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Bulworth 1998 I enjoy certain political movies. Bulworth is one of them. The movie stars Warren Beatty as Jay Billington Bulworth, a rank and file Democrat who is embarking on his last Senatorial campaign in California. The trailer shows some … Continue reading

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This is wrong

I haven’t been covering the Wall Street protests because I consider them an exercise in futility. But using mace or pepper spray on unarmed protestors who are not violently resisting is excessive use of force.

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Flashback – The Heidi Game

The Raiders (1-1) are playing the Jets (2-0) in Oakland. Y’all keep the noise down in here. This is an open thread. BTW – Buffalo and New England are tied 31-31 with 1:37 left

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Obama channels a black preacher

How come Obama only talks like this to black audiences? “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,” he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We … Continue reading

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Herman Cain – contender or flavor of the week?

Byron York: Meanwhile, dozens, maybe hundreds of GOP delegates who came to Orlando intending to support Perry were having second thoughts. They’d all been in the room for the Fox News-Google debate on Thursday night and were dismayed by Perry’s … Continue reading

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You can’t win with a bigot

If the Republicans nominate a black man that would prove they aren’t racists, right? Right? Wrong: Apparently, the Republicans are doing one of these stupid Straw Polls in Florida today. The problem is, the base hates all the candidates, which … Continue reading

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I haz idea!

I was thinking about this article by Joe Nocera that The Klown discussed yesterday. This is the part I want to talk about: But if we could just stop playing gotcha for a second, we might realize that federal loan … Continue reading

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To our conservative friends

Obama is NOT a socialist. He’s not a liberal either. He’s not even a progressive (that’s a liberal with no principles.) Want proof? Take a look at Obamacare. A socialist would have nationalized healthcare by making all clinics and hospitals … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Open Thread

What are your plans for today? I plan to get drunk, mow the lawn and watch football (not necessarily in that order.)

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