Saturday Night Open Thread

I don’t care what the calendar says, as far as I’m concerned it’s still summer. What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Lola-at-Large says:

    Grocery shopping, working out, and watching the Indiana Fever demolish the Atlanta Dream. Sorry Angel McCoughtry! I loved you!

  2. WMCB says:

    Waiting for my poor husband to get home from the hospital. He went in at 4 am, and still there. He’s not one of those “half day fridays and golf on wednesdays” docs. He works his ass off, 26 days a month plus overnight call.

    • myiq2xu says:

      Sounds like you plan to be a rich widow some day.

      • WMCB says:

        Nah, I plan in a very few years to be living simply with enough cushion so that he can work part time. He also would like to do some things like Operation Smile or Doctors Without Borders.

        And yes, I am very grateful for having what we have. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon – he worked his butt off to pay for his own college and get scholarships, and the US Navy put him through med school, with him working 2 jobs for what they didn’t cover. He put in 16 years to pay back that govt investment, making military pay, not private sector pay.

  3. 1539days says:

    Trying to figure out why my computer runs at the temperature of Chernobyl when I have it hooked up to my cable box and TV.

    Yeah, I’m a geek.

  4. Rocky Hussein Squirrel says:

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Hollywood, circa 1936, a classic…..

  6. myiq2xu says:

    This from 15 years ago when this girl was FOURTEEN:

  7. Monster From The Id says:

    I’ve chosen new wallpapers for 2 of my 3 PCs.

    (No, I’m far from rich. 2 of them were gifts.) :mrgreen:

    For the old tower PC (the one I bought, in 2004, runs XP, on its 2nd hard drive):

    Source from Safebooru:

    For the large notebook PC (a gift in Feb. 2009, runs Vista):

    Source from Safebooru:

  8. Mimi says:

    Reading about a liberal (screw that progressive garbage) at Politico Is Eric Schneiderman America’s most powerful liberal? . And I made an anchovy pizza.

    • Three Wickets says:

      Yes, Schneiderman has torpedoed that $20 billion 50-state AG settlement with the TBTF banks, he wants more investigation. The other wrinkle is that huge Fannie/Freddie suit against the same banks which may or may not have traction. If Fannie/Freddie do get their own settlement, will that preempt or screen the banks from the 50-state AG suit. It could just be government creditors fighting over money with the banks, but I’m curious how involved the administration is, or maybe the admin continues to be on the side of the banks.

      • Mimi says:

        “Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, a close Obama ally who is leading the suit, was in talks for a $20 billion settlement in exchange for releasing the banks from some civil liability.”

        The close Obama ally somehow became the lead in the settlement talks. When Schniederman started questioning what Miller was trying to ram though, Miller removed him from the group. How Miller thought he could just kick out one of the fifty state attorney generals who represented the state with the direct oversight of Wall St of on his own authority I could not imagine. I think it came from the WH (who made the close ally the head without an election) but it did not work and Schniederman did not back off and STFU. Miller almost had it fixed so the banks would only get a slap for fraud, but Schniederman said no, then Biden (haha the VP’s son), then some others spoke up. With Obama’s tanking polls and Solyndra this is not going according to the bank’s plan.

        • Mimi says:

          Politico: Left vs. White House over mortgage deal
          “President Barack Obama’s liberal base says he’s on the verge of selling out to the banks again.
          This time, the problem is a subprime mortgage settlement that his administration is pressuring state attorneys general to sign off on — a deal that could stop many state investigations and prosecutions about mortgage lending practices.
          “The least charitable view ties it directly to campaign donations,” said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which this week began mobilizing its 700,000 supporters against the broader deal. “The most charitable view, it’s a bunch of Wall Street hacks in the position of economic advisers who truly believe that giving billions to banks will trickle down to the middle class. The most charitable view is that they’re just wrong.”

          The gloves are off. Game on.

  9. votermom says:

    Trying to find a diagram on how to take the dashboard off the car so that the little light that lights up the “D” when I put the car into Drive can be replaced.
    The car is only 10 years old — you’d think that bulb would last longer.

  10. Three Wickets says:

    Anyone know who really is behind the Wall Street protesters, it’s getting bit more media attention. Are they really grassroots twitter types, or are they backed by either Progressive groups or by OFA. Or if any Tea Party people are participating. Wall Street’s a natural target for protesting cronyism, but I realize these protest groups can get appropriated.

  11. Rocky Hussein Squirrel says:

  12. WMCB says:

    Okay, I know that anyone can make a slip of the tongue when two words sound kind of alike. It happens. I get that.

    But Obama is talking to the Congressional Black Caucus about millionaires and billionaires here, and goes to make some point about a janitor, and accidentally says…… Jew.

    Seriously. Watch it and tell me I’m wrong. It’s at around .33 in.

    • ralphb says:

      He did say Jew but I don’t know if it was going to be Jew or jukesomething or whatever. That’s not clear.

      • WMCB says:

        Yeah. That’s why I prefaced it with “anyone can fall prey to a slip of the tongue”. My kids still laugh to this day about the time I said someone had “honked the corn”. Dunno where it came from – brain fart straight to the tongue.

        But watching this video, it was still weird.

      • Three Wickets says:

        Yeah he said it. Whether it was a slip of the tongue or choreographed is another question. Choreography is one of his talents.

  13. HELENK says:

    i forgot just how much music Johnnie Mercer gave us.
    Check along the bottom of the video for all the songs he wrote.

  14. HELENK says:

    try this one it should have all the videos at the bottom

  15. DandyTiger says:

    Vacation time!!

  16. DandyTiger says:


  17. DandyTiger says:


  18. Three Wickets says:

  19. Three Wickets says:

    Even basic interface has definitely gotten better for conversations. But this latest rounds of changes at Facebook (subscribers, lists, story tabs) is going to really lean into both Twitter and Google+. Pretty impressive stuff. The (profile timeline) thing which also about to rollout at Facebook is not as interesting to me.

  20. Jadzia says:

    Writing a very boring brief about personal jurisdiction. Is there any other kind? Please pray to the deity of your choice that I can find some kind of non-lawyer job that pays a living wage over here so that I can escape contract-lawyer hell.

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