin, you could get a 49-44 and still get a 72% who think she shouldn’t run because they’re afraid she may not win. That’s not a reflection on Palin at all, that’s fear of another four years of Obama. When you back these people into a corner and say, okay these are your only two options, suddenly Palin jumps 30 points.

      • ralphb says:

        I personally believe the 72% is completely bogus.

        • yttik says:

          LOL, well it is CNN doing the reporting. I really don’t trust any media outlet to report polls properly. They put so much of their own bias into how they are interpreted.

  6. ralphb says:

    nice picture …

  7. HELENK says:

    If she enters now her campaign would have to pay for ads promoting her. The msm is keeping her in the spotlight and they are doing it for nothing. Now that is a lady that could manage an ecomony. just saying.
    Since they spent so much time and money attacking her during and since the last election, I think is is great that she gets the free publicity. The msm has lost creditably so the bad publicity is not really believed any more but they do keep her name out there and in the people’s minds.


    unemployment needs to start in DC asap

  8. OT:

    Sorry for yet another OT. I found my frontpage invite but haven’t yet tried to set up an account at WordPress etc.

    President Clinton: Green movement needs money


    NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that the success of the alternative energy movement is hampered by a lack of financing.


    Pointing to Germany’s successful creation of solar energy jobs as a model for other nations to emulate, Clinton said the main issue with green energy is a lack of proper funding.

    “This has to work economically,” he said. “You have to come up with the money on the front end.”


    • PS. More from the same conference, and another quote from Bill.

      People can claim the scientists are faking their charts — but rising oceans aren’t theory. (And Obama hasn’t stopped them rising yet.)

      Rising seas are a matter of life and death for small island nations, Zuma said.
      “Not theoretical, not in the future, now,” he said. “And they can’t understand why we’re failing to realize that.”
      “A few years ago, after the south Asian tsunami, I spent a lot of time in the Maldives,” Clinton said. “I think it’s quite possible that the Maldives won’t be here in 30 or 40 years.”
      Clinton said Caribbean nations are microcosms of the problems associated with combating climate change. Every Caribbean nation should be energy-independent, he said, by generating solar, wind and geothermal energy.

  9. votermom says:

    Check out the first paragraph in the latest letter from Sarahpac to supporters, via c4p

  10. ralphb says:

    Shorter version of the letter to Bernanke which TW posted in a thread below.

    Shorter version of the letter:

    Dear Fed,

    We are afraid what you are doing will make things better. We want things to get worse. So stop..

    The Republican Party

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