And so it begins


Warren’s TARP panel under scrutiny

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign revises pay from TARP panel

You didn’t think she was gonna get a free ride, did you?

I’m not saying Warren has done anything wrong, but as Vince Foster said, in Washington D.C. “ruining people is considered sport.”

I just can’t help wondering one thing.

{{Puts on foliehatt}}

If she does have any dirty laundry, which side will leak it to the media?

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  1. When it comes to trashing women who seek office, there are no sides. Just crossing legs.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Nekkid Capitalism:

    How the Banks Take Down Politicians (Elizabeth Warren Edition)

    Big banks are very powerful, and they destroy politicians they don’t like. Obviously, they don’t do it directly, but operate through front groups. Some of these organizations are known as “media outlets”, such as the New York Post, which outed one of Eric Schneiderman’s lawyers as a dominatrix to embarrass and intimidate his office.

    On a Federal level, the most prominent front group through which bank-friendly and corporate-friendly smears happen is the Politico, a powerful establishment trade publication that caters primarily to media insiders and politicians, but gets nearly all of its substantial advertising revenue from lobbyists seeking legislative favors. As an example, almost every single print issue from 2009-2010 had a full-page back page ad from Goldman Sachs.

    Today’s online advertisers in Politico include AT&T, Altria (ie. Phillip Morris), Boeing, Lockheed, Time Warner, and Verizon, all of whom are putting in money through yet another front group, RATE (Reduce America’s Taxes Equitably).

    I’ve been hard on Elizabeth Warren for a lot of reasons, and I still don’t think she should be running for Senate. But if you want to understand how Wall Street exercises its political power, the Massachusetts race will be a great object lesson.

    • 1539days says:

      Politico HAS a print edition?

    • Three Wickets says:

      Most online businesses and sites make relatively little money, and that is very true of political and activist sites and blogs. So they will be easily bought by campaigns, lobbyists and businesses. Expect to see even more of that than 2008. The thing I like about twitter and facebook so far, at least for politics, is that for all their issues of privacy and verifiability it’s more difficult for individual voices and conversations to be bought. That is, with the exception of trolls. So troll spotting will be a good talent for everyone to have. They should give seminars on troll spotting.

    • “Big banks are very powerful, and they destroy politicians they don’t like. ”

      Yes. Like Gore, Palin, Weiner, Waters. And non-politicians like Assange.

  3. elliesmom says:

    My money is on the Democrats, although they may find some back door way to do it. People are angry that Obama didn’t nominate her to run the agency he hired her to design. He’ll find a way to discredit her run for the senate, which will show everyone how right he was not to fight for nomination and confirmation.

    • Dario says:

      I agree that it will a Democrat to bring out “any dirty laundry”, but because people in power will make enemies, and they seek to get even.

  4. Pips says:

    … which side will leak it to the media?

    Reminds me of a comment at TL, when Obama finally, finally! went to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley: Is this to help her win … or lose?

  5. 1539days says:

    I don’t know if you should quote Vince Foster. I just read a rumor that Elizabeth Warren killed him.

  6. ralphb says:

    Smart money says both sides will leak anything they’ve got or can make up.

  7. yttik says:

    Obama is coming to Washington this weekend to “help” another female candidate, Patty Murray. People who have supported her all these years are just groaning. Is he going to help her right out of congress like he “helped” Martha Coakley?

    I’m not wondering which party is going to to try and throw tacks under Warren’s tires. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the Republicans.

  8. r u reddy says:

    Perhaps people should be willing to accept dirty laundry in order to get a clean agenda. If Warren’s supporters made a point of saying in advance that they will accept all kinds of dirty Warren laundry in order to get Warren’s clean agenda, then her vulnerability to flinging dirty laundry will be cancelled out in advance.

    People declined to take the dirty laundry bait about President Clinton which helped keep him in office during the Republican impeachment drive to get him out.

  9. r u reddy says:

    Why a “torrid lesbian affair”? Just by way of saying that if she has a private life which the bluenose busybullies would disapprove of if they knew about it, that is what her enemies will try to “expose”. And that is what I would not care about in the least. And that is the sort of thing her enemies would try to find and expose through the media. So her supporters might need to decide right now whether they will still support her if she is “outed” for the sort of personal behavior which the bluenose busybullies disapprove of. And if they still will support her in such a case, perhaps they need to say so in advance so that the “dirty laundry sniffers” might no even bother putting so much effort into their “dirty laundry sniffing”.

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